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1. Rennold Wolf Rennold Wolf Writer, The Beauty Shop 2 January 1922
2. Søren Nielsen Søren Nielsen Director, Kærlighed ved Hoffet 2 January 1922
3. Ernest Shackleton Ernest Shackleton Self, South 5 January 1922
4. John T. Kelly John T. Kelly Actor, More Money Than Manners 5 January 1922
5. Charles Hannan Charles Hannan Writer, A Cigarette Maker's Romance 12 January 1922
6. John Kendrick Bangs John Kendrick Bangs Writer, Mrs. Upton's Device 21 January 1922
7. Phyllis Grey Phyllis Grey Actress, From the Deep 21 January 1922
8. Arthur Nikisch Arthur Nikisch Uncategorised 23 January 1922
9. Luigi Denza Luigi Denza Soundtrack, Despicable Me 2 26 January 1922
10. Genevieve Reynolds Genevieve Reynolds Actress, Little Miss Happiness 27 January 1922
11. Giovanni Verga Giovanni Verga Writer, Tigre reale 27 January 1922
12. E.J. Rath E.J. Rath Writer, Fast Life While watching a movie one snowy night in Washington, DC, journalist and author Chauncey Corey Brainerd and his wife Edith were killed when the flat roof of Crandall's Knickerbocker Theatre collapsed under the weight of over two feet of heavy snow. More than 200 other moviegoers and theater employees... 28 January 1922
13. J. Chauncey Brainerd J. Chauncey Brainerd Writer, Too Many Crooks While watching a movie one snowy night in Washington D. C., journalist and author Chauncey Corey Brainerd and his wife Edith, were both killed when the flat roof of Crandall's Knickerbocker Theatre collapsed under the weight of over two feet of heavy snow. That night the Great Knickerbocker Storm of 1922... 28 January 1922
14. William Desmond Taylor William Desmond Taylor Director, Johanna Enlists Born in Carlow, Ireland. Came to USA c. 1890. Worked as stage actor, engineer, antique dealer, gold miner. Entered silent film industry as actor in 1912; most noted film as actor was Captain Alvarez for Vitagraph. Directed first film for Balboa Films in 1914. Subsequently directed for American Film... 1 February 1922
15. Henri Pouctal Henri Pouctal Director, Camille 3 February 1922
16. Florence Deshon Florence Deshon Actress, The Roof Tree Florence Deshon born to Samuel and Florence C. Danks of Austrian and English descent. She began as a stage actress and appeared opposite Mary Boland in 'My Lady's Dress and in the comedy 'Seven Chances' prior to making her screen debut in 1915's 'The Beloved Vagabond' directed by Edward Jose for Pathe... 4 February 1922
17. Goro Kino Goro Kino Actor, Five Days to Live 4 February 1922
18. James W. Tate James W. Tate Actor, Nursie! Nursie! 5 February 1922
19. A. Béla Viragh-Flower A. Béla Viragh-Flower Art Director, Idle Hands 5 February 1922
20. Adelaide Ober Adelaide Ober Actress, Professor Optimo 8 February 1922
21. Robert Forsyth Robert Forsyth Actor, The Stolen Paradise 9 February 1922
22. Paul Mounet Paul Mounet Actor, The Return of Ulysses 10 February 1922
23. William E. Collins William E. Collins Cinematographer, The Truthful Liar 15 February 1922
24. C.B. Hoadley C.B. Hoadley Writer, Wildfire 18 February 1922
25. Bannister Merwin Bannister Merwin Writer, Branscombe's Pal 22 February 1922
26. Elizabeth Arians Elizabeth Arians Actress, The Cinderella Man 28 February 1922
27. Vicente Lleó Vicente Lleó Soundtrack, La corte de Faraón 28 February 1922
28. James M. Jarvis James M. Jarvis Self, Eighth Regiment, N.G.S.N.Y. March 1922
29. Mario Morais Mario Morais Director, I promessi sposi 1 March 1922
30. Henry Bataille Henry Bataille Writer, The Private Life of Don Juan 2 March 1922
31. Wilhelm Voigt Wilhelm Voigt Uncategorised 3 March 1922
32. Bert Williams Bert Williams Actor, A Natural Born Gambler One of the first black superstars of popular entertainment, Egbert Austin Williams, although born in the Bahamas, was raised largely in California. Nursing show business aspirations early on, he teamed with boyhood friend George Walker to form a highly successful vaudeville act, which continued until the ravages of syphilis brought about Walker's retirement and premature death in 1909... 4 March 1922
33. Max Rott Max Rott Actor, Maier zieht in den Krieg 4 March 1922
34. M.R. Morand M.R. Morand Actor, Les cloches de Corneville 5 March 1922
35. John Fleming Wilson John Fleming Wilson Writer, The Man Who Came Back 5 March 1922
36. Joseph R. Grismer Joseph R. Grismer Writer, Way Down East 5 March 1922
37. Carl Ludwig Schleich Carl Ludwig Schleich Director, Der Verführte 7 March 1922
38. Yevgeni Vakhtangov Yevgeni Vakhtangov Actor, Bread 27 March 1922
39. Hermann Seldeneck Hermann Seldeneck Actor, Das Tagebuch eines Toten April 1922
40. Agnes Castle Agnes Castle Writer, Sweet Kitty Bellairs April 1922
41. Gertrude Page Gertrude Page Writer, Paddy the Next Best Thing 1 April 1922
42. Emperor Karl Emperor Karl Uncategorised 1 April 1922
43. H.V. Esmond H.V. Esmond Writer, One Summer's Day 17 April 1922
44. James A. Furey James A. Furey Actor, The Sheriff of Willow Gulch James A. Furey was a 19th century musical comedy singer and stage manager at the famous New York Casino on Broadway. He played the Marquis in the Casino's original production of "Erminie". He also sang in all of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas produced there. When advancing years robbed him of his singing voice... 18 April 1922
45. Johnson Hatfield Johnson Hatfield Uncategorised 19 April 1922
46. Charles Arling Charles Arling Actor, Back to God's Country 21 April 1922
47. Frederic Van Rensselaer Dey Frederic Van Rensselaer Dey Writer, Three Keys 26 April 1922
48. Richard Croker Richard Croker Self, Dick Croker Leaving Tammany Hall 29 April 1922
49. Ugo Piperno Ugo Piperno Actor, Papà Lebonnard 4 May 1922
50. Maxwell Karger Maxwell Karger Producer, Hole in the Wall Karger was married to Ann Conley of the "Ann & Effie Conley Sisters" Vaudeville Act. He was one of the original founders and the general manager of Metro Pictures in New York before they moved to Hollywood and merged with Samuel Goldwyn and Louis B. Mayer to form MGM Pictures. His son Fred Karger was a composer and a vocal coach at Columbia Pictures... 5 May 1922
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