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1. Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde Writer, Dorian Gray A gifted poet, playwright and wit, Oscar Wilde was a phenomenon in 19th-century England. He was illustrious for preaching the importance of style in life and art, and of attacking Victorian narrow-mindedness. Wilde was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1854. He studied at Trinity College in Dublin before leaving the country to study at Oxford University in England when he was in his early 20s...
2. Friedrich Nietzsche Friedrich Nietzsche Writer, A Divina Comédia Friedrich Nietzsche was raised having five women around him - his mother, grandmother, two aunts and a sister, all living together. His father, a Lutheran pastor, died when Nietzsche was 5 years old. After a Catholic school he studied music and Greco-Roman culture at the famous Schulpfora from 1858-1864...
3. Stephen Crane Stephen Crane Writer, The Red Badge of Courage Stephen Crane was the 14th child of parents who were both writers. Descended from a line of soldiers and clergymen (his father, Rev. Jonathan T. Crane, was a Methodist minister), Crane inherited from his forebearers the obsessive subject of war, stoical compassion and, particularly in his poetry, a Biblical style...
4. Ivan Aivazovsky Ivan Aivazovsky Art Department, Aivazovskin yev Hayastane Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky (Hovannes Aivasian) was born on July 29, 1817, in Feodosia, Crimea, Russian Empire, into a poor Armenian family. His father was a modest Armenian trader. His mother was a traditional homemaker. His early talent as an artist earned him a scholarship to study at the Simferopol gymnasium...
5. Arthur Sullivan Arthur Sullivan Soundtrack, The Talented Mr. Ripley
6. Eça de Queirós Eça de Queirós Writer, El crimen del Padre Amaro Novelist committed to social reform who introduced Naturalism and Realism to Portugal. He is often considered to be the greatest Portuguese novelist, certainly the leading 19th-century Portuguese novelist whose fame was international. The son of a prominent magistrate, Eça de Queiroz spent his early years with relatives and was sent to boarding school at the age of five...
7. Zdenek Fibich Zdenek Fibich Soundtrack, Kolya
8. Lady John Scott Lady John Scott Soundtrack, Fûun kyû nari Ôsaka jô: Sanada jûyûshi sô shingun
9. Ralph Lumley Ralph Lumley Writer, In the Soup
10. Franklyn McLeay Franklyn McLeay Actor, King John
11. Vittorio Bersezio Vittorio Bersezio Writer, Le miserie del signor Travet
12. Henry Russell Henry Russell Soundtrack, Pierrepoint: The Last Hangman
13. Edward Noyes Wescott Edward Noyes Wescott Writer, David Harum Edward Noyes Wescott was an American banker who began writing "David Harum" while he was recuperating from tuberculosis. He finished his book late in 1896, but failed to live to see its publication in 1898. "David Harum" went on to sell over a million copies during the decades before the Second World War and spawn two films.
14. Carl Laufs Carl Laufs Writer, Pension Schöller
15. Roger Wolcott Roger Wolcott Self, Admiral Dewey at State House, Boston
16. Gottlieb Daimler Gottlieb Daimler
17. Sigbjørn Obstfelder Sigbjørn Obstfelder Writer, Den evige Eva
18. R.D. Blackmore R.D. Blackmore Writer, Lorna Doone
19. Harald Molander Harald Molander Writer, En lyckoriddare
20. Giorgi Tsereteli Giorgi Tsereteli Writer, Sami sitsotskhle
21. Ottokar Novácek Ottokar Novácek Music Department, Cousin Bette
22. Carit Etlar Carit Etlar Writer, Gøngehøvdingen
23. Ernst Eckstein Ernst Eckstein Writer, Themis
24. Charles Hale Hoyt Charles Hale Hoyt Writer, Band Drill
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