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801. Tony Woods Tony Woods Self, 1989 NFL Draft 14 March 1966
802. Robert Bingham Robert Bingham Producer, The Mark of Cain 14 March 1966
803. Matteo Molinari Matteo Molinari Writer, Drive in 14 March 1966
804. Krzysztof Gluchowski Krzysztof Gluchowski Actor, Duze zwierze 14 March 1966
805. Chris Bruno Chris Bruno Actor, The Dead Zone Christopher Malcolm Bruno was born in New Haven Connecticut. He grew up in the small town of Milford with his mother but spent a substantial amount of time with his father on Manhattan's Upper West Side of New York City. Surrounded by the allure of New York and all its offerings, Chris developed an appreciation for the arts but had no intention of pursuing it as a career... 15 March 1966
806. Tonya Lewis Lee Tonya Lewis Lee Producer, The Watsons Go to Birmingham 15 March 1966
807. Tony Clark Tony Clark Miscellaneous Crew, The Great Buck Howard 15 March 1966
808. Nick Spetsiotis Nick Spetsiotis Miscellaneous Crew, Titanic 15 March 1966
809. Mathias Farrugia Mathias Farrugia Miscellaneous Crew, Callas Forever 15 March 1966
810. Armando Peralta Armando Peralta Music Department, Que me entierren con la banda Gregory Armando Peralta was Born in Wilmington in Delaware 1966, to Patent Victor Armando Peralta and Rosalie Mykut. His father was an immigrant from Argentina descending from a lineage of humble hard working people both his father Juan De la Cruz Peralta a genuine Argentine Gaucho and his Mother Victoria Pico daughter of Italian Immigrants from the Venice Udine region of Italy... 15 March 1966
811. Stefania Pecchini Stefania Pecchini Actress, Sei tutto quello che voglio 15 March 1966
812. Dorota Chotecka Dorota Chotecka Actress, Dzien swira 15 March 1966
813. Pilar Delgado Pilar Delgado Actress, La mafia tiembla Pilar Delgado was born in 1966 into the arms of her father, revolutionary Gynecologist & Obstretician, Miguel Delgado Contreras, Md. She attended the INBA (National Institute for Arts) in Mexico, studied Classical & Contemporary Dance. Later, she began her acting carrer on TV and participated in several sit-coms for Televisa. 15 March 1966
814. Frank Wegerhoff Frank Wegerhoff Visual Effects, The Patriot Since the beginnings of digital post-production, Frank Wegerhoff began his activities as Digital Artist for theatrical-releases and TV in New-Zealand. The big step towards feature-film projects was taken as digital artist and technical director for two successful international productions directed by Sir Peter Jackson... 15 March 1966
815. Georgia Satelle Georgia Satelle Actress, Let's Make a Deal 15 March 1966
816. Mervyn King Mervyn King Self, Bullseye 15 March 1966
817. Johannes Steck Johannes Steck Actor, In aller Freundschaft 15 March 1966
818. Matt Weimer Matt Weimer Actor, 1954 Alcatraz 15 March 1966
819. Olivier Coullerez Olivier Coullerez Producer, Rallye Müvmedia 15 March 1966
820. Rodney Peete Rodney Peete Self, The 22nd Annual Movieguide Awards 16 March 1966
821. Ted Ludzik Ted Ludzik Actor, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium 16 March 1966
822. Jan Willem van den Brink Jan Willem van den Brink Sound Department, Komt een vrouw bij de dokter 16 March 1966
823. Eckhard Dilssner Eckhard Dilssner Actor, Der Tanz mit dem Teufel - Die Entführung des Richard Oetker 16 March 1966
824. Jean-Marc Moutout Jean-Marc Moutout Director, Violence des échanges en milieu tempéré 16 March 1966
825. Robert Ninkiewicz Robert Ninkiewicz Actor, Uklad zamkniety 16 March 1966
826. Ilkka Koivula Ilkka Koivula Actor, Laitakaupungin valot 16 March 1966
827. Federico Foti Federico Foti Production Manager, Gangs of New York 16 March 1966
828. Robert Borwick Robert Borwick Actor, Great Performances Raised in Peoria, Illinois, Bob received his BFA in Theatre at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He moved to the San Francisco area and continued pursuing theatre, beginning his study as a stage combat instructor. He taught under the guidance of Richard Lane at The Academy of the Sword from 1993-2000... 16 March 1966
829. Kirstin Loorits Kirstin Loorits Actress, Karoliine hõbelõng 16 March 1966
830. Catarina Pollini Catarina Pollini Self, She Got Game: The Movie 16 March 1966
831. Jeremy Sheffield Jeremy Sheffield Actor, Hollyoaks 17 March 1966
832. José Garcia José Garcia Actor, Now You See Me 17 March 1966
833. Patrick Salmon Patrick Salmon Producer, Computer Love 17 March 1966
834. Chris Steele Chris Steele Director, Taking Flight 2 17 March 1966
835. Tristan Paris Bourne Tristan Paris Bourne Art Department, Spider-Man 17 March 1966
836. Zoe Zanidakis Zoe Zanidakis Self, Survivor 17 March 1966
837. Kerry Dustin Kerry Dustin Actress, Die Hard Dracula 17 March 1966
838. Steve Bucknall Steve Bucknall Self, The Real Hustle 17 March 1966
839. David Gutknecht David Gutknecht Production Manager, Kennen Sie Ihren Liebhaber? 17 March 1966
840. Martina Guse Martina Guse Actress, In the Name of Innocence 17 March 1966
841. Brad Ginther Brad Ginther Actor, The Being 17 March 1966
842. Jerry Cantrell Jerry Cantrell Soundtrack, The Cable Guy 18 March 1966
843. Peter Jones Peter Jones Self, Dragons' Den Peter is one of the UK's most successful entrepreneurs and became a television celebrity through his appearances on the BBC Two show Dragons' Den and on his American television show American Inventor. He is Chairman and Chief Executive of Phones International Group, steering and driving them forward as one of the UK's most successful and fastest-growing telecommunications businesses... 18 March 1966
844. Aaron Coleman Aaron Coleman Actor, A Distant Thunder Aaron was born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens New York. Aaron graduated from the High School of Art and Design in 1984 and got his BFA in Cartooning/Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in 1988. He has performed at "Radio City Music Hall", "Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts", "Black Spectrum Theater"... 18 March 1966
845. Anne Will Anne Will Self, Parlazzo 18 March 1966
846. Fiorenza Cedolins Fiorenza Cedolins Actress, La Rondine 18 March 1966
847. Marta Bobo Marta Bobo Self, Escuela del deporte 18 March 1966
848. Curt Chiarelli Curt Chiarelli Art Department, Robot Chicken Curt Chiarelli has been providing innovative design, sculpture and illustration services for the Motion Picture/Television, Toy/Collectible, Interactive Video Game and Museum Exhibit industries for nearly 20 years. A native born and bred Chicagoan, Curt began his career early at the age of 20 when he was contacted to create storyboards for McDonalds Corporation... 18 March 1966
849. Lisa Masterson Lisa Masterson Self, The Doctors 19 March 1966
850. Rodney Bell Rodney Bell Actor, Snowy River: The McGregor Saga Rodney Bell was born in Sydney, Australia. He attended the prestigious NIDA (National Institute for Dramatic Arts) and followed an acting course for people who were already active in the business. He graduated in 1988. His debut on stage was in a Shakespeare play when he was eight years old. Rodney's television debut was in the children's television series "The lost Islands" in 1976... 19 March 1966
801-850 of 4,199 names.