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1. William Desmond Taylor William Desmond Taylor Director, The Soul of Youth Born in Carlow, Ireland, William was the third child of British Army Major Deane-Tanner. Soon after, the family moved to Dublin. In his teens, he failed tests to enter the Army. Because of this, his father sent him to a reform school / working ranch in the American middle west. He later turned up in New York as an actor...
2. Lillian Russell Lillian Russell Actress, Wildfire
3. Michael Collins Michael Collins
4. Marcel Proust Marcel Proust Writer, The Captive Marcel Proust was a French intellectual, author and critic, best known for his seven-volume fiction 'In search of Lost Time'. He coined the term "involuntary memory", which became also known as "Proust effect" in modern psychology. He was born Valentin Louis Georges Eugéne Marcel Proust, on July 10...
5. Bert Williams Bert Williams Actor, A Natural Born Gambler One of the first black superstars of popular entertainment, Egbert Austin Williams, although born in the Bahamas, was raised largely in California. Nursing show business aspirations early on, he teamed with boyhood friend George Walker to form a highly successful vaudeville act, which continued until the ravages of syphilis brought about Walker's retirement and premature death in 1909...
6. Johnson Hatfield Johnson Hatfield
7. Roy Redgrave Roy Redgrave Actor, Our Friends the Hayseeds
8. Charles Inslee Charles Inslee Actor, The Vaquero's Vow
9. Robert Entwistle Robert Entwistle Actor, The Beautiful Adventure Robert Symes Entwistle, who was born in London on 1 January, 1872, worked on Broadway as a character comedy actor and as producer Charles Frohman's stage manager. He also appeared in the film The Beautiful Adventure, that was based on a Frohman theatrical adaption of a popular French play by Robert de Flers and Gaston Arman de Cavaillet...
10. Charles Arling Charles Arling Actor, Back to God's Country
11. Alexander Graham Bell Alexander Graham Bell Self, Animated Weekly, No. 12
12. René Cresté René Cresté Actor, L'Aventure de René
13. Ernest Shackleton Ernest Shackleton Self, South
14. Florence Deshon Florence Deshon Actress, The Roof Tree Florence Deshon born to Samuel and Florence C. Danks of Austrian and English descent. She began as a stage actress and appeared opposite Mary Boland in 'My Lady's Dress and in the comedy 'Seven Chances' prior to making her screen debut in 1915's 'The Beloved Vagabond' directed by Edward Jose for Pathe...
15. Frank Opperman Frank Opperman Actor, An Indian's Loyalty
16. W. Chrystie Miller W. Chrystie Miller Actor, The Last Deal
17. Teddy Arundell Teddy Arundell Actor, The Elusive Pimpernel
18. Bobby Connelly Bobby Connelly Actor, Humoresque
19. H.V. Esmond H.V. Esmond Writer, The Truth About Youth
20. Charles Eldridge Charles Eldridge Actor, As You Like It Brilliant stage and screen actor Charles Eldridge was born in New York in 1854. Starred on the drama and comedy theatre from the 1870's. Occasionally known as Mr. Eldridge became a white haired gentleman who starred and supported in more than 160 melodrama, comedy and crime movies, with the Vitagraph Film Company from 1910...
21. Emperor Karl Emperor Karl Self, Pathé's Weekly, No. 7
22. Sidney Ainsworth Sidney Ainsworth Actor, On Trial
23. Henri Pouctal Henri Pouctal Director, Travail
24. Walker Thompson Walker Thompson Actor, The Symbol of the Unconquered
25. Frank Bacon Frank Bacon Writer, Lightnin'
26. Marie Lloyd Marie Lloyd Actress, Marie Lloyd's Little Joke
27. Maxwell Karger Maxwell Karger Producer, Hole in the Wall Karger was married to Ann Conley of the "Ann & Effie Conley Sisters" Vaudeville Act. He was one of the original founders and the general manager of Metro Pictures in New York before they moved to Hollywood and merged with Samuel Goldwyn and Louis B. Mayer to form MGM Pictures. His son Fred Karger was a composer and a vocal coach at Columbia Pictures...
28. Emil Ascher Emil Ascher Music Department, Four for the Morgue Composer, organist, pianist, conductor. publisher who arrived in the USA in 1889. He studied music with Niels Gade and Cornelius Gurlitt; in the Royal Conservatory in Leipzig with Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner. He founded a publishing firm in Hamburg. He was a conductor and organist in New York churches...
29. John Kendrick Bangs John Kendrick Bangs Writer, A Proposal Under Difficulties
30. Luigi Denza Luigi Denza Soundtrack, Despicable Me 2
31. Howard Crampton Howard Crampton Actor, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
32. Giovanni Verga Giovanni Verga Writer, Fatal Desire
33. Ogai Mori Ogai Mori Writer, Sansho the Bailiff
34. Yevgeni Vakhtangov Yevgeni Vakhtangov Actor, Kogda zvuchat struny serdtsa
35. Erskine Childers Erskine Childers Writer, The Riddle of the Sands
36. Marjorie Manning Marjorie Manning Actress, The Cost
37. George Hernandez George Hernandez Actor, Just Out of College
38. Frederik Jacobsen Frederik Jacobsen Writer, Hjælpen
39. Walther Rathenau Walther Rathenau
40. Walter Howard Walter Howard Writer, The Lifeguardsman
41. Milton Loryea Milton Loryea Camera and Electrical Department, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
42. Jean Perkins Jean Perkins Stunts, The Eagle's Talons
43. W.W.E. Gladden W.W.E. Gladden Actor, Injustice W.W.E. Gladden was a minister in the Baptist Church, as well as having served as Chaplain, with the rank of Captain, U.S. Army for the 24th United States Infantry Regiment from 1906 until retired in 1917. Born in South Carolina, he moved to Kansas as a young boy and worked in a flour mill before receiving the call to preach...
44. Andrej Gromov Andrej Gromov Director, Sumerki
45. Richard Croker Richard Croker Self, Dick Croker Leaving Tammany Hall
46. Emma Bell Clifton Emma Bell Clifton Writer, The Little Diplomat
47. Hannes Hafstein Hannes Hafstein Self, Islands Altings besög i Köbenhavn
48. Robert Forsyth Robert Forsyth Actor, Betsy Ross
49. Jean Noté Jean Noté Actor, Paris to Monte Carlo
50. Charles Herman Charles Herman Actor, When the Heart Calls
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