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1. Joan Shawlee Joan Shawlee Actress, Some Like It Hot Zany, extrovert, sometimes blonde, sometimes brunette, sometimes red-haired character comedienne Joan Shawlee began her performing career as a fourteen-year old Powers model. At sixteen, she sang in New York night spots and was proclaimed one of "the six most beautiful girls in Manhattan". Hollywood noticed in due course and 20th Century Fox signed her under contract...
2. David Strickland David Strickland Actor, Forces of Nature David Strickland was born in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York, on October 14, 1969. Raised in Princeton, New Jersey, he never thought about an acting career until moving to the LA suburb of Pacific Palisades while in high school. Instead of going to college, he joined a theater company and began performing comedy sketches that he wrote along with a friend...
3. Michael Todd Michael Todd Producer, Around the World in Eighty Days Film producer Michael Todd was one of the major contributors to technical innovation in the film industry in the 1950s. Having worked with Fred Waller and Cinerama, he got tired of the three-panel format, left the company and tried to find the process for making "Cinerama coming from one hole". He joined forces with the American Optical Co...
4. Gloria Holden Gloria Holden Actress, The Life of Emile Zola Hollywood leading lady in B-movies, and supporting actress in big budget films. Although remembered for her portrayal of "Mme. Zola" in The Life of Emile Zola, she is most memorable for her chilling-yet-beauteous performance as Dracula's Daughter. She had another memorable role in director Tod Browning's Miracles for Sale.
5. William Hanna William Hanna Producer, Scooby-Doo
6. Joseph F. Kosala Joseph F. Kosala Actor, The Fugitive
7. Angus Duncan Angus Duncan Actor, General Hospital
8. Patrice Wymore Patrice Wymore Actress, Ocean's 11 When Kansas-born Patrice Wymore was only six years of age, she began touring with her family in tent shows and in vaudeville, her mother being a pianist and singer on the circuit. In contrast, her father was a trucking line exec. Trained in voice, the lovely, fair-haired teenager gambled on a try in New York and it paid off...
9. Ben Lyon Ben Lyon Actor, Hell's Angels Ben Lyon was your average boyish, easy-going, highly appealing film personality of the Depression-era 1930s. Although he never rose above second-tier stardom, he would enjoy enduring success both here and in England. Born Ben Lyon, Jr. in Atlanta, Georgia, the future singer/actor was the son of a pianist-turned-businessman and youngest of four...
10. Addison Richards Addison Richards Actor, Boys Town
11. Charles Starrett Charles Starrett Actor, The Mask of Fu Manchu While on the Darmouth College football team, Charles Starrett was hired to play a football extra in The Quarterback. Impressed by the job, Starrett got the acting bug and next went into vaudeville, then regional stage work and finally to Broadway. Spotted by a Paramount talent scout, Starrett was signed to play the romantic lead in Fast and Loose...
12. Melissa Stribling Melissa Stribling Actress, Horror of Dracula
13. Nella Walker Nella Walker Actress, Sabrina
14. Britt Lomond Britt Lomond Actor, Presenting Señor Zorro Britt Lomond is best remembered as the sinister yet dashing Captain Monastario, the arch nemesis of Guy Williams' Zorro in the first thirteen shows of the 50s television show. The Commandante of the Pueblo de Los Angeles, Captain Monastario was always confounded by Zorro, and his machinations were constantly foiled...
15. Olive Deering Olive Deering Actress, The Ten Commandments
16. Kane Richmond Kane Richmond Actor, Spy Smasher Supporting player during the 30's and 40's in standard Hollywood films and rugged star of "B" adventure two-reelers, features and cliff-hanger serials.
17. Pat Ryan Pat Ryan Actor, The Toxic Avenger Tubby character actor Pat Ryan usually portrayed amusingly sleazy fat guys in a handful of enjoyable low-budget pictures made throughout the 80s. Ryan was born on October 29, 1946 in Pennsylvania. He made his film debut with a small part in the gritty urban vigilante action opus "Fighting Back." Pat...
18. Everett Glass Everett Glass Actor, Invasion of the Body Snatchers
19. Reginald Farmer Reginald Farmer Actor, Fast Times at Ridgemont High
20. Dan Hartman Dan Hartman Soundtrack, Rocky IV
21. Derek Farr Derek Farr Actor, The Dam Busters
22. Lynn Baggett Lynn Baggett Actress, D.O.A. Tall, regal, sultry-eyed, flame-haired (later blonde) Lynn Baggett is better remembered for her turbulent, unhappy private life than for her "B" level acting roles. Born Ruth Baggett in Wichita Falls, Texas, on May 10, 1923, her father, David L., was in the oil business and her mother, the former Ruth Simmons...
23. Jade Goody Jade Goody Self, Episode #1.1
24. Victoria Karnafel Victoria Karnafel Actress, The Deer Hunter
25. Ernst Deutsch Ernst Deutsch Actor, The Third Man
26. Walter Lantz Walter Lantz Director, The Woody Woodpecker Show As the head of his own animation studio, Lantz was responsible for the creation of the first Technicolor cartoon. He also introduced the cartoon characters Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Andy Panda, Chilly Willy, and Woody Woodpecker.
27. Tex Palmer Tex Palmer Actor, Ridin' Leather
28. Toby Wing Toby Wing Actress, Rhythmitis It's pretty unusual for a mostly unbilled chorus girl to rate a star on Hollywood Boulevard, but Toby Wing was unique. A genuine granddaughter of the Confederacy (on her mother's side at least; her father's family was pure Maine Yankee), she was born Martha Virginia Wing in Amelia Court House, Virginia in 1915 and taking the stage name Toby after a family nickname (for a horse!)...
29. Helen Stenborg Helen Stenborg Actress, One Life to Live
30. Bill Coyne Bill Coyne Actor, Suburbia
31. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Writer, Faust Johann Wolfgang Goethe was born on 28 August 1749 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany as son of a lawyer. After growing up in a privileged upper middle class family, he studied law in Leipzig from 1765 to 1768, although he was more interested in literature. As he was seriously ill, he had to interrupt his studies...
32. Paul Francis Webster Paul Francis Webster Soundtrack, Inglourious Basterds
33. Nadia Barentin Nadia Barentin Actress, A Self-Made Hero
34. Enzo Fiermonte Enzo Fiermonte Actor, Rocco and His Brothers
35. Maurice Schutz Maurice Schutz Actor, The Passion of Joan of Arc
36. Robert Cavendish Robert Cavendish Actor, The Outlaws of Manzantia
37. Paul Verhoeven Paul Verhoeven Director, Heart of Stone
38. Cass Daley Cass Daley Actress, Red Garters Brassy, gangly Cass Daley, the daughter of a streetcar conductor, started her career as a band vocalist. She displayed a flair for zany comedy that made her a big hit in nightclubs and on radio, and she started working in films in the early 1940s. Her eccentric, off-the-wall singing and dancing combined with her gawky...
39. Derek Watkins Derek Watkins Soundtrack, Definitely, Maybe
40. Vladimir Ivashov Vladimir Ivashov Actor, Ballad of a Soldier
41. Charlotte Smith Charlotte Smith Actress, A Victim of Jealousy
42. Morton Haack Morton Haack Costume Designer, Planet of the Apes
43. Seafield Head Seafield Head Producer, New Minds for a New Firm
44. Louis Delluc Louis Delluc Director, Fièvre
45. Bradley Lavelle Bradley Lavelle Actor, Judge Dredd
46. Lisa Ferraday Lisa Ferraday Actress, Rancho Notorious Original Woolite Girl. Traveled around USA for 2 years with "Wooly" the lamb promoting the product. Woolite was a powdered product which came in a blue can at that time. Had one of the first talk shows on television called "Dinner with Lisa" out of New York City where she interviewed dignitaries and other notable persons of the day...
47. Frederick Peisley Frederick Peisley Actor, Gentlemen's Agreement
48. Vi Stevens Vi Stevens Actress, The Golden Year
49. Aleksandr Benyaminov Aleksandr Benyaminov Actor, Moscow on the Hudson
50. Mark Chamberlin Mark Chamberlin Actor, The Ward
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