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1. Betty Hutton Betty Hutton Actress, Annie Get Your Gun Betty Hutton was born Elizabeth June Thornburg on February 26, 1921, in Battle Creek, Michigan. Two years later Betty's father decided that the family way of life wasn't for him, so he left (he committed suicide 16 years later). Having to fend for themselves, Mrs. Thornburg moved the family to Detroit to find work in the numerous auto factories there...
2. Merlin Olsen Merlin Olsen Actor, The Undefeated
3. Richard Brooks Richard Brooks Writer, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Richard Brooks was an Academy Award-winning film writer who also earned six Oscar nominations and achieved success as a film director and producer. He was born Ruben Sax on May 18, 1912, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His parents were Russian-Jewish immigrants. He graduated from West Philadelphia HS...
4. F.W. Murnau F.W. Murnau Director, Nosferatu Director. First was assistant to Max Reinhardt. Began making movies in Germany in 1919. Went to the USA in 1926.
5. Vince Edwards Vince Edwards Actor, The Killing Born in Brooklyn, the son of Italian immigrant parents, Vince Edwards early aspired to the theater. He was a swimming champion in high school, attended Ohio State University on an athletic scholarship, and was on their National Championship swimming team. Olympics were on the horizon, but an appendicitis operation cut short his swimming career...
6. Faith Brook Faith Brook Actress, To Sir, with Love
7. Victor Kilian Victor Kilian Actor, The Ox-Bow Incident American character actor of gruff demeanor who played in dozens of films through the Thirties and Forties. A native of New Jersey, he was a wagon driver for his father's laundry business before joining a vaudeville company. He played in stock and touring companies, then was cast in the Walter Huston production of 'Desire Under the Elms' on Broadway...
8. Myfanwy Talog Myfanwy Talog Actress, Girls Night Out
9. Joe Gladwin Joe Gladwin Actor, No Hard Feelings
10. Erle Stanley Gardner Erle Stanley Gardner Writer, Perry Mason Erle Stanley Gardner, the prolific pulp fiction writer best known for creating the fictional lawyer Perry Mason; Della Street, Mason's secretary; private detective Paul Drake, Mason's favorite investigator; and Hamilton Burger, the district attorney with the worst won-lost record in the history of fictional jurisprudence...
11. Kelly Troup Kelly Troup Costume Designer, Cutting Class
12. William Challee William Challee Actor, Five Easy Pieces
13. Richard Collier Richard Collier Actor, Blazing Saddles
14. John Wyndham John Wyndham Writer, Village of the Damned John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris was born in 1903. After trying many jobs including farming and law, he started writing short stories for publication in 1925. He did well in America in the 1930s, writing under various pen names and graduated to churning out the staple written diet of every red blooded American male - the detective story...
15. Pierre Renoir Pierre Renoir Actor, Children of Paradise
16. Laslo Benedek Laslo Benedek Director, The Wild One Laslo Benedek was brought to Hollywood from Hungary--where he had been a writer, editor and photographer--by MGM, and his first few films were undistinguished programmers. His third, however, was quite a bit better: Death of a Salesman, the screen version of Arthur Miller's classic play. Although trashed by critics at the time for...
17. Geraldine Farrar Geraldine Farrar Actress, Carmen Famed singer and author Geraldine Farrar was educated in public schools and then became a music student of Mrs. J.H. Long, Trabadello, Emma Thursby, Lilli Lehman and Graziani. Her 1901 debut was at the Royal Opera House in Berlin, in the role of Marguerite in "Faust". From 1906 to 1922 she was a member of the Metropolitan Opera in New York...
18. Olaf Hytten Olaf Hytten Actor, The Good Earth
19. Lindsay Shonteff Lindsay Shonteff Director, Devil Doll
20. Richard Kinon Richard Kinon Director, The Joker Is Mild/Take My Granddaughter, Please/First Time Out
21. Stefan Schnabel Stefan Schnabel Actor, Guiding Light
22. Kip Gowans Kip Gowans Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Sleuth
23. Margaret Yarde Margaret Yarde Actress, Crimes at the Dark House
24. Ysabel MacCloskey Ysabel MacCloskey Actress, Yours, Mine and Ours
25. Christianna Brand Christianna Brand Writer, Nanny McPhee
26. Jean-Pierre Masson Jean-Pierre Masson Actor, Cordélia
27. Lili Valenty Lili Valenty Actress, Wild Is the Wind The multi-faceted Polish-born performer Lili Valenty appeared in a dozen or so Broadway plays in the 30s, 40s and 50s, then went on to enliven a number of routine on-camera projects in her twilight years. Born at the turn of the century, she received her start on the German stage where she became a star...
28. John Monk Saunders John Monk Saunders Writer, Wings
29. Joyce Vanderveen Joyce Vanderveen Actress, The Ten Commandments
30. Margarita Fischer Margarita Fischer Actress, Uncle Tom's Cabin
31. Erica Andrews Erica Andrews Self, Trantasia
32. Judd Holdren Judd Holdren Actor, Zombies of the Stratosphere In the role of Commando Cody, Judd Holdren patrolled America's threatened skies after actors Tristram Coffin and George Wallace hung up their flying suits. (Coffin was Rocket Man in "King of the Rocket Man" and Wallace was Commando Cody in "Radar Men from the Moon.") Holdren played the airborne hero in "Zombies of the Stratosphere" and also in "Commando Cody...
33. Frank P. Costanza Frank P. Costanza Actor, Dances with Wolves
34. Frances Feist Frances Feist Actress, Carnival of Souls
35. Sammy Spear Sammy Spear Music Department, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Conductor and trumpeter. As Sammy Shapiro, he was a trumpet sideman for NBC who always wanted to lead an orchestra, and his opportunity for that came on June 4, 1949 at the premiere of the new DuMont Television Network variety hour "Cavalcade of Stars". Later he would lead the orchestra on the series...
36. Joseph Forte Joseph Forte Actor, Reefer Madness
37. Alex Dreier Alex Dreier Actor, Sweet, Sweet Rachel
38. Nick Borgani Nick Borgani Actor, Death Scene
39. Richard Keene Richard Keene Actor, Happy Days
40. Péter Bacsó Péter Bacsó Writer, The Witness
41. Irene Ware Irene Ware Actress, The Raven One of the many "also rans" or "might-have-beens" in 1930's Hollywood was a blonde beauty queen of Swedish/Austrian ancestry, named Irene Ware. She was actually born Irene Ahlberg in Pelham, New York and first plied her trade as a stenographer before other endeavours piqued her interest. Aged eighteen...
42. Ed Crowley Ed Crowley Actor, Network
43. Charles G. Martin Charles G. Martin Actor, Racing Fever
44. Yûnosuke Itô Yûnosuke Itô Actor, Ikiru
45. Fredric Brown Fredric Brown Writer, Arena Attended University of Cincinatti, Hanover College, Indiana, but didn't obtain a degree. Worked in an office 1924-36, when he left to become writer, proofreader for the "Milwaukee Journal". Also started writing at this time, selling the first of over 300 short stories. Active in both science-fiction and mystery fields...
46. B.M. Vyas B.M. Vyas Actor, Do Ankhen Barah Haath
47. Hanns Lothar Hanns Lothar Actor, One, Two, Three
48. Akemi Negishi Akemi Negishi Actress, Red Beard Akemi Negishi might never have become an actress but for Josef von Sternberg. The legendary director was in Japan looking for a woman to play the seductress who leads a bunch of soldiers astray in his upcoming (and as it turned out, last) movie _Anatahan (1954)_. But Sternberg spotted Negishi one night...
49. Erik Hell Erik Hell Actor, The Passion of Anna
50. Mikhail Kaufman Mikhail Kaufman Cinematographer, Man with a Movie Camera
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