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1. Topsy Topsy Self, Electrocuting an Elephant Topsy was originally a wild elephant, born in Southeast Asia c. 1875. She was captured by elephant traders while still a baby and smuggled into the United States by 1877 . Her new owner Adam Forepaugh (1831-1890) claimed that she was born in captivity and advertised her as the first American-born baby elephant...
2. Paul Gauguin Paul Gauguin Writer, Gauguin Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin was born on June 7, 1848, in Paris, France. His father, Clovis Gaughin, was a Republican editor who died on his way to Peru while escaping from Louis Napoleon. His widowed mother was a Peruvian Creole daughter of writer Flora Tristan. Young Gauguin spent early childhood in Lima...
3. Samuel A. Ward Samuel A. Ward Soundtrack, Live Free or Die Hard
4. George Gissing George Gissing Writer, Why Men Forget
5. Leo XIII Leo XIII Self, M.H. Pope Leo in a Chair
6. Richard Henry Savage Richard Henry Savage Writer, My Official Wife Richard Henry Savage was born on 12 June, 1846, at Utica, New York, the son of Richard (1817-1903) and Jane Moorhead Savage (née Ewart). His father was a lawyer who became famous as one of the discoverers of the Comstock Lode in Nevada. During the Civil War he served in the Lincoln administration as Internal Revenue Collector and Federal Assessor...
7. Hugo Wolf Hugo Wolf Soundtrack, The Music Teacher
8. Ernest Legouve Ernest Legouve Writer, Adriana Lecouvreur
9. B.L. Farjeon B.L. Farjeon Writer, A Just Deception
10. Danjuro Ichikawa Danjuro Ichikawa Actor, Momijigari
11. Robert Planquette Robert Planquette Soundtrack, Maytime
12. Luigi Arditi Luigi Arditi Soundtrack, Every Sunday
13. Daniel H. Hastings Daniel H. Hastings Self, Governor Hastings and Mounted Police
14. Frederick S. Gibbs Frederick S. Gibbs Self, Republican National Committee of 1900
15. Camille du Locle Camille du Locle Writer, Aida
16. Frank Harvey Frank Harvey Writer, Shall We Forgive Her?
17. Gaston Paulin Gaston Paulin Composer, Pauvre Pierrot
18. Koyo Ozaki Koyo Ozaki Writer, Konjiki yasha
19. Lõrinc Tóth Lõrinc Tóth Writer, Zenés TV színház
20. William Ernest Henley William Ernest Henley Writer, The Captain
21. H.P. Danks H.P. Danks Soundtrack, Brooklyn
22. Robert Gascoyne-Cecil Robert Gascoyne-Cecil
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