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1. Jeanne Eagels Jeanne Eagels Actress, The Letter Jeanne Eagels, one of the most intriguing stars of late silent films and the early talkies, was born Amelia Jean Eagles on June 26, 1890 in Kansas City, Missouri, to Edward and Julia Sullivan Eagles. Young Jean was part of an impoverished family of eight, with three brothers and two sisters. She likely stopped going to school when she was 11 years old...
2. Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp Actor, The Half-Breed Wyatt Earp was a lawman, gambler, businessman, saloon owner and gunfighter of great repute in the American West. He had been a police officer in Wichita, KS, and later in Dodge City, KS, during the mid-1870s, after which he became a shotgun rider with Wells Fargo. In Tombstone, AZ, in the wake of a stagecoach robbery...
3. Paul Leni Paul Leni Art Director, Waxworks
4. Dustin Farnum Dustin Farnum Actor, The Squaw Man American leading man of silent pictures who specialized in Westerns. His mother and father were, respectively, a singer and an actor, and he and his younger brother William Farnum were introduced to the theatre at an early age. Raised in Maine, Dustin attended the East Maine Conference Seminary, but left school to go on the stage at the age of fifteen...
5. Lily Langtry Lily Langtry Actress, His Neighbor's Wife
6. Segundo de Chomón Segundo de Chomón Director, The House of Ghosts Segundo de Chomón became involved in film through his wife, who was an actress in Pathé films. In 1902 he became a concessionary for Pathé in Barcelona, distributing its product in Spanish-speaking countries and managing a factory for the coloring of Pathé films. He began shooting footage of Spanish locations for the company...
7. Leo D. Maloney Leo D. Maloney Actor, The Devil's Twin Actor/producer/director Leo Maloney was owner of the Leo Maloney Studio located in the San Bernardino Mountains of southern California. Several early westerns were filmed at the studio, which overlooked orange groves and included a small city that housed 35 people who lived there year-round. The last film he directed and produced...
8. Marc McDermott Marc McDermott Actor, A Christmas Carol Marc McDermott was born Marcus McDermott in Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia, on July 24, 1881. His father Patrick McDermott and mother Annie Massey McDermott were born in Ireland, and Marc later became an English citizen when he moved to London. His older brother Patrick was born in Ireland, and his younger sister May...
9. Stanton Williams Stanton Williams Actor, A Woman Who Understood
10. Helen Woodford Ruth Helen Woodford Ruth
11. Gladys Brockwell Gladys Brockwell Actress, 7th Heaven The daughter of actress Billie Brockwell, Brockwell first appeared on the stage at the age of three. She made her screen debut in Philadelphia for the Lubin Company in 1913, later working with D.W. Griffith. Joining Fox Studios, Brockwell was one of the busiest actresses in town and easily made the transition to sound films...
12. Ted Wilde Ted Wilde Director, The Kid Brother
13. Albert Steinrück Albert Steinrück Actor, The Golem
14. Strongheart the Dog Strongheart the Dog Actor, The Return of Boston Blackie Strongheart, the German shepherd who was a canine superstar of American cinema, was born and raised in Imperial Germany, where he was trained to be a police dog and assigned to the German military during World War I. Called "Etzel von Oringer," the German shepherd was born on October 1, 1917, descended from a carefully bred line...
15. Frank Keenan Frank Keenan Actor, The Coward Frank was considered a "furniture actor" on stage. While on stage he was so often drunk that he had to lean on or hold onto furniture to keep from falling down. Known through the country for his stage work, he was ranked as one of the foremost stage artists prior to moving to Hollywood. Keenan's first wife of forty-four years...
16. William Russell William Russell Actor, Robin Hood Silent-film star William Russell was born in the Bronx, New York, in the late 1880s (various sources give it as 1884, 1886 and 1889). His mother, Clara, was a highly regarded stage actress. Russell studied law at Fordham University (and, some sources say, Harvard University). He started a law practice in Pittsburgh...
17. Marcel Perez Marcel Perez Actor, The Extraordinary Adventures of Saturnino Farandola
18. Norman Trevor Norman Trevor Actor, Dancing Mothers
19. Casson Ferguson Casson Ferguson Actor, Cobra
20. Mae Costello Mae Costello Actress, The Joys of a Jealous Wife
21. Vladimir Fogel Vladimir Fogel Actor, Shakhmatnaya goryachka
22. William Hauber William Hauber Actor, The Wizard of Oz
23. Raymond Hitchcock Raymond Hitchcock Actor, The Tired Business Man
24. Pal the Dog Pal the Dog Actor, That Oriental Game Pal the Dog was a very intelligent Rough Collie dog who began his movie career at the age four when he was teamed up with actor Wallace Reid. He would go on to become a favorite of young movie goers throughout the country for almost a decade. Pal died at the age of fourteen in Hollywood.
25. Amanda Lund Amanda Lund Actress, The Mysterious X
26. Alice Washburn Alice Washburn Actress, The Two Flats
27. Charles Swickard Charles Swickard Director, Hell's Hinges
28. Charles A. Stevenson Charles A. Stevenson Actor, Shore Acres
29. Dan Mason Dan Mason Actor, The Janitor's Flirtation
30. Edward Gallagher Edward Gallagher Actor, Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean
31. Hardee Kirkland Hardee Kirkland Director, The Post-Impressionists
32. Robert Finlay Robert Finlay Actor, The Winning Punch
33. Lydia Yeamans Titus Lydia Yeamans Titus Actress, The Rag Man
34. Stanley Forde Stanley Forde Actor, The Great White Way
35. Fred DeSilva Fred DeSilva Actor, His Wooden Wedding
36. Hans Werckmeister Hans Werckmeister Director, Power
37. Monte Collins Monte Collins Actor, Our Hospitality
38. Sergei Diaghilev Sergei Diaghilev Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev was born on March 19, 1872, into a wealthy noble family in Novgorod, Russia. His father, named Pavel Diaghilev, was a distinguished General to the Russian Tsar Nicholas II. His mother died at his birth. Young Sergei Diaghilev grew up in a highly cultured environment. He studied piano and singing from the early age...
39. Thomas Holding Thomas Holding Actor, The Three Musketeers Thomas Holding was born in Greenwich, Kent, England in 1878. Having finished his education at Rugby, he went onto the stage under the management of Charles Hawtrey with whom he appeared in many London productions (he was 14 years on the London stage playing with distinguished Shakespearean actors such as Sir Herbert Tree...
40. Edwin Middleton Edwin Middleton Director, Pool Sharks
41. William Norris William Norris Actor, The Love Piker
42. Shep Camp Shep Camp Actor, Hampton Court Palace
43. Albert Tavernier Albert Tavernier Actor, The Man from Beyond
44. Orral Humphrey Orral Humphrey Actor, Twenty Minutes in Magic
45. James Corrigan James Corrigan Actor, Divorce
46. Blind Lemon Jefferson Blind Lemon Jefferson Soundtrack, Lore Blues legend Blind Lemon Jefferson has been called the most influential bluesman in the history of blues singers. While his recording career was prolific but short--almost 100 titles from 1926-29--he became arguably the most popular blues singer in black America. Born in Couchman, TX, in 1897, he was one of seven children...
47. Marietta Millner Marietta Millner Actress, We're All Gamblers
48. Lightning the Dog Lightning the Dog Actor, The Lure of the Wild
49. Frederick Truesdell Frederick Truesdell Actor, The Sons of a Soldier
50. Heinrich Zille Heinrich Zille Writer, Mother Küsters Goes to Heaven
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