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1. Michael Gough Michael Gough Actor, Batman Tony Award-winning English actor Michael Gough, best known for playing the butler Alfred Pennyworth in Tim Burton's two Batman movies and for playing the arch-criminal Dr. Clement Armstrong in The Avengers episode "The Cybernauts", was an accomplished performer on both stage and screen...
2. Capucine Capucine Actress, The Pink Panther With classic patrician features and an independent, non-conformist personality, Capucine began her film debut in 1949 at the age of 21 with an appearance in the film Rendezvous in July. She attended school in France and received a BA degree in foreign languages. Married for six months in her early twenties...
3. Merritt Butrick Merritt Butrick Actor, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
4. Rick Aviles Rick Aviles Actor, Waterworld
5. Helen Hayes Helen Hayes Actress, A Farewell to Arms Known as "The First lady of the American Theater", Helen Hayes had a legendary career on stage and in films and television that spanned over eighty years. Hayes was born in Washington, D.C., to Catherine Estelle "Essie" (Hayes), an actress who worked in touring companies, and Francis van Arnum Brown...
6. Richard Reeves Richard Reeves Actor, Target Earth
7. Luchino Visconti Luchino Visconti Director, Rocco and His Brothers
8. Rosetta LeNoire Rosetta LeNoire Actress, Guiding Light Born Rosetta Olive Barton, she was the goddaughter of famed tap dancer Bill "Bojangles" Robinson. She was in the landmark all-black version of "Macbeth," directed by Orson Welles in the 1930s. Former president Bill Clinton presented her with the National Medal of the Arts in 1999. Appeared in the movies "Moscow on the Hudson" (1984)...
9. L'Wren Scott L'Wren Scott Costume Designer, Diabolique
10. Mai Zetterling Mai Zetterling Actress, The Witches Lovely, slim, green-eyed blonde Mai Zetterling with bewitchingly elfin features was born in Sweden in 1925, and lived briefly in Australia while still a child. Trained on the Stockholm repertory stage, she began appearing in war-era films starting in her teens. Following her debut in Lasse Maja...
11. Paul Campbell Paul Campbell Actor, The Golden Coach
12. Freddie Francis Freddie Francis Cinematographer, The Elephant Man
13. Jack Arnold Jack Arnold Director, Creature from the Black Lagoon Jack Arnold reigns supreme as one of the great directors of 1950s science-fiction features. His films are distinguished by moody black and white cinematography, solid acting, smart, thoughtful scripts, snappy pacing, a genuine heartfelt enthusiasm for the genre and plenty of eerie atmosphere. Arnold was born on October 14...
14. Leigh Brackett Leigh Brackett Writer, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
15. Carroll Nye Carroll Nye Actor, Gone with the Wind
16. René Clément René Clément Director, Forbidden Games René Clément was one of the leading French directors of the post-World War II era. He directed what are regarded as some of the greatest films of the time, such as The Battle of the Rails, Forbidden Games and The Day and the Hour. He was later almost forgotten as a director. He was back in public attention briefly when his epic Is Paris Burning? (with an all-star cast of famous actors) was released in 1966...
17. Jodean Lawrence Jodean Lawrence Actress, The Young and the Restless
18. Helen Westcott Helen Westcott Actress, The Gunfighter Born January 1, 1928, to acting parents, Helen Westcott's show biz career began at the ripe old age of 4 when she performed on stage with her vaudevillian mother who played piano and drums. Her father was handsome Warner Bros. actor Gordon Westcott who appeared in second leads opposite a number of the top stars of the day including Bette Davis...
19. Irving Asher Irving Asher Producer, The Four Feathers
20. Oleg Cassini Oleg Cassini Costume and Wardrobe Department, The Sentinel Oleg Cassini Loiewski was born on April 11, 1913, in Paris, France, into the family of Russian diplomat Alexander Loiewski and Italian Countess Marguerite Cassini. His maternal grandfather, Arthur Paul Nicholas, Marquis de Capuzzuchi di Bologna, Count de Cassini, worked for the Russian Tsar Nicholas II as a diplomat in China and the United States...
21. Felix Bressart Felix Bressart Actor, To Be or Not to Be With his lanky frame, big nose, toothbrush moustache and horn-rimmed glasses, he looked like someone had decided to cross Groucho Marx with Albert Einstein. The perennial scene-stealer Felix Bressart had two distinct careers as a comic actor: an earlier one, on stage and screen in his native Germany; and a later...
22. Fred Allen Fred Allen Self, Judge for Yourself Fred Allen, the well-known comedian who went on to star in radio, television, and film, was born John Florence Sullivan in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1894 and educated at Boston University. His Broadway shows include "The Passing Show of 1922" and "The Greenwich Village Follies". He produced...
23. William Witney William Witney Director, Zorro's Fighting Legion Born in Oklahoma in 1915, Witney broke into the business in 1933, working at Mascot, the leading producer of low-budget serials. After Mascot and other small companies merged in 1935 to form Republic, Witney graduated to director (at 21, he was Hollywood's youngest). Witney teamed with director John English on many of the era's best serials...
24. Oswald Morris Oswald Morris Cinematographer, Lolita Oscar-winning cinematography Oswald Morris was one of the most outstanding directors of photography of the 20th Century, making his reputation by expanding the parameters of color cinematography. Born in November 1915 in Hillingdon, Middlesex, England, a month short of his 17th birthday, he became a factotum and clapper boy at Wembley Studios...
25. Willard Sage Willard Sage Actor, That Touch of Mink
26. Skip Young Skip Young Actor, Earth vs the Spider
27. Marion Darlington Marion Darlington Actress, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
28. John Dearth John Dearth Actor, Look Back in Anger
29. Frank Orth Frank Orth Actor, His Girl Friday Orth started his career in vaudeville in 1897. He married Ann Codee who would be his wife for fifty years until her death in 1961. Together they were billed as Codee and Orth. He entered movies by making the first foreign language film shorts in sound for Warner Bros. in 1928. That started him on a long career of small parts...
30. Andrew Tombes Andrew Tombes Actor, Meet John Doe Bald-headed character player in US films for two decades from 1934, often portraying genial individuals but just as often weak-willed, shady types.
31. Michael Mellinger Michael Mellinger Actor, Gladiator
32. Hal Buckley Hal Buckley Actor, Kelly's Heroes
33. Ernest Gold Ernest Gold Music Department, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Award-winning composer/songwriter ("Exodus" [Grammy/Academy Awards, 1960] ). He joined ASCAP in 1957, and his other popular-song compositions include the title songs for "On the Beach" and "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World".
34. Lois O'Connor Lois O'Connor Miscellaneous Crew, Beach Party
35. Jermaine Stewart Jermaine Stewart Soundtrack, Zack and Miri Make a Porno
36. Arne Sultan Arne Sultan Writer, See No Evil, Hear No Evil
37. Bob Papenbrook Bob Papenbrook Actor, Stranger Than Fiction
38. Ralph Thomas Ralph Thomas Director, Doctor in the House Educated at Middlesex College, Ralph started working in films as a clapper boy. He gave up on the movie industry in 1934 going to work as a journalist. During WWII he served with the 9th Lancers cavalry regiment. After the war he joined the Rank organisation and soon became one of their directors.
39. Rod Hull Rod Hull Self, Episode dated 4 January 1988
40. Peter Gawthorne Peter Gawthorne Actor, The Amazing Adventure
41. Ferlin Husky Ferlin Husky Self, Episode #1.5
42. Don Epperson Don Epperson Actor, Big Jake
43. Earl Maddox Earl Maddox Actor, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
44. Terry Stafford Terry Stafford Soundtrack, The Female Bunch Born to William Nathan Stafford and Juanita J. Stafford in Hollis, Oklahoma, Terry Stafford grew up in Amarillo, Texas, and graduated from Amarillo's Palo Duro High School in 1960. After high school he moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue a career in music. His most famous song, "Suspicion"...
45. Richard Hoyt Richard Hoyt Actor, Car for Sale
46. Michiyo Aratama Michiyo Aratama Actress, Kwaidan
47. Armand Jones Armand Jones Actor, Freedom Writers
48. Athole Shearer Athole Shearer Actress, Way Down East
49. Sverre Holm Sverre Holm Actor, Olsenbandens siste stikk
50. Dorothy Dwan Dorothy Dwan Actress, The Wizard of Oz
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