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1. Rin Tin Tin Rin Tin Tin Actor, Clash of the Wolves The first 'Rin Tin Tin', who along with his heirs starred in numerous films and television series, was discovered during World War I, September 15, 1918, by US Air Corporal Lee Duncan and his battalion in Lorraine, France. At a bombed out dog kennel, Duncan found a mother Shepherd Dog and her scrawny litter of five pups...
2. William Holden William Holden Actor, Weary River Character actor in late silent and early sound films. Not to be confused with the leading man 'William Holden'.
3. Peg Entwistle Peg Entwistle Actress, Thirteen Women Peg Entwistle's birth certificate states she was born Millicent Lilian Entwistle on (Wednesday) February 5th, 1908, in Port Talbot, Wales. Her parents, Robert and Emily Entwistle, were English and actually lived in West Kensington, just outside of London (they had been visiting Emily's family in Port Talbot at the time of her birth)...
4. Logan Paul Logan Paul Actor, The Counterfeiter's Plot
5. Paul Bern Paul Bern Writer, The Beloved Rogue Paul Bern is undoubtedly more famous today for being found shot to death in his bathroom barely 2 months after his marriage to proto-sex symbol Jean Harlow in 1932. Born in Hamburg, Germany as Paul Levy, he came to the United States with his family as a child. His mother committed suicide in the fall of 1920...
6. Edgar Wallace Edgar Wallace Writer, King Kong
7. Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. Miscellaneous Crew, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ Florenz Ziegfeld was one of the greatest Broadway impresarios of all time. His greatest productions were the annual Ziegfeld Follies, running from 1907 up to the early 30s. A few of his other successful musical stage productions like "Sally" with Marilyn Miller were made into film musicals in the early talkie-era.
8. Fanny Midgley Fanny Midgley Actress, The Young Rajah
9. John Philip Sousa John Philip Sousa Soundtrack, The Wolf of Wall Street
10. Belle Bennett Belle Bennett Actress, The Iron Mask
11. Margaret Brown Margaret Brown Uncategorised Margaret Tobin was born on 18 July, 1867, the daughter of Irish immigrants John and Johanna Tobin. Her father had been widowed with one daughter and her mother was widowed with one daughter also. They had 4 more children including Margaret and raised their six children in Hannibal, Missouri. Margaret worked stripping tobacco leaves as a young girl...
12. Evelyn Preer Evelyn Preer Actress, Within Our Gates Born in Vicksburg, Mississippi, pioneering black actress Evelyn Preer was educated in Chicago, where she and her mother moved after the death of her father. She entered show business vis vaudeville and the "chitlin' circuit" of minstrel shows that served the country's strictly segregated black communities at the turn of the century...
13. Pierre Batcheff Pierre Batcheff Actor, Un Chien Andalou
14. Albert Gran Albert Gran Actor, 7th Heaven
15. Josephine Crowell Josephine Crowell Actress, The Birth of a Nation Josephine Crowell was a Canadian-born character actress. She appeared in vaudeville as early as 1879. On screen, she is best remembered for her dramatic portrayal of the mother in D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation, her comedic performances in Harold Lloyd's Speedy and Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy's Wrong Again...
16. Guy Oliver Guy Oliver Actor, The Raven
17. Rose Wood Rose Wood Actress, Sylvia on a Spree
18. Kenneth Grahame Kenneth Grahame Writer, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad Kenneth Grahame was born on 8 March 1859 and was orphaned by the time he was five years old. He went to live with his grandmother in Cookham Dene, Berkshire. He attended St. Edward's School there, and at the age of 17 began working as a clerk for the Bank of England. He stayed on, was promoted several times...
19. Charles Lindbergh Jr. Charles Lindbergh Jr. Uncategorised
20. Joseph Jackson Joseph Jackson Writer, One Way Passage
21. Norman McKinnel Norman McKinnel Actor, When Boys Leave Home
22. Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson Actor, Forbidden
23. J. Meade Falkner J. Meade Falkner Writer, Moonfleet
24. Walter Noble Burns Walter Noble Burns Writer, Billy the Kid
25. Alexander Grin Alexander Grin Writer, Mister Designer
26. Frank Ware Frank Ware Editor, 42nd Street
27. Chauncey Olcott Chauncey Olcott Soundtrack, Return to Me
28. Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance Actor, The Silent Enemy Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance was born Sylvester Clark Long in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He was the son of Joseph S. Long. Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance's career started when he was employed by a wild west show, whose owner mistook him for native American. It being the 1920's, he knew that the...
29. Norman Forbes Norman Forbes Actor, The Real Thing at Last
30. Bill Pickett Bill Pickett Actor, The Bull-Dogger
31. Will Walling Will Walling Actor, The Iron Horse
32. Charles Gabriel Charles Gabriel Soundtrack, Django Unchained Hymn-composer, author and conductor Charles H. Gabriel, Sr. was educated in the public schools of Wilton, Iowa. In San Francisco, California he conducted church choirs, and later he compiled hymnals for publishing companies. He joined ASCAP in 1940, and his sacred-music compositions include "Awakening Chorus"...
33. William Freeman William Freeman Actor, A Bad Man and Others William Freeman was a unknown American character actor, handsome dark-haired performer who began on comedy and drama theatre from the early 1900s, later appearing in drama and action films, first working under the direction of D.W. Griffith from around the mid 1910s, followed by the Majestic Film Company's 'Minerva's Mission' with Dorothy Gish in 1915...
34. Tom Wood Tom Wood Actor, The Old Homestead
35. Charles Fort Charles Fort Thanks, Magnolia
36. Lytton Strachey Lytton Strachey Writer, Gloriana
37. Gustav Botz Gustav Botz Actor, Nosferatu
38. Mortimer Wilson Mortimer Wilson Composer, The Black Pirate
39. Carl Goetz Carl Goetz Actor, Pandora's Box
40. Roy Wilson Roy Wilson Actor, Hell's Angels
41. Otto Matieson Otto Matieson Actor, The Maltese Falcon
42. Benjamin B. Hampton Benjamin B. Hampton Producer, Golden Dreams
43. Louis Mercanton Louis Mercanton Director, La petite bonne du palace
44. George MacFarlane George MacFarlane Actor, Half Shot at Sunrise
45. Jose Corazon de Jesus Jose Corazon de Jesus Writer, Arista ang aking asawa
46. Earle Rodney Earle Rodney Writer, The Road to Hollywood
47. Minnie Maddern Fiske Minnie Maddern Fiske Actress, Vanity Fair
48. Louis John Bartels Louis John Bartels Actor, The Florodora Girl
49. Bhagwati Prasad Mishra Bhagwati Prasad Mishra Director, Draupadi
50. Franz Porten Franz Porten Director, Der Trompeter von Säckingen
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