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1. Stephen Stucker Stephen Stucker Actor, Airplane! Stephen Stucker was a marvelously wild and dynamic free-spirited actor who specialized in deliciously broad portrayals of memorably outrageous characters in a handful of comedies made in the 70's and 80's. Stucker was born on July 2, 1947 in Des Moines, Iowa. He attended Lincoln School in Alameda, California...
2. Jonathan Frid Jonathan Frid Actor, Dark Shadows Jonathan Frid's career in drama began when he first "offered his soul" to the theater as a young boy at a preparatory school in Ontario, Canada. Following his graduation from McMaster University, he attended London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and later earned a Master's Degree in Directing from the Yale School of Drama...
3. Joseph Bennett Joseph Bennett Actor, Howards End
4. Frank Bank Frank Bank Actor, Leave It to Beaver
5. Larry Parks Larry Parks Actor, The Jolson Story When amiable Columbia Pictures actor Larry Parks was entrusted the role of entertainer Al Jolson in the biopic The Jolson Story, his career finally hit the big time. Within a few years, however, his bright new world crumbled courtesy of the House Un-American Activities Committee after the actor admitted under pressure that he was once affiliated with the Communist Party...
6. Bill Thurman Bill Thurman Actor, Close Encounters of the Third Kind Character actor Bill Thurman was born on November 4, 1920 in Texas. A large, rugged, stocky man with a hard, lined, puffy face, a deep, twangy, amicable voice, a strong, bulky build and a charmingly low-key and down-to-earth unaffected natural screen presence, Thurman often portrayed police officers...
7. Brian Oulton Brian Oulton Actor, Young Sherlock Holmes
8. Sledge Hammer Sledge Hammer Actor, Sacred Sin A solid-built, physically-imposing US-born black performer, Sledge Hammer was a veteran of the adult film industry with a 19-year career. He was born on February 9, 1973 as Marland Anderson. He began his work in the sex industry in 1995 at 22 years old. Possessing powerfully-built features and a cocky smile anytime he appeared on set...
9. Victor Arnold Victor Arnold Actor, Shaft
10. Sybille Schmitz Sybille Schmitz Actress, Vampyr The enigmatic actress remains one of the most interesting figures in German film. Although she achieved stardom early in her career, the tragic Sybille Schmitz could never fit in with her surroundings. Too "alien looking" for Hollywood, Schmitz never migrated to America like her more glamorous peers...
11. Balraj Sahni Balraj Sahni Actor, Do Bigha Zamin
12. Karl Stegger Karl Stegger Actor, Oh, to Be on the Bandwagon! Karl Stegger was one of the greatest Danish actors. Karl Stegger was born: Carl Johan Stegger Sørensen. He later replaced the "c" in his first name with a "k" to further his acting-career. He was born in Aarhus on the January 11th 1911. Stegger was educated at Aarhus theatre, where he was hired as an actor for 5 years until 1951...
13. Julia Anne Robinson Julia Anne Robinson Actress, The King of Marvin Gardens
14. Ivalou Redd Ivalou Redd Actress, The Secret of the Black Prince
15. Peter Archer Peter Archer Actor, Enter the Dragon
16. Josephine Premice Josephine Premice Actress, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman
17. Luis Trenker Luis Trenker Actor, Der verlorene Sohn Luis Trenker (born in St-Ulrich, southern Tyrol (now Italy) as Alois Franz Trenker) was a film director, singer, author, ski champion and mountain climber, wood-carver, stage and film actor. He went to school in Bolzano to become a carver artist. From 1912 to 1914 he studied Architecture. He fought in WWI as an officier in the Dolomite...
18. Richard Hurndall Richard Hurndall Actor, The Five Doctors A gaunt, intense character actor of striking presence, Richard Gibbon Hurndall was educated at Scarborough College and trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He acted professionally from 1930, initially in repertory theatre and later with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon, his roles including Orlando in "As You Like It"...
19. Veit Harlan Veit Harlan Director, Jud Süß
20. Hilda Fenemore Hilda Fenemore Actress, The Offence
21. Jørgen Buckhøj Jørgen Buckhøj Actor, Den rejsende
22. Philippe Volter Philippe Volter Actor, Three Colors: Blue
23. Don McGuire Don McGuire Writer, Tootsie American screenwriter and director Don McGuire was a former Warner Brothers contract player and Hollywood press agent during the 1940s. He had a background in journalism, having begun his professional life as a reporter for the Hearst press. After four years of military service, he acted on screen in small roles as interns...
24. Eddie Fontaine Eddie Fontaine Actor, Counter Gambit
25. Otto Petersen Otto Petersen Self, Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen
26. Gloria Marín Gloria Marín Actress, Twilight She was born in Mexico City the 19th of April 1919. Her father was Pedro Mendez Armendariz and her mother Maria Laura Ramos Luna (Laura Marin) artistic name that Gloria took and kept for her actress career. Her parents were not married but even if her father gave her his last name she kept her mother's last name because she grew up with her and did it in order to honor her for all her efforts...
27. Ivan Desny Ivan Desny Actor, The Marriage of Maria Braun
28. Rudolf Hrusínský Rudolf Hrusínský Actor, The Cremator
29. Nicole Berger Nicole Berger Actress, Shoot the Piano Player
30. James Logan James Logan Actor, Den ofrivillige golfaren
31. Claire Gordon Claire Gordon Actress, Konga Claire Gordon died peacefully on 13th April 2015 in a nursing home in Acton, aged 74 years; she was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour in December 2014. At the time she was living in El-gouna, Egypt, but returned to London and underwent an operation at the Charing Cross hospital in January 2015.
32. Jean Gascon Jean Gascon Actor, A Man Called Horse Brother of actor Gabriel Gascon and father of actress Nathalie Gascon, Jean was an important personality in Quebec theatre. With actor Jean-Louis Roux, his fellowman of the "Compagnons de Saint-Laurent" acting troupe, he founded the "Théâtre du Nouveau Monde" (litterally, "Theater of the New World") and he has also been director of the Stratford Art Center.
33. Ronnie Carroll Ronnie Carroll Self, Episode #6.3
34. Michael Ruppert Michael Ruppert Self, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
35. Lesley Taplin Lesley Taplin Actress, Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural Lesley Gilb was born on September 6, 1946 in Seattle, Washington. Her parents were Tyrell Thompson Gilb and Corinne Lathrop Gilb. She had a sister named Tyra. Gilb was raised in Berkeley, California. Lesley received a B.A. from the University of California in Berkeley and studied in the Ph.D. program in Dramatic Arts at Stanford University...
36. Sergo Zakariadze Sergo Zakariadze Actor, Father of a Soldier
37. József Gémes József Gémes Animation Department, The Princess and the Goblin
38. Marilyn Lovell Marilyn Lovell Actress, The Return of Count Yorga
39. Anthony Wilson Anthony Wilson Writer, Planet of the Apes
40. Paul McGrath Paul McGrath Actor, A Face in the Crowd
41. C.V. France C.V. France Actor, The Skin Game
42. Günter Grass Günter Grass Writer, The Tin Drum
43. Dorothy Dalton Dorothy Dalton Actress, Moran of the Lady Letty Dorothy Dalton was a silent film star who worked her way up from a stock company to a movie career. She made her film debut in 1914 in Pierre of the Plains, co-starring Edgar Selwyn, and appeared in Charles E. Blaney's Across the Pacific that same year. Producer-director Thomas H. Ince convinced her to leave the stage for the movies...
44. Caron Keating Caron Keating Self, Episode #4.1 Blonde; game for a laugh; much-loved Northern Irish children's TV presenter and daughter of TV star Gloria Hunniford who is best remembered for presenting Blue Peter. Caron was one of the most popular Blue Peter presenters in the show's long history. She gave the show a modern edge during her four year stint on the show between 1986-1990...
45. Pierre Batcheff Pierre Batcheff Actor, Un Chien Andalou
46. Cordy Clark Cordy Clark Actress, The Hills Have Eyes
47. Ganjirô Nakamura Ganjirô Nakamura Actor, Floating Weeds
48. Bruce Baron Bruce Baron Actor, Ninja Champion Graduated from Cornell U. in 1971. During the period from 1980-1990 appeared [as talent] in over 100 television commercials locally produced accross Asia. Played leading roles [1st Billing] in 12 'B' Kungfuey Action movies, & supporting or speaking extra roles in 21 other 'B' [C & D but no F] action/adventure...
49. Bud Wolfe Bud Wolfe Actor, The Man Who Cheated Himself
50. Jack Russell Jack Russell Actor, Ghost Town
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