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1. Michael Wayne Michael Wayne Producer, McLintock! Michael Wayne was the eldest son of John Wayne and his first wife, Josephine Alicia Saenz, the daughter from a socially prominent Latina family living in Los Angeles. He graduated from Loyola University of California in 1956 and served in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. His interest in film production...
2. Jack Kruschen Jack Kruschen Actor, The Apartment Canadian-born Jack Kruschen entered films after years on the stage, and became a dependable character actor both in movies and on television. Often cast as ethnic comedy relief, Kruschen occasionally landed a role as a villain, but was more often the volatile, emotional Italian or Jewish neighbor patriarch. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in The Apartment.
3. Jesús Franco Jesús Franco Writer, Killer Barbys He was only six years old when he started composing music under the protection of his brother Enrique. After the Spanish Civil War he was able to continue his studies at the Real Conservatorio de Madrid, where he finished piano and harmony. Being a Bachelor of Law and an easy-read novel writer (under the pseudonym David Khume)...
4. Tom Towles Tom Towles Actor, Night of the Living Dead A character player, often playing scumbags or obnoxious men, who worked for more than a decade in Chicago theatre before establishing himself in films and TV beginning in the late 80s, often in lower-budget fare. Tom Towles drifted into acting after serving in the Marine Corps. Although he made an isolated appearance in a bit role in Dog Day Afternoon with Al Pacino...
5. Milo O'Shea Milo O'Shea Actor, Romeo and Juliet
6. Ray Teal Ray Teal Actor, Judgment at Nuremberg Most familiar to TV audiences as no-nonsense Sheriff Roy Coffee on the long-running western series Bonanza, Ray Teal was one of the most versatile character actors in the business. In his almost 40-year career he played everything from cops to gunfighters to sheriffs to gangsters to a judge at the Nuremberg War Crimes trials...
7. Manoel de Oliveira Manoel de Oliveira Director, To Each His Own Cinema
8. George Sewell George Sewell Actor, Get Carter British leading actor whose tough, pockmarked features belied a soft voice and cultivated manner. Sewell was born in East London, the son of a printer. After brief service in the RAF during the closing stages of World War II, he held down a wide variety of short-lived jobs, including as carpenter, photographer...
9. Jennifer Syme Jennifer Syme Actress, Lost Highway Not much is known about Jennifer Syme, except that she was a girlfriend of actor Keanu Reeves. A lot of what is known about her centered around tragic circumstances: First, the 1999 stillbirth of the baby she expected with Reeves, and second, her untimely death at age 28. Around the time she met Reeves...
10. Levi Celerio Levi Celerio Music Department, Talusaling
11. Tomisaburô Wakayama Tomisaburô Wakayama Actor, Shogun Assassin
12. John Charlesworth John Charlesworth Actor, A Christmas Carol
13. Douglass Dumbrille Douglass Dumbrille Actor, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Distinguished character villain Douglass (R.) Dumbrille, whose distinctive stern features, beady eyes, tidy mustache, prominent hook nose and suave, cultivated presence graced scores of talking films, was born on October 13, 1889, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He was first employed as a bank clerk in...
14. Betty Furness Betty Furness Self, The Rabbit Elizabeth Mary Furness was born on January 3, 1916 in New York City. She was a teenage model with the Powers agency and appeared in secondary roles in more than 35 movies. She is best remembered as the highly paid television spokesperson for Westinghouse Electric Corporation. She later moved on to consumer affairs and appeared as the consumer affairs expert on NBC's Today for 16 years...
15. Sandi Nimoy Sandi Nimoy Costume and Wardrobe Department, Lost Vikings
16. Buddy Rich Buddy Rich Soundtrack, Whiplash
17. Aldo Fabrizi Aldo Fabrizi Actor, Rome, Open City Beloved, hugely popular Italian comic character actor/writer/director, in music halls and variety shows for much of his early career. Fabrizi entered films in 1942 and often wrote and directed his vehicles, winning international acclaim in the Roberto Rossellini's neorealist drama Rome, Open City, in which he played a priest who bravely defies the fascist regime...
18. Fortunio Bonanova Fortunio Bonanova Actor, Citizen Kane Spanish-born Josep Lluis Moll studied music in Madrid and at the Paris Conservatoire. Having changed his name to Fortunio Bonanova (which, at the time, would have sounded more becoming of a budding musical star), he went on to make his international opera debut as a baritone in 1922. A protégé of the famous Russian bass Feodor Chaliapin Sr....
19. Jean Epstein Jean Epstein Director, The Fall of the House of Usher
20. Wally Cassell Wally Cassell Actor, White Heat
21. Vanda Godsell Vanda Godsell Actress, A Shot in the Dark
22. Paul Reed Paul Reed Actor, Who's for Swordfish? Another mop-faced, gruff-looking character who belongs in the "Where have I seen that face?" category, Paul Reed enjoyed a long and varied career on radio, Broadway musicals, TV and commercials. Though smaller in stature, his imposing figure and ability to command made him seem much taller in his shoes...
23. B.J. Baker B.J. Baker Actress, The Story of Babar, the Little Elephant
24. Benjamin Christensen Benjamin Christensen Director, Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages
25. Jane Henson Jane Henson Actress, Sam and Friends
26. Anthony Bushell Anthony Bushell Actor, A Night to Remember
27. Rob Pilatus Rob Pilatus Self, The 17th Annual American Music Awards
28. Chester Clute Chester Clute Actor, Arsenic and Old Lace
29. Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II Self, The Papal Chase
30. Edwin Starr Edwin Starr Soundtrack, Adventures in Babysitting Born Charles Hatcher in Nashville, Tennessee, Starr formed his first group, the Future Tones, in 1957, recording one single before his three-year army service. In 1965, he was offered a solo deal following two years of touring with another band. Starr's early hits included "Agent Double-O Soul" and "Stop Her on Sight (S.O.S)." But his biggest success came with "War," a No...
31. Everett De Roche Everett De Roche Writer, Road Games
32. Greta Gynt Greta Gynt Actress, The Human Monster Glamourous, blonde, Norwegian actress who added a sparkle to British movies. Greta Gynt usually played a leading part, and remained at the top of the British cinema from the late 1930s through to the 40s. An opportunity for Greta to experience a Hollywood career came in the early 1950s, but it was too late...
33. Sandy Grossman Sandy Grossman Director, Super Bowl XVIII
34. Robert H. Schuller Robert H. Schuller Self, One in Ten/Name of the Game/The Chieftains/Crystal Cathedral Split/Eric McCormack/On the Road
35. Michael LaGuardia Michael LaGuardia Actor, All My Children
36. Jess Osuna Jess Osuna Actor, Kramer vs. Kramer
37. Karen Elizabeth Austin Karen Elizabeth Austin Actress, When a Stranger Calls Back
38. Dave Oren Ward Dave Oren Ward Actor, Pariah
39. C.S. Forester C.S. Forester Writer, The African Queen 'Cecil Scott Forester' was born on 27th August, 1899 in Cairo, Egypt. He was educated in England at Alleyn's School and Dulwich College, at neither of which, he said, he made any particular impression except as an extremely naughty boy. He left Dulwich College and attempted to take up medicine but soon found that his real vocation was storytelling and writing...
40. Henry Slesar Henry Slesar Writer, One Life to Live
41. Margaret Mary Jones Margaret Mary Jones Producer, Whistle
42. Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson Actor, Forbidden
43. Bunney Brooke Bunney Brooke Actress, Dawn!
44. David Leonard David Leonard Actor, The Bishop's Wife
45. Kate Bruce Kate Bruce Actress, The Fugitive
46. Sunny Jim McKeen Sunny Jim McKeen Actor, Stop That Noise Sunny Jim McKeen was featured in 39 "Newlyweds and Their Baby" shorts in the late 1920s, then went on to make a series of six sound shorts on his own. He died in 1933, at the age of 8.
47. Charles Dorety Charles Dorety Actor, A Dark Horse
48. Guy McElwaine Guy McElwaine Producer, The Good Shepherd
49. Vanda Hudson Vanda Hudson Actress, Circus of Horrors
50. Lyn Guild Lyn Guild Actress, The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
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