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1. Rudolph Valentino Rudolph Valentino Actor, The Son of the Sheik Hollywood's original Latin Lover, a term that was invented for Rudolph Valentino by Hollywood moguls. Alla Nazimova's friend,Natacha Rambova (nee Winifred Hudnut) became romantically involved with Rudy and they lived together in her bungalow, from 1921 (during the filming of Camille) until they eloped to Mexico 13 May...
2. Barbara La Marr Barbara La Marr Actress, The White Moth Reatha Watson (Barbara La Marr) is most famous as one of the first drug-related deaths in Hollywood, but she is notable for many other reasons. Born in Yakima, Washington, her parents moved to the Imperial Valley in California, where Reatha began her explorations of Los Angeles as a teenager. After...
3. Harry Houdini Harry Houdini Actor, Haldane of the Secret Service The great American escape artist and magician Houdini (immortalized by a memorable performance by Tony Curtis in the eponymous 1953 film) was born Erich Weiss on March 24, 1874 in Budapest, Hungary, though he often gave his birthplace as Appleton, Wisconsin, where he was raised. One of five brothers and one daughter born to rabbi Samuel Weiss and his wife Cecilia...
4. Billy Quirk Billy Quirk Actor, Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages
5. Charles Avery Charles Avery Actor, Across the Alley
6. Florence Saunders Florence Saunders Actress, The Wandering Jew
7. Tom Forman Tom Forman Actor, The Doom of Duty
8. Eddie Lyons Eddie Lyons Actor, Heart Trouble
9. Annie Oakley Annie Oakley Self, Actors' Fund Field Day
10. Joe Moore Joe Moore Actor, Love's Battle Brother of actress 'Mary Moore (I).
11. Claude Monet Claude Monet Art Department, The Thomas Crown Affair Oscar-Claude Monet was born on November 14, 1840, in Paris, France. His father, named Adolphe Monet, was a grocer. His mother, named Louise-Justine Monet, was a singer. Young Monet grew up in Le Havre, Normandy. There he developed a reputation for the caricatures he loved to draw. He studied drawing with Jean-Francois Ochard...
12. Matsunosuke Onoe Matsunosuke Onoe Actor, Gôketsu Jiraiya As a young actor in a small traveling Kabuki group, he was discovered by Makino Shozo and made his debut as the main character in Goban Tadanobu in 1909. Later he acted in parts both as a hero and kyokyaku (a professional gambler in the Edo period, often romanticized as a chivalrous 'Robin Hood' figure) one after another...
13. Victory Bateman Victory Bateman Actress, Psychology of Fear
14. Robert Lincoln Robert Lincoln Self, Prince Henry (of Prussia) at Lincoln's Monument, Chicago, Ill.
15. Arthur Albertson Arthur Albertson Actor, The Mysterious Double Born in Waycross, Georgia. Stage and silent screen actor in handsome leading man roles. Navy veteran. Albertson was active on Broadway from 1919-26, appearing in 6 productions. Committed suicide in New York City on October 26, 1926, by drinking Lysol after the close of a stage show in Chicago. He was married to actress Esther Howard...
16. Willard Louis Willard Louis Actor, Robin Hood
17. Jacob P. Adler Jacob P. Adler Actor, Michael Strogoff Jacob Adler, the legendary 'Great Eagle' ('adler' is the German word for eagle) of the Yiddish theater, was one of the great American stage actors, ranking with Edwin Booth, John Barrymore and Marlon Brando. Adler also is famous as the patriarch of an acting dynasty that stretched over 100 years from...
18. Jean Stuart Jean Stuart Actress, Strife
19. Rainer Maria Rilke Rainer Maria Rilke Writer, Poem: I Set My Foot Upon the Air and It Carried Me Rainer Maria Rilke was born in Prague on the 4th of December 1878 as the son of a military man working with railroads. After he visited a military Upper School he tried to avoid the army and did the preparations for the final exams and the final exams in private. He went to university to study literature and art...
20. Hugh Fay Hugh Fay Actor, A Hash House Fraud
21. John Fairbanks John Fairbanks Miscellaneous Crew, Wild and Woolly
22. Alva Garbo Alva Garbo Actress, En lyckoriddare
23. Carrie Clark Ward Carrie Clark Ward Actress, The Eagle
24. Harold M. Shaw Harold M. Shaw Director, The Land Beyond the Sunset
25. Israel Zangwill Israel Zangwill Writer, The Verdict
26. Maggie Weston Maggie Weston Actress, Regeneration
27. Kisaburô Kurihara Kisaburô Kurihara Actor, Zoku Amateur Club
28. Queen Margherita Queen Margherita Self, Queen Margherita of Italy in Oberammergau
29. Edwin B. Tilton Edwin B. Tilton Actor, Hearts United
30. Arthur Mackley Arthur Mackley Actor, The Call of the Plains
31. Herbert Booth Herbert Booth Director, Social Salvation
32. Émile Keppens Émile Keppens Actor, Le mystère des roches de Kador
33. Karl Victor Plagge Karl Victor Plagge Actor, Karlchen in der Sommerfrische
34. Eugene V. Debs Eugene V. Debs
35. Queen Olga Queen Olga Self, Pathé's Weekly, No. 20
36. J. Herbert Frank J. Herbert Frank Actor, Destruction
37. Lucy Kieselhausen Lucy Kieselhausen Actress, Tausend und eine Frau. Aus dem Tagebuch eines Junggesellen
38. Edwin A. Abbott Edwin A. Abbott Writer, Flatland
39. Louis H. Chrispijn Louis H. Chrispijn Director, Weergevonden
40. Jean Richepin Jean Richepin Writer, Mères françaises
41. Fritz Schade Fritz Schade Actor, Laughing Gas
42. Sarah Duhamel Sarah Duhamel Actress, Rosalie et Léontine vont au théâtre
43. Edouard Durand Edouard Durand Actor, Hidden Wealth
44. Clara Knott Clara Knott Actress, Old Lady 31
45. Mari Jászai Mari Jászai Actress, The Undesirable
46. Sara Alexander Sara Alexander Actress, The Glorious Adventure
47. Tranquillo Bianco Tranquillo Bianco Actor, La gelosia
48. Gordon Sackville Gordon Sackville Actor, John, the Wagoner
49. Luther Burbank Luther Burbank Self, Industries of the South and West
50. Harry Griffith Harry Griffith Actor, Shoes
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