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1. Sadie Sandler Sadie Sandler Actress, Hotel Transylvania
2. Suri Cruise Suri Cruise Self, 20 Cutest Celebrity Babies
3. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Actress, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
4. Taylor Dior Taylor Dior Actress, Don't Tell Mama Taylor Dior is a stage and screen actress from NYC. She started out modeling at age 2.5 with Wilhelmina Models NY but showed more of an interest in acting and performing. Shortly before her 5th birthday, Taylor signed with a talent manager and began auditioning professionally for acting roles. She booked roles in feature films...
5. Jake Vaughn Jake Vaughn Actor, Medeas
6. Carsen Flowers Carsen Flowers Actress, 13 Sins
7. Kylie LaDuca Kylie LaDuca Actress, Bitter Bitties
8. Moses Martin Moses Martin Self, 20 Cutest Celebrity Babies
9. Briana Grace Naim Briana Grace Naim Actress, Love at the Christmas Table Born to Hispanic Parents, Mom from Puerto Rico and Dad from Venezuela. Parents have Mexican and Lebanese descent background. Briana has a passion towards acting; Loves singing, dancing, watching movies and enjoys reading a lot. Besides her acting credits and commercials, she loves doing VO and currently has VO airing for Nightlight Disney Junior DJ Tales...
10. Camden Flowers Camden Flowers Actress, 2 Bedroom 1 Bath
11. Sal Pandolfo Jr. Sal Pandolfo Jr. Actor, Controlling Interest Sal is the middle child. He has an older and younger sister. His love for acting came from his older sister who has been in theatre. He considers her his role model.
12. Elá-May Melek Demircan Elá-May Melek Demircan Actress, Episode #1.3034 Elá-May Melek Demircan was born in Crewe Cheshire in 2006 to Laura and Mehmet Demircan. She has had no performing arts training and was offered an audition for Hollyoaks after registering with a child modeling agency. She was cast on the 29 January 2011 and was first credited as Leah Barnes on the 10 March that same year.
13. Dannielynn Dannielynn Self, Episode dated 18 January 2008
14. Enrique Ekrene Enrique Ekrene Actor, Virus
15. Mutya Orquia Mutya Orquia Actress, Joy's Toys
16. Barron Trump Barron Trump Self, Painting by Numbers
17. Aidan Gonzales Aidan Gonzales Actor, Episode #1.9050
18. Jayden James Jayden James Self, I Am Britney Jean
19. Kingston Rossdale Kingston Rossdale Self, 20 Cutest Celebrity Babies
20. Danica Hobbs Danica Hobbs Actress, Episode #1.10816
21. Elle Donoghue Elle Donoghue Actress, So She Fell Silent
22. Jacob Lee Seeliger Jacob Lee Seeliger Actor, Der Mörder unter uns
23. Sienna Joseph Sienna Joseph Actress, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Sienna Joseph was born Sienna Isabelle Joseph-Willie to mother Tahnee Joseph and father Brandon Willie. She has a step-father Jamie Ross and three step-siblings Dominic Ross, Ciara Ross and Latasha Ross. She enjoys singing, dancing, and going to school. Sienna loves animals, especially her cat Mufasa and dog BigBoy...
24. Dakoda Hobbs Dakoda Hobbs Actress, Episode #1.10816
25. Andrew Gonzales Andrew Gonzales Actor, Episode #1.9050
26. Caleb Alexander Cohen Caleb Alexander Cohen Actor, The Freeze Out Caleb is an American child actor who began his acting career when he was three years old. He started out in pageants when he was one year old, competing in and winning one local and then going to state winning many titles. His parents decided that pageantry was not for their family, but he continued to light up any room that he entered...
27. Alex Eckstein Alex Eckstein Actor, Blue Bell Boy
28. Ben Eckstein Ben Eckstein Actor, Blue Bell Boy
29. Knut Knut Self, Episode #1.10
30. Isabella Damon Isabella Damon Self, 20 Cutest Celebrity Babies
31. Travis Park Travis Park Actor, Butterflies of Bill Baker Travis Park is a young actor and model, born and raised in Southern New Jersey. After being part of several school plays, he was cast to be with Atlantic City Ballet Company (ACBT) to perform The Nutcraker. He had the chance to experience what it was like to perform in front of large audiences and on different stages over several weeks...
32. Gianna Maria Crane Gianna Maria Crane Actress, Episode #1.11435
33. Rowan Birmingham Rowan Birmingham Actor, The Vampires of Zanzibar Rowan Birmingham is the son of actors/filmmakers John Birmingham and Danica DeCosto. He was born in Virginia on June 27, 2006 and by 2 1/2 years old, he had already proved a natural talent for acting, music and art. Still at age 4, Rowan's Youtube and Internet videos (like "Toddler Sees Ghost" and "Danilicious") have generated about 1,000,000 hits...
34. Laken James Spurlock Laken James Spurlock Self, Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?
35. Irelyn Ferrill Irelyn Ferrill Self, Five Little Miracles
36. Caleb Eckstein Caleb Eckstein Actor, Blue Bell Boy
37. Layne Ferrill Layne Ferrill Self, Five Little Miracles
38. Andrew Pierce Miller Andrew Pierce Miller Actor, The Case of Bonnie Neighbors
39. Ella Geitzen Ella Geitzen Actress, Episode #1.11004
40. Isaac Wilson Isaac Wilson Actor, Dear Dracula
41. Aurora Joy Aurora Joy Actress, These Woods
42. Drayden Ferrill Drayden Ferrill Self, Five Little Miracles
43. Anna Geitzen Anna Geitzen Actress, Episode #1.11004
44. Álvaro Mesa Álvaro Mesa Thanks, The Puzzle
45. Summer Terenzi Summer Terenzi Self, Episode #2.7
46. Kieran Ferrill Kieran Ferrill Self, Five Little Miracles
47. Galford Grey Galford Grey Actor, America's Cutest Puppies
48. Landyn Ferrill Landyn Ferrill Self, Five Little Miracles
49. Bruce Volders Bruce Volders Self, De Pfaffs
50. Bruno Campolo Jr. Bruno Campolo Jr. Actor, Surprise
1-50 of 57 names.