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351. Joey Silvera Joey Silvera Actor, 9½ Weeks Now entering his fourth decade in the porn business, versatile Joey Silvera combines staying power with a comic flair and camera appeal. Silvera has played both starring roles as well as support roles in films since 1973. To get an idea of his scope, Joey has performed for (and with) such female porn icons as Jennifer Welles and Seka in the 1970s...
352. Pat Cardi Pat Cardi Actor, Battle for the Planet of the Apes Producer/Writer/Director Pat Cardamone has provided production services to countless broadcast, corporate, industrial, and transactional media clients. His career in the television and motion picture business has been a life-long passion. Pat's career began early as a busy working child actor using the name "Pat Cardi" ...
353. Mike Gomez Mike Gomez Actor, The Big Lebowski
354. Marnie Mosiman Marnie Mosiman Actress, Princess Mononoke
355. Hülya Darcan Hülya Darcan Actress, Dirilis: Ertugrul
356. Janet Eilber Janet Eilber Actress, The Craft Janet Eilber's role in Romantic Comedy follows her auspicious motion picture debut as the girlfriend of Richard Dreyfuss in MGM's "Whose LIfe Is It Anyway?" (1981)_, a powerful and witty drama adapted from Brian Clark's long-running Broadway and London stage hit. Although a newcomer to films, Janet...
357. Jackie Jackson Jackie Jackson Soundtrack, The Running Man
358. Gina Gillespie Gina Gillespie Actress, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
359. Mark Hudson Mark Hudson Music Department, Dog the Bounty Hunter
360. David Gautreaux David Gautreaux Actor, Star Trek: The Motion Picture David Gautreaux is an award-winning theater actor/director and a frequent guest star on many popular TV series. Most recently he has appeared on _2014 "Rake"; Hawaii 5-0; Castle; 2013- "Rules of Engagement"; "Body of Proof"; the Lifetime Movie "Left to Die"; "Damages" the final season. His first feature was Star Trek: The Motion Picture...
361. Walter F. Parkes Walter F. Parkes Producer, Gladiator
362. Mimi Sarkisian Mimi Sarkisian Actress, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
363. Skip Bayless Skip Bayless Self, ESPN First Take
364. Nick Glennie-Smith Nick Glennie-Smith Music Department, The Lion King
365. Max Born Max Born Actor, Fellini Satyricon
366. Michael Rupert Michael Rupert Actor, A Boy and His Dog He was an adopted child, and he also has an adopted sister. Michael Rupert has received 3 Tony nominations for Sweet Charity ('86), The Happy Time ('68), and Falsettos ('92). He resides in New York City, and in addition to acting, he also writes, composes, and directs plays. He received the Drama Desk Award nomination for Best Play in 1985, for the play, Three Guys Naked From the Waist Down.
367. Phillip Chung-Fung Kwok Phillip Chung-Fung Kwok Actor, Tomorrow Never Dies
368. Sean Daniel Sean Daniel Producer, The Mummy Sean Daniel, p.g.a. is a film industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience as both a producer and studio executive. Daniel joined Universal Pictures in 1976. In 1985, at the age of 34, he became the youngest production president in the studio's history, a position he held for 5 years. Daniel...
369. Patricia Barnstable Patricia Barnstable Actress, Quark Lovely, sunny, and vibrant blonde bombshell Patricia Barnstable was born on May 23, 1951 in Louisville, Kentucky. She's the identical twin sister of Cyb Barnstable and the daughter of Dale and Wilma Barnstable. Patricia graduated from Seneca High School in Louisville, Kentucky in 1969. In 1971 she was...
370. Kim Milford Kim Milford Actor, Laserblast Richard Kim Milford was an actor-singer-songwriter-composer-dancer who first appeared in SummerStock Theatre in Chicago at age 10. At age 17 he was in the original staging of Hair (he played Woof and Claude). In 1970 he was awarded the Faith and Freedom Award by the Religious Heritage of America for his portrayal of the Prodigal Son in ABC Directories series "Round Trip"...
371. Kelly Stewart Kelly Stewart Self, The 100 Greatest Family Films
372. Patricia Mattick Patricia Mattick Actress, The Beguiled
373. Bob DeBrino Bob DeBrino Producer, Find Me Guilty Bob DeBrino is a member of the Producers, Director's and Writers Guilds of America. He has developed many quality Film and TV projects and has completed several major feature films and TV pilots. He maintains the dramatic rights to several literary properties such as, The Last Testament of Lucky Luciano (by Martin Gosch and Richard Hammer)...
374. Susan Melvin Susan Melvin Actress, The Wacky World of Mother Goose
375. J. Cynthia Brooks J. Cynthia Brooks Actress, Days of Our Lives
376. Kelly G. Crawford Kelly G. Crawford Visual Effects, From Hell
377. Linda Wong Linda Wong Actress, Easy Alice San Francisco-born Linda Wong was the first Asian to become a star in the adult film industry. She broke into porn in the mid-'70s--one of her pre-porn jobs was as a staffer in the office of famed San Francisco attorney Melvin Belli--and her sultry, exotic and striking looks and full-throttle performances captivated audiences virtually from the beginning...
378. Anthony Forrest Anthony Forrest Actor, The Spy Who Loved Me A Canadian actor, writer/director and composer from Montreal, Canada. Best known for his two roles in 'Star Wars - A New Hope', as the Jedi Mind-Tricked Sandtrooper and Fixer a friend of Luke Skywalker. He attended St. Thomas High School, Dawson and Vanier Colleges, Montreal. His first public performance at 15 was in a two hand stage production at the Israeli Pavilion...
379. Kay Mellor Kay Mellor Writer, Playing the Field
380. Brenda Hampton Brenda Hampton Writer, 7th Heaven
381. Unshô Ishizuka Unshô Ishizuka Actor, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
382. Bruce Phillips Bruce Phillips Actor, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
383. Moni Moshonov Moni Moshonov Actor, We Own the Night
384. Kent Cheng Kent Cheng Actor, Ip Man 2
385. Bonnie Ebsen Bonnie Ebsen Actress, The Paradise Connection
386. Dave Spikey Dave Spikey Self, Bullseye
387. Vera Fischer Vera Fischer Actress, The Clone
388. Brent Carver Brent Carver Actor, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
389. Zeudi Araya Cristaldi Zeudi Araya Cristaldi Actress, Hearts and Armour
390. Tim Munro Tim Munro Actor, A Christmas Carol
391. Andrzej Wasilewicz Andrzej Wasilewicz Actor, Nie ma mocnych
392. John Deacon John Deacon Soundtrack, Iron Man 2
393. Harry Ford Harry Ford Camera and Electrical Department, Carlito's Way
394. Ben Carson Ben Carson Self, CBS News Republican Presidential Debate
395. Elizabeth Omilami Elizabeth Omilami Actress, The Blind Side Elisabeth Williams-Omilami has been "on the battlefield for her Lord", for over 30 years. Beginning as a very young girl, she accompanied her father, noted civil rights leader, Dr. Hosea Williams on marches and in movements across the south. Her "jailed for Freedom" record includes, being the first...
396. Arthur Wild Arthur Wild Actor, Z Cars
397. Socorro Santiago Socorro Santiago Actress, All My Children
398. Fred Schneider Fred Schneider Soundtrack, Knocked Up
399. Brad Maule Brad Maule Actor, General Hospital Brad Maule was graduated from Stephen F. Austin College cum laude with a B.F.A. in theater and English. He grew up on a farm in rural west Texas where he attended one of the few remaining country schools with an enrollment of 150 students in twelve grades. Maule's theatre credits include Billy Barnes' musical revue...
400. Tonie Marshall Tonie Marshall Writer, Vénus beauté (institut) She is the daughter of the French actress Micheline Presle and the American actor/director William Marshall, who appeared in such 40s and 50s films as "Knute Rockne, All American." As a child, Tonie saw her mother "doing movies and getting invited everywhere", and the life of an actress impressed her...
351-400 of 3,303 names.