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1. John Bunny John Bunny Actor, A Cure for Pokeritis When John Bunny died the New York Times stated, "The name John Bunny will always be linked to the movies." Little did movie fans of 1915 realize that he would be completely forgotten the next year and completely omitted from many books on silent movies 70-80 years later. Bunny was the ninth in a line of English sea captains and would be the first not to follow in that profession...
2. Anna Leonowens Anna Leonowens Writer, Anna and the King Anna Edwards was born in India in 1834, the daughter of a cabinetmaker who died three months before her birth. Her mother then remarried to officer in the Engineers who sent Anna and her sister, Eliza, to a school in England. The girls returned to India as teenagers and Anna escaped her stepfather's...
3. Alexander Scriabin Alexander Scriabin Soundtrack, Barfly Alexander Scriabin was a Russian composer and pianist who invented the first colour keyboard and notation for lights and colors based on his scale of Synesthetic colors. His symphony 'Prometheus: The Poem of Fire' (1910) was the first composition in history which included notation for lights and colors...
4. Elmer Booth Elmer Booth Actor, The Musketeers of Pig Alley
5. William West William West Actor, At Bear Track Gulch
6. Emil Waldteufel Emil Waldteufel Soundtrack, The Book Thief
7. Gaston Méliès Gaston Méliès Producer, Under the Stars and Bars
8. William V. Ranous William V. Ranous Actor, King Lear
9. David Miles David Miles Actor, The Lonely Villa
10. Edwin R. Phillips Edwin R. Phillips Actor, Never Again
11. Frank James Frank James Self, Biography
12. Y.L. Peretz Y.L. Peretz Writer, The World of Sholom Aleichem
13. Charles Frohman Charles Frohman Miscellaneous Crew, Are You a Mason? Many people today know the names of George M. Cohan and Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., but Charles Frohman, though lesser known, reigned supreme in the theatrical world for over a generation. From a young age Frohman's heart and soul belonged in the theatre. His lower-middle-class family moved from Sandusky, Ohio...
14. Louis Pergaud Louis Pergaud Writer, War of the Buttons
15. Vaja-Pshavela Vaja-Pshavela Writer, Vedreba
16. Jerzy Zulawski Jerzy Zulawski Writer, On the Silver Globe
17. George Fitch George Fitch Writer, Those Were the Days! George Helgesen Fitch was an American humorist who is best remembered for his book "At Good Old Siwash" (1911), a collection of eleven stories that first appeared in the Saturday Evening Post. Drawn from his student days at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, Fitch told of the exploits of the big Swede, Ole Skjarsen and the Eta Bita Pie fraternity...
18. Morgan Robertson Morgan Robertson Writer, The Closing of the Circuit American short story writer and novelist, was born the son of Andrew Robertson, a ship captain on the Great Lakes, and Amelia (Glassford) Robertson. Morgan went to sea as a cabin boy and was in the merchant service from 1866 to 1877, rising to first mate. Tiring of life at sea, he studied jewelry making at Cooper Union in New York City and worked for 10 years as a diamond setter...
19. Booker T. Washington Booker T. Washington Actor, By Right of Birth
20. C. Rhys Pryce C. Rhys Pryce Actor, The Colonel's Escape Welsh-born Caryl Pryce spent much of his life as a professional soldier, and fought in units as varied as the British army, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Mexican revolutionaries fighting against dictator Porfirio Díaz. He was an RCMP officer in 1911 when he became aware of the revolution in Mexico...
21. John C. Rice John C. Rice Actor, The Kiss
22. William H. West William H. West Actor, The Suffragette Sheriff
23. James Elroy Flecker James Elroy Flecker Writer, The Lady of the Harem British poet and dramatist James Elroy Flecker was born Herman Elroy Flecker in London, England, in 1884. His father, Rev. W.H. Flecker, was appointed headmaster of the Dean Close School in Cheltenham, England. The family lived on campus, and young Herman spent most of his youth there. He came to writing poetry at an early age (13)...
24. Rolf Boldrewood Rolf Boldrewood Writer, Robbery Under Arms
25. Vasili Goncharov Vasili Goncharov Director, Oborona Sevastopolya
26. Lewis Waller Lewis Waller Actor, Fencing Contest from 'The Three Musketeers'
27. Blanche Walsh Blanche Walsh Actress, Resurrection
28. Guy du Maurier Guy du Maurier Writer, An Englishman's Home
29. Julia Walcott Julia Walcott Actress, Mother
30. Alfred G. Vanderbilt Alfred G. Vanderbilt Self, Coaching for a Record
31. Mary Elizabeth Braddon Mary Elizabeth Braddon Writer, Lady Audley's Secret
32. Arthur Holmes-Gore Arthur Holmes-Gore Actor, A Sprained Ankle
33. Paul Armstrong Paul Armstrong Writer, Salomy Jane
34. Justus Miles Forman Justus Miles Forman Writer, The Face Between Justus Miles Forman was born on 1st November 1875 in Le Roy, New York, USA. He went to Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut and graduated in 1898. He was a successful writer and Playwright. On 7th May 1915, he was on board the Lusitania when it was torpedoed by the German submarine, U-20. The liner sank in eighteen minutes taking the lives of 1,178 of the 1,952 aboard...
35. Leo Frank Leo Frank Leo Frank was a New York-born Jew who moved to Marietta, Georgia. In 1913 he was the superintendent of the National Pencil Co., which was partly owned by his uncle, when he was arrested for the rape and murder of a local girl employed at the factory, 13-year-old Mary Phagan. She had been raped and strangled and her body found in the factory's cellar on August 26...
36. Porfirio Díaz Porfirio Díaz Self, Fiestas presidenciales en Mérida Porfirio Diaz, known for his long and autocratic rule of Mexico and his disdain for the poorer classes, was actually born into a lower-middle-class Spanish / Mixtec Indian family in Oaxaca. His father was a blacksmith and an innkeeper and died when Porfirio was only three years old. He was educated by the Catholic church in what was to be his preparation for entering the priesthood...
37. Luigi Capuana Luigi Capuana Writer, Malìa
38. Milutin Uskokovic Milutin Uskokovic Writer, Dosljaci
39. W.W. Denslow W.W. Denslow Art Department, Oz: The American Fairyland
40. Ede Ujházi Ede Ujházi Actor, Gazdag ember kabátja
41. Mary Plamondon Mary Plamondon
42. Gaston Arman de Cavaillet Gaston Arman de Cavaillet Writer, Ihana seikkailu
43. Melville Stewart Melville Stewart Actor, The Galloper
44. Charles Plamondon Charles Plamondon
45. Byron Ongley Byron Ongley Writer, Brewster's Millions
46. Will E. Sheerer Will E. Sheerer Actor, A Wise Judge
47. Lily Dampier Lily Dampier Actress, The Bushranger's Bride
48. Hans Pagay Hans Pagay Actor, Die Herrin der Welt 1. Teil - Die Freundin des gelben Mannes
49. Sophus Bauditz Sophus Bauditz Writer, Historien om Hjortholm
50. Marian Andruszewski Marian Andruszewski Actor, Pomszczona krzywda
1-50 of 104 names.