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1. Gustav Mahler Gustav Mahler Soundtrack, Shutter Island Gustav Mahler is largely considered one of the most talented symphonic composers of the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. His musical output comprised mainly of symphonic and song cycles requiring mammoth orchestras and often choruses. Sadly, Mahler never experienced popularity as a composer during his lifetime...
2. W.S. Gilbert W.S. Gilbert Writer, The Pirate Movie William Schwenck Gilbert was born in London on November 18, 1836, to William Gilbert, a retired naval surgeon, and his wife Anne. The Gilberts would add three younger girls to the brood: Jane, Maud and Florence. His parents were cold and distant, with prickly characters. Stern and unyielding, they did not show affection for their son...
3. Francis Boggs Francis Boggs Director, The Regeneration of Apache Kid Francis Boggs is an obscure figure in the history of cinema, but an important one. It was he who brought the movies to Los Angeles in 1909 when he established a permanent L. A. film studio for the Chicago-based Selig Polyscope Company. In a four-year film career he wrote and directed nearly 200 one-reel films...
4. Carrie Nation Carrie Nation People's recollections of Carrie Nation range from a female evangelical prophetess, to raving lunatic. Carry Amelia Moore was born into a family that operated a sharecropping plantation, that was in central Kentucky, on November 25, 1846. As a young woman she was unusually tall and not very pretty. She married a young man who...
5. Quanah Parker Quanah Parker Self, The Bank Robbery
6. Emilio Salgari Emilio Salgari Writer, Cabiria
7. Antoine Lumière Antoine Lumière Self, The Lumière Brothers' First Films In 1860 Antoine Lumière left his hometown in the Haute-Saône to set up a photography business in Besançon. His first son, Auguste was born in 1862, and the second, Louis, arrived two years later. In 1870 Antoine moved to Lyons with his family and opened a new workshop. Over the next 10 years he gradually built up an industrial manufacturing plant for photographic plates...
8. Arthur Marvin Arthur Marvin Cinematographer, The Adventures of Dollie
9. David Graham Phillips David Graham Phillips Writer, Susan Lenox The son of a leading figure in 19th-century Madison, WI, David Graham Phillips first made his mark as a reporter in Cincinnati and New York (which included an editorial position at The New York World). Unjustly neglected today, Phillips achieved considerable fame as a muckraker, his most notable piece being "The Treason of the Senate"...
10. H. Kyrle Bellew H. Kyrle Bellew Actor, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
11. Winfield S. Schley Winfield S. Schley Self, Admiral Dewey Leading Land Parade, No. 2
12. William Mollison William Mollison Actor, King John
13. Charles Battell Loomis Charles Battell Loomis Writer, Friday the 13th Charles Battell Loomis was a humorist, author and lecturer remembered for his satirical take on life in America. He was the son of Charles Battell and Mary Worthington Loomis. Loomis was born in Brooklyn, NY, where his father worked as an insurance agent. As a young man Loomis dropped out of the Polytechnical Institute of Brooklyn (now known as Polytechnic University) to try his hand at business...
14. Verner Clarges Verner Clarges Actor, The Banker's Daughters Verner Clarges, born in Bath, Somerset in 1846, began on stage in England then America from the 1870's. fine British bald gentleman who starred and supported in many American drama films under the direction of D.W. Griffith at the Biograph Film Company from 1909, the first was 'Was Justice Served? starring James Kirkwood and Gladys Egan...
15. Thora Meincke Thora Meincke Actress, Den hvide Slavehandels sidste Offer
16. Denman Thompson Denman Thompson Writer, The Hazards of Helen
17. Owen Frawley Kildare Owen Frawley Kildare Writer, Regeneration
18. Agnes Günther Agnes Günther Writer, Die Heilige und ihr Narr
19. Howard Pyle Howard Pyle Writer, The Black Shield of Falworth
20. Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin
21. Robert Gemp Robert Gemp Actor, Richard III
22. Charles Allan Charles Allan Actor, Princess Clementina
23. Cornelius Bliss Cornelius Bliss Self, Republican National Committee of 1900
24. Albert Brighton Albert Brighton Actor, Sleepy Hollow
25. Wright Lorimer Wright Lorimer Writer, The Shepherd King
26. Katherine Cecil Thurston Katherine Cecil Thurston Writer, The Masquerader
27. Antonio Fogazzaro Antonio Fogazzaro Writer, Daniele Cortis Italian novelist Antonio Fogazzaro was born in Vicenza, Italy, in 1842. His parents were opposed to the Austrian occupation of northern Italy, and their political activities came to the attention of the occupation authorities, forcing the family to flee into exile to southern Italy. As a young man he studied at the University of Padua and the University of Turin--where...
28. Franklin Fyles Franklin Fyles Writer, The Girl I Left Behind Me
29. Paul Lafargue Paul Lafargue Writer, Prodannyy appetit
30. Carlos Fernández Shaw Carlos Fernández Shaw Writer, La revoltosa
31. Alexandros Papadiamantis Alexandros Papadiamantis Writer, The Murderess
32. Josef Israels Josef Israels Art Department, The Bashful Suitor
33. Robert Tressell Robert Tressell Writer, Theatre 625
34. Gustaf Fröding Gustaf Fröding Writer, In My Youth
35. Vaughn Kester Vaughn Kester Writer, Hell's Four Hundred
36. Prins Hans Prins Hans Self, De kongelige skal fotograferes
37. Karl Hoschna Karl Hoschna Soundtrack, Everyone Says I Love You Songwriter ("Girl of My Dreams"), composer, oboist and arranger, educated at the Vienna Conservatory (Grand prize). He was an oboist in the Austrian army band, and he came to the USA in 1896, eventually playing in the Victor Herbert orchestra. He became an arranger for Witmark Music, and wrote the Broadway stage scores for "Three Twins"...
38. James Allen Bland James Allen Bland Soundtrack, Around the World in Eighty Days
39. F.M. Paget F.M. Paget
40. Frithiof Strömberg Frithiof Strömberg Actor, Järnbäraren
41. Wilhelm Jensen Wilhelm Jensen Writer, Gradiva (C'est Gradiva qui vous appelle)
42. John M. Harlan John M. Harlan
43. Friedrich Spielhagen Friedrich Spielhagen Writer, Problematische Naturen
44. Pieter Cronje Pieter Cronje Self, Cronje's Surrender to Lord Roberts
44 names.