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1. James Avery James Avery Actor, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Although best known as the uncle/patriarch and judge "Philip Banks" on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, James Avery is a classically trained actor and scholar. A native of Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, he joined the US Navy after graduating high school and served in Vietnam from 1968 to 1969. Upon leaving the military... 31 December 2013
2. John Fortune John Fortune Actor, Match Point 31 December 2013
3. Betty Ren Wright Betty Ren Wright Writer, The Dollhouse Murders 31 December 2013
4. Al Porcino Al Porcino 31 December 2013
5. Antonio Allocca Antonio Allocca Actor, Cristo si è fermato a Eboli 31 December 2013
6. Lidiya Vertinskaya Lidiya Vertinskaya Actress, Korolevstvo krivykh zerkal Lidiya Vertinskaya was born Lidiya Vladimirovna Tsirgvava on April 14, 1923, in Kharbin, China, into a family of emigrants from Georgia, a former part of the collapsed Russian Empire. Her parents were highly educated aristocrats who belonged to Georgian Landed Gentry, they emigrated with the White Russians, after destruction of their wealth in the Russian Communist Revolution of 1917... 31 December 2013
7. Maruja Mas Maruja Mas Actress, A Life of Sin 31 December 2013
8. Roberto Ciotti Roberto Ciotti Composer, Turné 31 December 2013
9. Irina Korschunow Irina Korschunow Writer, Der Führerschein 31 December 2013
10. Mario Garriba Mario Garriba Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Amarcord 31 December 2013
11. Wanda Kruszewska Wanda Kruszewska Actress, The Double Life of Veronique 31 December 2013
12. Omur Nagiyev Omur Nagiyev Actor, Biz qayidacagiq 31 December 2013
13. Puccio Corona Puccio Corona Self, Unomattina 31 December 2013
14. Charlie Hill Charlie Hill Self, Reel Injun 30 December 2013
15. Geoffrey Wheeler Geoffrey Wheeler Self, Call My Bluff 30 December 2013
16. Stephanie Daniel Stephanie Daniel Actress, The Castle 30 December 2013
17. Yuri Shvyryov Yuri Shvyryov Director, Ballada o Beringe i ego druzyakh 30 December 2013
18. Tito Mora Tito Mora Actor, El mago de los sueños 30 December 2013
19. Lakshmi Shankar Lakshmi Shankar Music Department, Gandhi 30 December 2013
20. Ewa Przybyl Ewa Przybyl Production Designer, Ale sie kreci! 30 December 2013
21. Gene Stavis Gene Stavis Producer, The Men Who Made the Movies: Alfred Hitchcock 30 December 2013
22. Eero Mäntyranta Eero Mäntyranta Self, Homesick (Although I No Longer Know Where Home Is) 30 December 2013
23. Eiichi Ohtaki Eiichi Ohtaki Soundtrack, The Brothers Bloom 30 December 2013
24. Eva Zeidler Eva Zeidler Actress, The Monitor 30 December 2013
25. Sjoerd Huisman Sjoerd Huisman Self, Pauw & Witteman 30 December 2013
26. Rúnar Georgsson Rúnar Georgsson Actor, Djöflaeyjan 30 December 2013
27. John Dominis John Dominis Miscellaneous Crew, Herb & Dorothy 30 December 2013
28. Angel Rain Angel Rain Self, E.A. 2 29 December 2013
29. Wojciech Kilar Wojciech Kilar Composer, The Pianist 29 December 2013
30. Catherine Bégin Catherine Bégin Actress, Martyrs 29 December 2013
31. Andy Granatelli Andy Granatelli Actor, The Love Bug 29 December 2013
32. Kay Mander Kay Mander Miscellaneous Crew, From Russia with Love Kay Mander was born in Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire. Her father was an accountant and bookkeeper. She spend part of her childhood in France and Germany, where her father was employed by an international company. In 1935, Mander was hired as a secretary for the International Film Congress, which took place in Berlin... 29 December 2013
33. Eugenia Avendaño Eugenia Avendaño Actress, La mentira 29 December 2013
34. Connie Dierking Connie Dierking Self, ESPN SportsCentury 29 December 2013
35. Pearl Hay Pearl Hay Actress, The Warning 29 December 2013
36. John Buell John Buell Writer, The Pyx 29 December 2013
37. Benjamin Curtis Benjamin Curtis Music Department, Across the Universe 29 December 2013
38. Paul J. Sally Jr. Paul J. Sally Jr. 29 December 2013
39. Doug Getts Doug Getts Miscellaneous Crew, Skating Romance II 29 December 2013
40. Vladimir Andreyev Vladimir Andreyev Actor, Ostrov yunosti 29 December 2013
41. Joseph Ruskin Joseph Ruskin Actor, Smokin' Aces 28 December 2013
42. Sheila Guyse Sheila Guyse Actress, Sepia Cinderella Beautiful multi-talented Sheila Guyse was a popular, well-loved figure on the stage and screen of the Dorothy Dandridge era. Some critics even felt she was a better actress than Dandridge, some said if Sheila ever decided to go to Hollywood, she would give her a run for her money. She appeared in three independent black films... 28 December 2013
43. George Jacobs George Jacobs Self, Like Father, Like Son 28 December 2013
44. Esther Borja Esther Borja Actress, Adiós Buenos Aires 28 December 2013
45. Margrit Kennedy Margrit Kennedy Self, Komissaari 28 December 2013
46. Dwayne Burno Dwayne Burno Music Department, Ed's Next Move 28 December 2013
47. Halton C. Arp Halton C. Arp Self, The Universe: Cosmology Quest 28 December 2013
48. Farooq Shaikh Farooq Shaikh Actor, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Farooq Sheikh was an Indian actor, philanthropist and a television presenter. He was known for his work in Hindi films from 1977 to 1989. He returned to acting in films in 2008. His major contribution was in Parallel Cinema or the New Indian Cinema. He's acted in serials and shows on television and has performed on stage in famous productions like Tumhari Amrita... 27 December 2013
49. Lizanne Truex Lizanne Truex Actress, Oklahoma! 27 December 2013
50. Elvira Quintillá Elvira Quintillá Actress, Escuela de maridos 27 December 2013
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