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1. Robert Harron Robert Harron Actor, Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages Today screen actor Robert (Bobby) Harron is one of Hollywood's forgotten souls, although he was a huge celebrity in his time and graced some of the silent screen's most enduring masterpieces. A talented, charismatic star in his heyday, Bobby had everything going for him but died far too young to make the longstanding impression he certainly deserved...
2. Olive Thomas Olive Thomas Actress, The Flapper Oliveretta Elaine Duffy was born on October 20, 1894, in Charleroi, Pennsylvania. Olive, as she was known to family and friends, did not have much of a childhood. Life in industrial Pittsburgh was depressing and grim with its smoky factories and hard living. She married Bernard Krug Thomas at the age of 16 (which wasn't uncommon at the time)...
3. Hazel Neason Hazel Neason Actress, Cupid's Chauffeur
4. James O'Neill James O'Neill Actor, The Count of Monte Cristo
5. Sam Sothern Sam Sothern Actor, Eyes of Youth
6. Aurelio Sidney Aurelio Sidney Actor, El león
7. Clarine Seymour Clarine Seymour Actress, Just Rambling Along Clarine Seymour born to Albert and Florence Seymour in Brooklyn, New York in 1898. Her father ran a ribbon manufacturing business, in 1917 her father became so ill that he had no choice but to close his successful business and so Clarine secured work through the Thanhouser Film Company, which was located in New Rochelle...
8. Harry Solter Harry Solter Director, The Closed Door
9. Benito Pérez Galdós Benito Pérez Galdós Writer, Tristana Spanish novelist Benito Perez Galdos was born in Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands, in 1843 to a wealthy family. He was sent to an English school in the Canary Islands, and later he studied law at the University of Madrid. Although he graduated with a law degree, the practice of law never interested him...
10. Suzanne Grandais Suzanne Grandais Actress, Le mystère des roches de Kador
11. Hal Reid Hal Reid Writer, At Cripple Creek
12. Venustiano Carranza Venustiano Carranza Self, Animated Weekly, No. 135 Born into a wealthy cattle-ranching family, Venustiano Carranza followed in his father's footsteps and joined the Mexican army. He became a supporter of Francisco I. Madero in Madero's efforts to overthrow the dictatorship of Gen. Porfirio Díaz. When this proved successful, Madero appointed Carranza as Secretary of War and Secretary of the Navy...
13. Leo Delaney Leo Delaney Actor, A Tin-Type Romance
14. Ormer Locklear Ormer Locklear Actor, The Skywayman
15. Mario Caserini Mario Caserini Director, The Last Days of Pompeii
16. Anthony O'Sullivan Anthony O'Sullivan Actor, Old Offenders
17. Eleanor H. Porter Eleanor H. Porter Writer, Pollyanna
18. Jim Colosimo Jim Colosimo Notorious Chicago gangster--and one of the last of the "Mustache Petes", a nickname given to the old-line Italian gangsters by the "Young Turks" trying to take over--Giacomo "Big Jim" Colosimo was born in Colosimi, Italy. His family emigrated to Chicago in 1895, where "Big Jim" got an early start in the criminal underworld...
19. Bal Gangadhar Tilak Bal Gangadhar Tilak Self, Tilak Bathing at the Ganges Indian nationalist, scholar, and philosopher. He was born in Ratnagiri during British rule of India in 1956. After teaching mathematics, he was owner and editor of 2 weekly newspapers. A militant member of the 'extremist' wing within the Indian National Congress (and a member of the famous 'Lal, Pal and Bal' trio)...
20. Ned Finley Ned Finley Actor, O'Garry of the Royal Mounted
21. Patrick Foy Patrick Foy Actor, A Man's a Man
22. Max Bruch Max Bruch Soundtrack, Kinsey
23. Gladys Field Gladys Field Actress, The Two Reformations
24. Ludwig Ganghofer Ludwig Ganghofer Writer, Der Klosterjäger Ludwig Ganghofer was a German Heimat-writer. More than 34 of his novels were made into films. He was born in Kauftbeuren, Bavaria, Germany, as the son of the Bavarian Ministerialrat August Ganghofer and Caroline (born as Louis). After graduating from high school he worked as a mechanic in Augsburg. Then he studied literature and philosophy in Munich and Berlin...
25. John Burton John Burton Actor, The Whispering Chorus
26. Félicien Trewey Félicien Trewey Self, The Lumière Brothers' First Films
27. Federigo Tozzi Federigo Tozzi Writer, Con gli occhi chiusi
28. Theodore Marston Theodore Marston Director, Jane Eyre
29. Lilian Webster Lilian Webster Actress, The Electric Alarm
30. Gaby Deslys Gaby Deslys Actress, Rosy Rapture
31. Oliver Doud Byron Oliver Doud Byron Writer, Across the Continent
32. Marjorie Benton Cooke Marjorie Benton Cooke Writer, Married? Novelist and playwright, Marjorie Benton Cooke was born on 27 November, 1876, in Richmond, Indiana. She was the daughter of Joseph H. and Jessie Benton Cooke. Her father was a salesman and had once served as treasurer for the city of Richmond. Marjorie attended preparatory schools in Detroit and Chicago before entering the University of Chicago...
33. Fred L. Wilson Fred L. Wilson Actor, The Cause of It All
34. John Reed John Reed Writer, October (Ten Days that Shook the World)
35. Enrique Rosas Enrique Rosas Director, The Grey Automobile
36. Will S. Davis Will S. Davis Director, Destruction
37. William Dean Howells William Dean Howells Writer, Christmas Every Day
38. Frank Carter Frank Carter Actor, The Curse of the Great Southwest
39. Sol Levy Sol Levy Soundtrack, Wings
40. Gabrielle Réjane Gabrielle Réjane Actress, Alsace
41. Carolyn Lee Carolyn Lee Actress, The Lottery Man
42. Joseph Conyers Joseph Conyers Actor, Our New Minister
43. George W. Anson George W. Anson Actor, The President's Special
44. J. Albert Hall J. Albert Hall Actor, Blacksmith Ben
45. Norbert Cills Norbert Cills Actor, Money Norbert Maynard Cills was born on August 24th, 1887 in San Francisco County, California to Henry Cills and Mae [Saunders] Cills. He married Maisia Felnus (born in Middleton, New York and daughter of John William Felnus and Katherine Marie [Mack] Felnus) on August 29th, 1907 in Manhattan, New York. They had a son, Henry Charles Cills, on January 13th, 1909 in Manhattan, New York...
46. Rachel de Solla Rachel de Solla Actress, Robert's Capture
47. Peter Fjelstrup Peter Fjelstrup Actor, Blind Justice
48. Hildur Carlberg Hildur Carlberg Actress, The Parson's Widow
49. Thomas Commerford Thomas Commerford Actor, The Way of His Father
50. Edna Hunter Edna Hunter Actress, Are You an Elk?
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