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1. Charlotte Brontë Charlotte Brontë Writer, Jane Eyre Charlotte was born 1816, the third of the six children of Patrick Brontë, an Anglican clergyman, and his wife Maria Branwell Brontë. After their mother's death in 1821, Charlotte and her sisters, Maria and Elizabeth, were sent to Cowan Bridge Clergy Daughters' School, which Charlotte would later immortalize as the brutal Lowood school in "Jane Eyre"...
2. Søren Kierkegaard Søren Kierkegaard Writer, Le journal du séducteur Søren Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher who imposed restrictions on his own love and emotions and declared the idea of subjectivity as truth, is now recognized as the founder of Existentialism, an influential author in psychology, and an important figure in Postmodernism. He was born Søren Aabye Kierkegaard on May 5...
3. Gérard de Nerval Gérard de Nerval Writer, Carnival of Sinners
4. H.R. Bishop H.R. Bishop Soundtrack, Mr. Turner
5. Adam Mickiewicz Adam Mickiewicz Writer, Pan Tadeusz: The Last Foray in Lithuania
6. Carl Friedrich Gauß Carl Friedrich Gauß Thanks, Wer ist der größte Deutsche?
7. Gaetano Rossi Gaetano Rossi Writer, Semiramide
8. Mihály Vörösmarty Mihály Vörösmarty Writer, Csongor és Tünde
9. Hippolyte Bis Hippolyte Bis Writer, Guglielmo Tell
9 names.