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1. Anthony Trollope Anthony Trollope Writer, The Pallisers
2. Jesse James Jesse James Self, Biography
3. Charles Darwin Charles Darwin
4. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Writer, The White Angel
5. Charles J. Guiteau Charles J. Guiteau
6. Ralph Waldo Emerson Ralph Waldo Emerson Writer, Snowbound
7. Joseph Joachim Raff Joseph Joachim Raff Music Department, Downtown Express
8. Benjamin Webster Benjamin Webster Writer, The Bond of Blood
9. Harrison Ainsworth Harrison Ainsworth Writer, Guy Fawkes British novelist William Harrison Ainsworth's career lasted so long (60 years) and his output was so prolific that some critics have termed him "the king of historical potboilers". His most lasting of the many books he wrote is probably the series about the infamous highwayman Dick Turpin, which was so popular that there was a successful series of films featuring him in the 1920s...
10. Franz von Kobell Franz von Kobell Writer, Der Brandner Kaspar und das ewig' Leben
11. Paolo Giacometti Paolo Giacometti Writer, La morte civile
12. Henry Tucker Henry Tucker Soundtrack, The Conspirator
13. Joaquim Manoel de Macedo Joaquim Manoel de Macedo Writer, A Moreninha
14. Richard Henry Dana Jr. Richard Henry Dana Jr. Writer, Two Years Before the Mast
15. Jørgen Moe Jørgen Moe Writer, Sjuende far i huset
16. János Arany János Arany Writer, Daliás idök
17. Hermann Rauschning Hermann Rauschning Writer, The Hitler Gang
18. Henri Auguste Barbier Henri Auguste Barbier Writer, Benvenuto Cellini
19. Tolbert McCoy Tolbert McCoy
20. Randolph McCoy Jr. Randolph McCoy Jr.
21. Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald Writer, Kilplased
22. Phamer McCoy Phamer McCoy
22 names.