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1. Émile Zola Émile Zola Writer, Thirst Émile Zola was born on April 2, 1840, in Paris, France. His father was an Italian engineer. Young Zola studied at the Collége Bourbon in Provence, where his schoolmate and friend was Paul Cezanne. In 1858 Zola returned to Paris and became a student at the Lycée Saint-Louis, from which he graduated in 1862...
2. Iosif Ivanovici Iosif Ivanovici Soundtrack, Payback
3. Frank R. Stockton Frank R. Stockton Writer, The Griffin and the Minor Canon American popular novelist and short-story writer of mainly humorous fiction, best known as the author of the title story of a collection called The Lady, or the Tiger? (1884). Stockton contributed to and was on the staff of Hearth and Home and in 1873 became assistant editor of the St. Nicholas Magazine...
4. Constantin Constantin Self, The Giant Constantin
5. Bret Harte Bret Harte Writer, Four of the Apocalypse
6. Julia Grant Julia Grant Self, Mrs. U.S. Grant and President McKinley
7. Lajos Tolnai Lajos Tolnai Writer, A pénzcsináló
8. Alfred Plumpton Alfred Plumpton Soundtrack, The Great Ziegfeld
9. King Albert of Saxony King Albert of Saxony Self, Der Kaiser von Deutschland, der Kaiser von Österreich und der König von Sachsen am Tage der Jubiläumsfeier in Dresden
10. Queen Maria-Hendrika of the Belgians Queen Maria-Hendrika of the Belgians Self, Les funérailles de S.M. Marie-Henriette, reine des Belges
11. Octavius L. Pruden Octavius L. Pruden Self, Admiral Dewey Receiving the Washington and New York Committees
12. Thomas Dunn English Thomas Dunn English Soundtrack, Gone with the Wind
13. William T. Sampson William T. Sampson Self, Admiral Sampson on Board the Flagship
14. Frank Norris Frank Norris Writer, Greed
15. John Wesley Powell John Wesley Powell Writer, Ten Who Dared
16. Sol Smith Russell Sol Smith Russell Writer, A Poor Relation Sol Smith Russell was the son of a Missouri preacher and the nephew of renowned actor, Sol Smith (1801-1869). Shortly before the outbreak of the American Civil War his family moved to Cairo, Illinois, where at the age of 14 Russell found work at a local theater as a bit actor, singer and drummer. Russell...
17. Cecil Rhodes Cecil Rhodes Self, Rt. Honorable Cecil Rhodes
18. Richard von Krafft-Ebing Richard von Krafft-Ebing Writer, Sexual Aberration (Sesso perverso)
19. Lorrin A. Cooke Lorrin A. Cooke Self, Governor Cook and Staff, Connecticut
20. Avqsenti Tsagareli Avqsenti Tsagareli Writer, Keto and Kote
21. Annie Jones Annie Jones Self, Freaks Uncensored!
22. Paul Leicester Ford Paul Leicester Ford Writer, Janice Meredith
23. Lajos Dobsa Lajos Dobsa Writer, Zenés TV színház
24. Septimus Winner Septimus Winner Soundtrack, Trees Lounge
24 names.