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1. Johannes Brahms Johannes Brahms Soundtrack, The Truman Show German Romantic composer Johannes Brahms was born in Hamburg in 1833 and died in Vienna, Austria in 1897. A perfectionist, he often compared himself unfavorably to composers such as Beethoven and ended up destroying many compositions without their ever being heard. While basically conservative, he showed musical growth throughout his four symphonies and occasionally borrowed wilder folk themes...
2. Alphonse Daudet Alphonse Daudet Writer, Letters from My Windmill
3. Aleko Konstantinov Aleko Konstantinov Writer, Bay Ganyo tragna po Evropa Konstantinov spent most of his youth in Russia. Studied law at Odessa University and graduated in 1885, after which he returned to Bulgaria (which had become an independent state by then) to work at the Sofia Law Court. In 1893 he travelled to the United States and wrote the journal To Chicago and Back...
4. Mrs. Linnaeus Banks Mrs. Linnaeus Banks Writer, The Manchester Man
5. Josef Svátek Josef Svátek Writer, Prazský kat
6. Henri Charles Chivot Henri Charles Chivot Writer, La mascotte
7. Henri Meilhac Henri Meilhac Writer, Carmen
8. Minna Canth Minna Canth Writer, Anna Liisa
9. Therese de Lisieux Therese de Lisieux Writer, La vie miraculeuse de Thérèse Martin Therese de Lisieux is one of the most beloved saints of all time. Born Therese Martin in Alencon, France, she expressed a desire very early in her life to become a nun of the Carmelite order. She sought permis- sion from the pope to enter the local monastery at an earlier age than usual. Eventually...
10. Mrs. Oliphant Mrs. Oliphant Writer, Mystery and Imagination
11. Giacinto Gallina Giacinto Gallina Writer, El moroso de la nona
12. Sebastian Kneipp Sebastian Kneipp
12 names.