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1. Martha Mansfield Martha Mansfield Actress, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Stunning silent screen actress Martha Mansfield was a musical comedy star in New York City by the time she entered films in 1916 for Max Linder. Before long she advanced to second leads in features, including the role of Millicent Carew in the John Barrymore starrer Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which to this day remains her best known...
2. Wallace Reid Wallace Reid Actor, The Birth of a Nation The son of writer-theater producer-director-actor Hal Reid, Wallace was on stage by the age of four in the act with his parents. He spent most of his early years, not on the stage, but in private schools where he excelled in music and athletics. In 1910, his father went to the Chicago studio of "Selig Polyscope Company" and Wallace decided that he wanted to be a cameraman...
3. Sarah Bernhardt Sarah Bernhardt Actress, Adrienne Lecouvreur This celebrated star of the French stage had a sporadic love-hate affair with early cinema. After her film debut in Le duel d'Hamlet she declared she detested the medium; yet she consented to appear in another film, La Tosca. Upon seeing the results, she reportedly recoiled in horror, demanding that the negative be destroyed...
4. Joe Roberts Joe Roberts Actor, Our Hospitality
5. Pancho Villa Pancho Villa Producer, Life of Villa Francisco "Pancho" Villa was born Doroteo Arango to rural peasant parents in San Juan del Rio, Mexico, on June 5, 1878. He later took several aliases, the most popular and well-known being "Pancho Villa". Raised in poverty in Durango, he turned to cattle rustling and robbery as a young man. The turning point in his life...
6. Charles Kent Charles Kent Actor, Twelfth Night After a distinguished career of more than 30 years on stage, Charles Kent entered the film industry in its earliest stages--his debut, as far as is known, was in 1908 in Macbeth). He was not only an actor but a director, and guided many upper-echelon films for Vitagraph, often starring in them...
7. Warren G. Harding Warren G. Harding Self, Redskins Pay Tribute to Big Chief Harding
8. Charles Hawtrey Charles Hawtrey Actor, A Message from Mars
9. Herbert Standing Herbert Standing Actor, Stella Maris
10. James D. Ruffin James D. Ruffin Actor, Within Our Gates
11. Frederick Treves Frederick Treves Writer, The Elephant Man Frederick Treves was a famous pioneer in abdominal surgery. Today he is mostly remembered as the physician to the Elephant Man. On May 4, 1901, Treves was knighted by King Edward VII on whom he had performed an appendicectomy.
12. Siegmund Lubin Siegmund Lubin Producer, The Great Train Robbery
13. F.A. Turner F.A. Turner Actor, Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages
14. Beatrice DeMille Beatrice DeMille Writer, Castles for Two
15. Harry Wulze Harry Wulze Writer, The Movie Queen
16. Anna Townsend Anna Townsend Actress, Grandma's Boy
17. Ernest C. Warde Ernest C. Warde Director, King Lear
18. Katherine Mansfield Katherine Mansfield Writer, The Garden Party
19. Frank Goodenough Bayly Frank Goodenough Bayly Director, The Lifeguardsman
20. Elisabeth Christensen Elisabeth Christensen Actress, Häxan
21. Raymond B. West Raymond B. West Director, Civilization
22. Allen Holubar Allen Holubar Actor, The Health Road Born in San Francisco's Castro District, Allen Holubar was the first of five children of Constantin Josef Holubar and Margaret Allen C. Holubar, who immigrated from Bohemia in 1875 and married Margaret, a Scots woman, in San Francisco (Allen was born at 44 Caselli Ave. in a house that still stands)...
23. Harry Lonsdale Harry Lonsdale Actor, The Shepherd of the Hills
24. Jaroslav Hasek Jaroslav Hasek Writer, The Good Soldier Schweik
25. Francis Byrne Francis Byrne Actor, Rose-France
26. Meggie Albanesi Meggie Albanesi Actress, The House Surrounded
27. Pino Conti Pino Conti Actor, The Old Curiosity Shop
28. Virginia Westbrook Virginia Westbrook Actress, The Madcap of the Hills
29. Kate Douglas Wiggin Kate Douglas Wiggin Writer, Mother Carey's Chickens
30. Ernst August Duke of Cumberland Ernst August Duke of Cumberland
31. Louis Couperus Louis Couperus Writer, Eline Vere Dutch novelist Louis Couperus was born in The Hague in 1863. His father was an official in the Dutch government, and when Louis was ten years old his father was appointed to a position in Java, Indonesia (then a Dutch colony known as the Dutch East Indies), and the family moved there. They were there for five years when his father suddenly died...
32. Betzy Kofoed Betzy Kofoed Actress, The Folly of Sin
33. Harry Braham Harry Braham Actor, Suppressed Evidence
34. Frank Hayes Frank Hayes Actor, Fatty and Mabel Adrift
35. Kate Jepson Kate Jepson Actress, The Education of Mr. Pipp
36. Guido Herzfeld Guido Herzfeld Actor, Theophrastus Paracelsus
37. Paddy McGuire Paddy McGuire Actor, Lost, Strayed or Stolen Irish comic actor Paddy McGuire born in 1884, became a star in American musical comedy theatre and burlesque from the mid 1900's. A Great comic character who was best remembered in many of Charlie Chaplin's short movies in 1915-16, such as 'The Champion' 'The Tramp' and 'Shanghaied' and many more, followed...
38. Mac Barnes Mac Barnes Actor, The Empty Studio
39. Jim Burris Jim Burris Actor, The Symbol of the Unconquered
40. Elwin Neame Elwin Neame Director, Mifanwy: A Tragedy Elwin Neame was one of the leading photographers of his generation. He ran Elwin Neame Ltd. in Wimbledon with his brother William. He married the popular actress Ivy Close in 1910, who bore him two sons, Ronald Neame and Derek Neame. Elwin directed four films (scripting two of them). His remarkable dynasty has endured into a fourth generation...
41. Harry De Vere Harry De Vere Actor, The Journey's End
42. Jean Signoret Jean Signoret Actor, L'innocent
43. Fred Goodwins Fred Goodwins Actor, The Impossible Man
44. Macey Harlam Macey Harlam Actor, The Habit of Happiness
45. Wells Hastings Wells Hastings Writer, Little Miss Rebellion
46. Ethel Lloyd Ethel Lloyd Actress, Hearts and Diamonds
47. Louis Burstein Louis Burstein Producer, One Too Many
48. Raymond Radiguet Raymond Radiguet Writer, Devil in the Flesh
49. Sarah McVicker Sarah McVicker Actress, Tillie's Tomato Surprise
50. Evelyn Nelson Evelyn Nelson Actress, The Forbidden Trail
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