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1. Dwight Frye Dwight Frye Actor, Dracula An extremely versatile character actor and originator of several memorable characterizations in the horror film genre, Dwight Frye had a notable theatrical career in the 1920s, moving from juvenile parts to leads before entering film. A favorite actor of Broadway theatrical producer-director Brock Pemberton...
2. Edward Van Sloan Edward Van Sloan Actor, Frankenstein US character actor; he of the close-cropped gray hair, thick spectacles and clipped, ominous tones who would serve most memorably as the nemesis of evil-doers and monsters in 30's and 40's horror movies and suspensers, antagonizing first the likes of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff and then, years later, Erich von Stroheim.
3. Jack P. Pierce Jack P. Pierce Makeup Department, Mister Ed As we look back on the cinematic pioneers of the 20th century, no individual is more significant in his field than genius makeup artist Jack Pierce, the legendary monster-maker who worked in the 1930s and 1940s at Universal Studios during its classic horror period. Pierce's story is equal parts triumph and tragedy...
4. Carl Laemmle Carl Laemmle Miscellaneous Crew, Frankenstein The roots of Universal Pictures can rightfully be traced back to 1906 when Carl Laemmle returned home to Chicago after a stint as a bookkeeper in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and opened up a chain of nickelodeons. This in turn led to the ambitious 39-year-old organizing a film exchange network he boldly called the Laemmle Film Service...
5. Carl Laemmle Jr. Carl Laemmle Jr. Producer, Frankenstein
6. John L. Balderston John L. Balderston Writer, The Last of the Mohicans
7. John P. Fulton John P. Fulton Visual Effects, Rear Window Born in Nebraska, John P. Fulton moved with his family to California in 1914. His father, adamant that John NOT become involved with the movie industry, insisted that he study electrical engineering; after graduating from high school, he worked as a surveyor, but frequently took time out to watch D...
8. Charles D. Hall Charles D. Hall Art Director, Frankenstein
9. Garrett Fort Garrett Fort Writer, Frankenstein
10. E.M. Asher E.M. Asher Producer, Frankenstein
11. C. Roy Hunter C. Roy Hunter Sound Department, Frankenstein
12. William Hedgcock William Hedgcock Sound Department, Saboteur
13. Herman Rosse Herman Rosse Art Director, King of Jazz
14. Maurice Pivar Maurice Pivar Editorial Department, Frankenstein
14 names.