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1. Ella Anderson Ella Anderson Actress, Unfinished Business
2. Christian Distefano Christian Distefano Actor, Finding Christmas Christian has starred in commercials, TV series and feature films. Christian first caught the attention of the industry with his leading series Ronnie Realist promos for Teletoon Cartoon network at the age of 6. Among his biggest projects is the upcoming horror film Clown, produced by Eli Roth. Christian also co-starred in Cut Bank,with the opportunity to wok along side Liam Hemsworth...
3. Alana Thompson Alana Thompson Self, A Very Boo Halloween
4. Katie Silverman Katie Silverman Actress, Despicable Me 2 Katie Silverman was born in Los Angeles and by the age of three had taught herself to read. At four, she decided she would be an actress and documented her aspiration on a pre-school quilt. Her first role came in a stage production of Peter Pan at the Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts. Katie's love of acting continued to flourish and at six she appeared as Young Amelia on ABC's Private Practice...
5. Jessica Stevenson Jessica Stevenson Actress, Hardhome
6. Avery Phillips Avery Phillips Actress, Stockholm, Pennsylvania
7. Alyssa de Boisblanc Alyssa de Boisblanc Actress, Pilot: Whitley Strieber/Audrey Hewins
8. Chiara D'Ambrosio Chiara D'Ambrosio Actress, Feeding Mr. Baldwin
9. Cruz Beckham Cruz Beckham Self, Victoria Beckham: Coming to America
10. Zahara Jolie-Pitt Zahara Jolie-Pitt Actress, Maleficent
11. Quinn Dempsey Stiller Quinn Dempsey Stiller Actor, Megamind
12. Lola Rose Sheen Lola Rose Sheen Self, 20 Cutest Celebrity Babies
13. Gavin Kent Gavin Kent Actor, Labor Pains
14. Zach Mooney Zach Mooney Actor, The Magnificent Seven
15. Bianca D'Ambrosio Bianca D'Ambrosio Actress, Feeding Mr. Baldwin
16. Koko Koko Actor, Red Dog
17. Matilda Ledger Matilda Ledger Self, 20 Cutest Celebrity Babies
18. Félix Bossuet Félix Bossuet Actor, Belle and Sebastian
19. Namaiya Cunningham Namaiya Cunningham Self, Last Minute Halloween Costumes
20. Violet Affleck Violet Affleck Thanks, Argo
21. Olivia White Olivia White Actress, Domestic Import
22. Rhiannon Rodriguez Rhiannon Rodriguez Thanks, Planet Terror
23. Ava Williams Ava Williams Actress, The Labyrinth
24. Ava White Ava White Actress, Terror Trap
25. Sean Preston Sean Preston Self, I Am Britney Jean
26. Camden Brown Camden Brown Actor, Yes, We're Open
27. Johannah Duggar Johannah Duggar Self, 16 Children and Moving In
28. Laird Vonne Stone Laird Vonne Stone Self, Episode #14.204
29. Mack the Dog Mack the Dog Actor, Methodic Mack the Dog was born Carmen the pup, in May 2005. As a puppy he was owned by an abusive family who once had left him in a car with no rolled down windows all day during the summer. Mack nearly died of heat exhaustion and dehydration that day. At three months Mack was taken away to an animal shelter by the state of New Jersey...
30. Campbell Rose Campbell Rose Actress, One, Two, Three Love
31. Aidan Barker Aidan Barker Actor, Mystery Woman: Oh Baby
32. Nancy Boo Orchis-Evans Nancy Boo Orchis-Evans Actress, East Nancy Boo Orchis-Evans began her career in 2007 when, as a beauty queen she won thirty five titles. She then began modeling, featuring on boutique websites, pageantry sites, posters, websites, portfolios, exhibitions, film stills and in studios and published books. In 2008 Nancy released a CD, which included a song she wrote herself...
33. Caylee Anthony Caylee Anthony Uncategorised
34. Kyle Barker Kyle Barker Actor, Mystery Woman: Oh Baby
35. Lyndsey Bloise Lyndsey Bloise Actress, The Mystery of the Mobile Murder Lyndsey Bloise was born in New York, NY on the 23rd of November, 2005. Her Mom is a Business Event Planner who's into the Fashion World, However she spends most of her time with Lyndsey and supporting her in her career. She first got started in modeling when she was 3 years old, anywhere her mom would go...
36. Carolyn Rose Carolyn Rose Actress, One, Two, Three Love
37. Jeffrey Tarpley Jeffrey Tarpley Self, 500th Show
38. Olmo Teodoro Cuarón Olmo Teodoro Cuarón Thanks, Children of Men
39. Dylan Osmond Dylan Osmond Self, Episode dated 24 February 2006
40. Luke Madsen Luke Madsen Self, Michael Madsen's Video Diary (Hell Ride)
41. Rumle Riisom Rumle Riisom Actor, Min søsters børn i Afrika
42. Nathan Bortnick Nathan Bortnick Actor, Anything Is Possible
43. Hope Dever Hope Dever Actress, Episode #1.10999
44. Faith Dever Faith Dever Actress, Episode #1.10999
45. Chloe Carlson Chloe Carlson Actress, iLike Jake
46. Fahrenheit Fahrenheit Actor, Episode #1.21
47. Alec Coulouris Alec Coulouris Actor, Shadow People
48. Prins Christian Prins Christian Self, Zulu Royal 3: The Christening
49. Bella Carlson Bella Carlson Actress, The Road Warrior
50. Maniche Loupatty Maniche Loupatty Actor, Ver van familie
1-50 of 74 names.