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1. George Nichols George Nichols Actor, In the Clutches of the Gang
2. Gaston Leroux Gaston Leroux Writer, The Phantom of the Opera A native of Paris, France, a poet, journalist and novelist, Gaston Leroux is known for his many creative horror stories, including "Rouilable", "The Haunted Chair" and "The Wax Mask", but is probably best known for his work "The Phantom of the Opera", which became Leroux's prize possession. He wrote...
3. Isadora Duncan Isadora Duncan Writer, Isadora Isadora Duncan was an American dancer and innovative educator known for interdisciplinary and cross-cultural projects, and a hectic marriage to the famous Russian poet Sergei Esenin. She was born Isador 'Dora' Angela Duncan on May 26, 1877, in San Francisco, California. Her father, Joseph Duncan...
4. Sam Warner Sam Warner Director, A Dangerous Adventure Sam Warner could rightly be called "The Father of Talking Pictures". Of the four Warner brothers, Sam was the most in favor of using synchronized sound with movies. He was the driving force behind the studio's partnership with Western Electric to create Vitaphone. At first, he only wanted to use Vitaphone to provide music and sound effects...
5. Gregory Kelly Gregory Kelly Actor, The Show Off
6. Lynn Reynolds Lynn Reynolds Director, Sky High Former newspaper reporter in Iowa, Reynolds played in several films for the Burton King Company before joining Universal as a writer/director. Reynolds shot himself, in front of guests, following an argument with his wife, actress Kathleen O'Connor, during a welcome home party being held in his honor following an on location movie shoot...
7. Ryûnosuke Akutagawa Ryûnosuke Akutagawa Writer, Rashomon
8. June Mathis June Mathis Writer, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ June Mathis was born June Beulah Hughes in 1887 in Leadville, Colorado. Her father died at a young age and her mother married William Mathis. She grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, which she would proudly consider her hometown for the rest of her life. At the age of 13 she pursued a career in vaudeville...
9. Ray Raymond Ray Raymond Actor, The Mystery of the Silent Death Ray Raymond starred in musicals in the 20's and did some early films. He was mostly known for musical comedy, touring the country. Ray Raymond died following a fist fight with another actor, Paul Kelly. The two men fought over Ray's wife, Dorothy Mackaye. Dorothy was convicted of concealing evidence and served 10 months; Paul Kelly was found guilty of manslaughter and served 2 years.
10. Marcus Loew Marcus Loew Producer, The Saphead His film resume belies the fact that he was the most important man in motion pictures at the time of his death. Born as Max Loew in New York City to a poverty-stricken Viennese waiter, his life could've easily gone the the way of many boys of the east side slums, except that he was hyper-enterprising...
11. Katherine Corri Harris Katherine Corri Harris Actress, The House of Mirth
12. Béla Szenes Béla Szenes Miscellaneous Crew, Az okos mama
13. Kate Toncray Kate Toncray Actress, Little Miss Make-Believe
14. James Oliver Curwood James Oliver Curwood Writer, The Bear
15. Hughie Mack Hughie Mack Actor, How Fatty Made Good
16. Johnny Ray Johnny Ray Actor, A Bathtub Marriage
17. Tom Nesbitt Tom Nesbitt Actor, The Last Witness As a prominent young stage actor of his era, Tom Nesbitt appeared frequently in England as well as touring the U.S. with Margaret Lawrence, Katherine Cornell, Ruth Chatterton, etc. He married actress Mignon O'Doherty in London, England, which was his permanent address. They had two children: Prudence Nesbitt (Chapman) and Thomas Hunter Michael Nesbitt...
18. Theodore Westman Jr. Theodore Westman Jr. Actor, The Flapper
19. Kay Laurel Kay Laurel Actress, The Brand
20. Earle Williams Earle Williams Actor, The Scarlet Runner
21. Romaine Fielding Romaine Fielding Actor, The Rattlesnake
22. Ernest Ball Ernest Ball Soundtrack, Flyboys Composer of familiar Irish songs ("When Irish Eyes are Smiling", "Mother Machree", "A Little Bit of Heaven") and pianist, educated at the Cleveland Conservatory. He was a staff composer for a music publishing company from 1907 to 1927, and a vaudeville pianist throughout the USA. He joined ASCAP as a charter member in 1914...
23. Eagle Eye Eagle Eye Actor, The Joke on Howling Wolf
24. William J. Butler William J. Butler Actor, Dan the Dandy
25. Paul Davidson Paul Davidson Producer, The Golem Davidson worked in the garment trade before founding the Allgemeine Kinematographen-Theater Gesellschaft, Union-Theater für lebende und Tonbilder G.m.B.H. (A.K.T.G.) in Frankfurt am Main on 21 March 1906 and opening a cinema, the Union-Theater (U.T.), in Mannheim, Germany, in June the same year. Three years later on 4 September 1909...
26. Robert McKim Robert McKim Actor, The Mark of Zorro Married to actresses Dorcas Matthews and Ottie Ardine, George got his start at 14 years of age, as a singing and dancing waiter in Chicago. McKim began a long career on the stage with the Alcazar stock company in San Francisco. In vaudeville, he teamed for many years with Johnny Cantwell. He later worked...
27. Virginia Chester Virginia Chester Actress, The Yaqui Girl Virginia Evelyn Chester was born August 27, 1896 in San Francisco to Louis Chester and Kathleen (Kate) Judge. Her film debut was in "The Yaqui Girl" (1910), for Pathe Films. She was a leading lady with the Bison-101 Ranch Company and with Universal Pictures. Other film credits included "The Frenzy of Firewater" (1912)...
28. Charles Emmett Mack Charles Emmett Mack Actor, A Woman of the World
29. Lizzie Andrew Borden Lizzie Andrew Borden Writer, Dance Theatre of Harlem: Fall River Legend Lizzie Borden has mystified and fascinated crime buffs for over a century. Few cases in American history have attracted as much attention as the hatchet murders and the unlikely defendant: a church-going, respectable "spinster" daughter charged with parricide, a crime worthy of Classical Greek tragedy...
30. Red Thompson Red Thompson Stunts, The Trail of '98
31. Rudolf Del Zopp Rudolf Del Zopp Director, Der Dornenweg
32. Roi Cooper Megrue Roi Cooper Megrue Writer, The Bachelor
33. Alexander Kolowrat Alexander Kolowrat Producer, Pampulik hat Hunger
34. Diana Miller Diana Miller Actress, The Rainbow Trail
35. Venie Atherton Venie Atherton Actress, Jane Eyre
36. Julia Hurley Julia Hurley Actress, Mother
37. Albert Price Albert Price Actor, Noedebo Vicarage
38. Leo Friedman Leo Friedman Soundtrack, Out of Sight Composer and songwriter ("Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland", "Let Me Call You Sweetheart"), educated with Emil Liebling in Chicago and at the Berlin Conservatory with Yetlitzky. Joining ASCAP in 1939, his chief musical collaborator was Beth Slater Whitson. His other popular-song compositions include "When I Dream of Old Erin"...
39. Harald Sohlman Harald Sohlman Actor, Hon fick platsen
40. Arnold Daly Arnold Daly Actor, The Exploits of Elaine
41. Tom Lewis Tom Lewis Actor, Steamboat Bill, Jr.
42. Arthur Bourchier Arthur Bourchier Actor, The Great Day
43. John Luther Long John Luther Long Writer, Harakiri
44. Travers Vale Travers Vale Director, Betsy Ross
45. Waltraut Runze Waltraut Runze Actress, Liane, Jungle Goddess
46. August Kitzberg August Kitzberg Writer, Libahunt
47. O'Kane Conwell O'Kane Conwell Costume Designer, Virtuous Wives
48. Joseph Harker Joseph Harker Set Decorator, Henry VIII
49. William K. Ziegfeld William K. Ziegfeld Producer, The Black Panther's Cub
50. Rube Miller Rube Miller Actor, Rube's Hotel Tangle
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