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1. Howard Da Silva Howard Da Silva Actor, The Lost Weekend Howard da Silva was one of 324 actors, writers and directors who fell victim to the Hollywood blacklisting of the early 1950s, and had his career halted in the blink of an eye. Originally was a steelworker before making his stage debut at age 20 in New York. He made a name for himself on Broadway before going to Hollywood...
2. Nicole DeHuff Nicole DeHuff Actress, Meet the Parents Nicole DeHuff was born on 6 January 1975 in Oklahoma. She began her acting studies at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon Acting Conservatory. Her first screen role was in the comedy hit Meet the Parents, in which she co-starred with Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller. Her character (Deborah Byrnes) was the sister whose wedding caused chaos for her family...
3. Len Lesser Len Lesser Actor, Papillon
4. Smiley Burnette Smiley Burnette Actor, Billy the Kid Returns Smiley worked on a local radio station and in Vaudeville after high school. Always interested in music, he was friends with Gene Autry and worked with him on the radio show "The National Barn Dance". When Westerns became a big draw with sound, the studios were always on the lookout for singing cowboys...
5. Roger Bowen Roger Bowen Actor, MASH Mr. Bowen was a comedic actor and novelist, best known for his portrayal of Colonel Henry Blake in the film version of MASH. He often portrayed roles as a stuffy defender of the upper class and had regular roles on a number of television series. His acting career aside, Mr. Bowen always considered...
6. Dick Anthony Williams Dick Anthony Williams Actor, Edward Scissorhands
7. John Davis Chandler John Davis Chandler Actor, The Outlaw Josey Wales Character actor John Davis Chandler was born on January 28, 1935, in Hinton, West Virginia. He was raised in Charleston, West Virginia. Tall and thin, with fair hair, piercing blue eyes, a pale complexion and a nasal, whiny voice, Chandler specialized in portraying mean, neurotic and dangerous villains...
8. Lila Kedrova Lila Kedrova Actress, Torn Curtain
9. Sharon Disney Sharon Disney Self, One Hour in Wonderland
10. Jesslyn Fax Jesslyn Fax Actress, Rear Window
11. Claudia Martin Claudia Martin Actress, Ski Fever Claudia Martin was the daughter of Dean Martin and his first wife, Betty MacDonald. One of seven children, she was born in Ridley Park, PA, but spent her childhood in southern California. She did follow her father into show business, appearing on such television programs as The Donna Reed Show and My Three Sons...
12. Louise Allbritton Louise Allbritton Actress, Son of Dracula Louise Allbritton was the only child of L.L. and Caroline Greer Allbritton and was born on July 3, 1920 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Soon after her birth, the family moved to Wichita Falls, Texas, where her father owned and operated the local traction system. Louise's mother Caroline died when Louise...
13. Alfred Burke Alfred Burke Actor, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
14. Gloria Stewart Gloria Stewart Actress, The Income Tax Show
15. Dorian Gray Dorian Gray Actress, Nights of Cabiria
16. Eddie Foy Eddie Foy Actor, A Favorite Fool American stage actor, musical comedy star, and vaudevillian who was a legendary figure of his time and who fathered a family of performers who went on to notable careers in motion pictures. Born Edward Fitzgerald at 23 8th Avenue in New York City, March 9, 1856, to an Irish-immigrant tailor, Richard Fitzgerald...
17. Marceline Day Marceline Day Actress, The Cameraman The younger sister of actress Alice Day, Marceline Day achieved stardom in the mid-'20s, appearing opposite such stars as John Barrymore and Lon Chaney. Adept at comedy, she also starred with such top comics as Buster Keaton and Harry Langdon. Her career faltered in the early '30s, however, and she was soon reduced to appearing in low-budget thrillers and action pictures...
18. Ethel Owen Ethel Owen Actress, The Royal Family
19. Jimmy T. Murakami Jimmy T. Murakami Director, The Snowman
20. Dorothy Dean Bridges Dorothy Dean Bridges Actress, The Lost Ones
21. Philip Linton Philip Linton Actor, Doing Time on Maple Drive
22. Shelley Beattie Shelley Beattie Self, First Half Preliminary Round 4: Street vs. Cooley/Montalvo vs. Pepe Shelley Ann Beattie was born in Orange County, California, where she at the age of three suffered from severe hearing loss due to overdose of aspirins; the overdose caused her to lose all her ability to hear in one ear and reduced her ability to hear by thirty percent in the other. This event changed her life at an early age...
23. Brownie McGhee Brownie McGhee Soundtrack, Superbad
24. Larry Ward Larry Ward Actor, Hombre
25. Gregory Millar Gregory Millar Actor, Lethal Weapon 3
26. Howard W. Koch Howard W. Koch Producer, Airplane! Getting his start in the movie business in Universal's contract and playdate department in New York City, Howard W. Koch moved on to 20th Century-Fox as a film librarian and then entered production as second assistant director on The Keys of the Kingdom. After many films as assistant director, Koch joined forces...
27. Bert Roach Bert Roach Actor, The Crowd
28. Joshua Shelley Joshua Shelley Actor, All the President's Men
29. Edwin Rochelle Edwin Rochelle Actor, Namu, the Killer Whale
30. Gert van den Bergh Gert van den Bergh Actor, The Naked Prey
31. Dale White Dale White Actor, Hal March Show
32. Sandra Shaw Sandra Shaw Actress, The Gay Nighties
33. Sheridan Morley Sheridan Morley Self, J.M. Barrie, la vérité sur Peter Pan
34. Bill Wolfe Bill Wolfe Actor, The Bank Dick
35. Keith Haring Keith Haring Self, Maestro
36. Amos Guttman Amos Guttman Director, Amazing Grace This Israeli director who was born in Hungary, died of AIDS in 1993 aged 38. He made four feature films and two shorts. He was openly gay and most of his films are gay-themed.
37. Dhundiraj Govind Phalke Dhundiraj Govind Phalke Director, Raja Harishchandra Dadasaaheb Phalke was born in 1870 in Trymbakeshwar in Nasik. He was born to a Sanskrit scholar, he studied at J.J. college of Art in Bombay and at Kala Bhavan, Baroda. He then studied architecture and became landscape painter of academic nature studies. He worked in a photographic studio and at Ratlam learned three-colour block making and ceramics...
38. Helen Vita Helen Vita Actress, Cabaret
39. Ennio Girolami Ennio Girolami Actor, Nights of Cabiria
40. Kenneth Patterson Kenneth Patterson Actor, Being There
41. Susanne von Almassy Susanne von Almassy Actress, Die erste Mrs. Selby
42. Chikage Awashima Chikage Awashima Actress, Early Summer
43. Martha Gellhorn Martha Gellhorn Self, Martha Gellhorn
44. John David Conti John David Conti Actor, The Runner
45. Milos Kopecký Milos Kopecký Actor, The Great Baron
46. Gary Carter Gary Carter Self, 2008 MLB All-Star Game
47. Johnny Brogna Johnny Brogna Actor, Devil's Canyon
48. Agnès Laurent Agnès Laurent Actress, Mary Had a Little...
49. Octave Mirbeau Octave Mirbeau Writer, Diary of a Chambermaid
50. Lois Wilde Lois Wilde Actress, Undersea Kingdom Lois Wilde, a long-forgotten leading lady of late 1930s westerns and outdoor dramas, was only briefly on the screen before she was forced to leave the business due to injuries incurred in a car-related accident. The talented blue-eyed blonde began quite early in the entertainment business. Born Edithea Lois Wild in Los Angeles on August 14...
1-50 of 275 names.