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1. Jordyn Taylor Tracey Jordyn Taylor Tracey Actress, What Should You Do? 3' 4"
2. Anthea Pauli Anthea Pauli Actress, Der Alte 3' 5"
3. Andrew Sprague Andrew Sprague Self, A Glimpse of GOD'S Hand at Work 3' 8"
4. London Jones London Jones Actor, Danika 3' 8½"
5. Zoe Pauliks Zoe Pauliks Actress, Dan in Real Life 3' 9"
6. Leonard Altaras Leonard Altaras Actor, My Führer 3' 9¼"
7. Collin Noah Collin Noah Self, Frank - Der Weddingplaner 3' 9¼"
8. Ethan Jones Ethan Jones Actor, Danika 3' 9½"
9. Nicandro Thomas Nicandro Thomas Actor, The Matrix Reloaded 4'
10. Mia Angel Miller Mia Angel Miller Actress, The Devil's Tomb Mia Angel Miller was born in Florida. She moved to California with her family when she was 5 years old. Mia is very happy living in California where she trains very hard in Acting, Singing, Dance and Martial Arts. Mia has always been home schooled and was tested as one of the nations top readers for her age. 4'
11. Tristan Aldon Tristan Aldon Actor, Braquo 4'
12. Alina Geller Alina Geller Actress, Unter Verdacht 4'
13. Eliot Pasqualon Eliot Pasqualon Actor, Deux vies... plus une 4' 0¾"
14. Haley Nero Haley Nero Actress, Voices from the Graves Haley was born on March 14th 2000 at Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet, Illinois. She was a star from birth. She was a very good baby. She was in her first movie when she was four. The name of that movie was Little Pricks. She made a guest appearance in the hit TV series Prison Break. She has also worked as a stand in for that show... 4' 1"
15. Ryan Turner Ryan Turner 4' 1"
16. Daytona Hansen Daytona Hansen Actress, FC Venus 4' 1¼"
17. Lucy Cole Lucy Cole Actress, Ashes to Ashes 4' 2"
18. Luisa Mix Luisa Mix Actress, Unter Bauern 4' 2½"
19. Gia Pastorelli Gia Pastorelli Gia has done extensive musical theater shows, as she loves to sing and dance. In 2006, she made her debut in the music video "Angel", directed by Mike Lipscomb, for the Simon Cowell-produced British choral band, "Angelis". Gia loves animals and is an accomplished equestrian, in both English and Western, for her young age... 4' 3"
20. Cedric Eich Cedric Eich Actor, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 4' 3¼"
21. Layla Laberny Layla Laberny Actress, Tatort 4' 3¼"
22. McKay Ball McKay Ball Actress, Letters to God 4' 4"
23. Joél Etienne Thieme Joél Etienne Thieme Self, Mitten im Leben! 4' 4¼"
24. Christopher Ausburn Christopher Ausburn Actor, Opposite Day 4' 5"
25. Brooks McCauley Brooks McCauley Actor, Say Uncle 4' 5"
26. Paula Marie Rückert Paula Marie Rückert Actress, Die Erntehelferin 4' 5¼"
27. Antoine de Prekel Antoine de Prekel Actor, 14 Tagebücher des Ersten Weltkriegs 4' 5½"
28. Maja Sophie Rückert Maja Sophie Rückert Actress, Die Erntehelferin 4' 5½"
29. Hugo de Donno Hugo de Donno Actor, Tango 4' 5½"
30. Florian Goutiéras Florian Goutiéras Actor, Mic Macs à Tire-Larigot 4' 6"
31. Fabian Elias Huber Fabian Elias Huber Actor, Der Bergdoktor 4' 6¼"
32. Shelby Zemanek Shelby Zemanek Actress, Yes Man 4' 7"
33. Taylor Lee Gardner Taylor Lee Gardner Actress, Lyla Wolf: Infractus Taylor Lee Gardner is An American actress, born in Scottsdale, AZ in 2000. An energetic, versatile and charismatic actress that combines mature intelligence, youthful enthusiasm, and diverse character appearance, she has the ability to act a wide range of roles. Special skills include: basketball, soccer, ice skating, dance, swimming, gymnastics, singing... 4' 7"
34. Thibault Sérié Thibault Sérié Actor, The White Ribbon 4' 7"
35. Christina Murphy Christina Murphy Actress, 'Til Death Do Us Part 4' 8"
36. Jannik Wolff Jannik Wolff Self, Guten Abend RTL 4' 8¾"
37. Kylian Miet Kylian Miet Actor, Sa raison d'être 4' 9"
38. Laura Ann Kesling Laura Ann Kesling Actress, Bedtime Stories 4' 11"
39. Ranya Jaber Ranya Jaber Actress, Two Bedrooms 4' 11"
40. Mima Ito Mima Ito Actress, Keishichô 0 gakari: Seikatsu anzen ka nandemo sôdanshitsu 4' 11"
41. Ashley Boettcher Ashley Boettcher Actress, Lost in Oz 4' 11"
42. Mymy Huynh Mymy Huynh Actress, Østkant/Vestkant 4' 11"
43. Carly Jordan Pancher Carly Jordan Pancher Actress, Passions 4' 11½"
44. Mercedes Jadea Diaz Mercedes Jadea Diaz Actress, Wickie und die starken Männer 4' 11¾"
45. Piper Mackenzie Harris Piper Mackenzie Harris Actress, G-Force 5'
46. Laurie Hernandez Laurie Hernandez Actress, Stuck in the Middle 5'
47. Adam Hamza Adam Hamza 5'
48. Connie Talbot Connie Talbot Actress, Connie Talbot's Holiday Magic 5' 0½"
49. Rebecca Korn Rebecca Korn Actress, In Joe We Trust 5' 0½"
50. Kaori Sakamoto Kaori Sakamoto Self, Dreams on Ice 2017 5' 0½"
1-50 of 530 names.