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651. Manfred Zapatka Manfred Zapatka Actor, Das Himmler Projekt
652. John Saul John Saul Writer, The God Project
653. Al Dacascos Al Dacascos Stunts, Showdown in Manila
654. Linda Bennett Linda Bennett Actress, Creature with the Atom Brain
655. Stanley Bates Stanley Bates Actor, Rainbow
656. Sergey Shakurov Sergey Shakurov Actor, Brezhnev
657. Carl Douglas Carl Douglas Soundtrack, Beverly Hills Ninja Carl Douglas was born in 1942 in Jamaica. He grew up in both Jamaica and California. Douglas eventually moved to England to study sound engineering. In 1964 Carl formed the group the Big Stampede, which released two singles in Britain. In 1966 Douglas formed another band called the Explosions while living in Spain...
658. Patricia Viterbo Patricia Viterbo Actress, Le judoka, agent secret
659. Martyn Friend Martyn Friend Director, Summer's Lease
660. Stephanie Randall Stephanie Randall Actress, The Saint
661. Michel Creton Michel Creton Actor, Brigade antigangs
662. Claudia Wedekind Claudia Wedekind Actress, Der Idiot
663. Kôichi Kawakita Kôichi Kawakita Special Effects, Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
664. Su Douglas Su Douglas Actress, Carry on Columbus
665. Hiroyuki Sakai Hiroyuki Sakai Actor, Ai no mukidashi
666. Gwenn Mitchell Gwenn Mitchell Actress, Shaft
667. Yolande Bavan Yolande Bavan Actress, Parting Glances
668. Kathleen Collins Kathleen Collins Writer, The Cruz Brothers and Miss Malloy
669. Eusébio Eusébio Self, Eusébio, la Pantera Negra
670. Wolf Gremm Wolf Gremm Director, Kamikaze 89
671. Karen Sunde Karen Sunde Actress, Mayflower: The Pilgrims' Adventure
672. Adrian Roberts Adrian Roberts Actor, The Rainmaker
673. Michele Massimo Tarantini Michele Massimo Tarantini Writer, Stringimi forte papà
674. Ken'ichi Ogata Ken'ichi Ogata Actor, Inuyasha
675. Zafer Ergin Zafer Ergin Actor, Kurtlar Vadisi
676. Glenn Saxson Glenn Saxson Actor, Kriminal
677. Ewa Wisniewska Ewa Wisniewska Actress, With Fire and Sword
678. Margaret Teele Margaret Teele Actress, The Human Duplicators Margaret Teele (born Margaret J. Poby, 5 November 1942 in Joliet, Illinois) and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In one of the local high school productions, "The King and I", Teele played Tony Shalhoub's mother. Margaret retired from acting after getting married and starting a family. She now resides in Houston, TX.
679. Jean-Patrick Manchette Jean-Patrick Manchette Writer, The Gunman
680. Luree Holmes Luree Holmes Actress, How to Stuff a Wild Bikini
681. Lynda Petty Lynda Petty Actress, Cars
682. Sevda Ferdag Sevda Ferdag Actress, Agir Roman
683. Erica Eaton Erica Eaton Actress, Call Me Angel, Sir
684. William N. Panzer William N. Panzer Producer, Highlander II: The Quickening
685. Christopher Neame Christopher Neame Producer, Great Performances Christopher Neame was a successful film and television producer and writer who was behind a string of popular television series. He represented the third generation of a remarkable dynasty that has made its mark in the cinema and television world. He was been active for over forty years in cinema and television production before his retirement to Provence, France in 2004...
686. Barbara Minkus Barbara Minkus Actress, Pac-Man
687. Patrick Farrow Patrick Farrow Actor, The Loretta Young Show
688. David Gergen David Gergen Actor, 18 in '08
689. Teri Janssen Teri Janssen Actress, Michael Shayne
690. Frank Orsatti Frank Orsatti Actor, Maverick Stuntman and actor Frank Harry Orsatti was born on February 26, 1942 in Los Angeles, California. The son of St. Louis Cardinals center fielder Ernie Orsatti and opera singer Inez Gorman, Frank was also drafted into the Cardinals, but an injury during training prevented him from playing. Orsatti subsequently joined the Merchant Marines and worked on freighters for ten years...
691. Sabine Sinjen Sabine Sinjen Actress, Marili
692. Bernard Stora Bernard Stora Writer, Un dérangement considérable
693. Nahed Sherif Nahed Sherif Actress, Zi'ab la ta'kol al lahm
694. Huey P. Newton Huey P. Newton Self, Runaway America Huey P. Newton, the co-founder and inspirational leader of the Black Panther Party, was born in Monroe, Louisiana, on February 17, 1942. He was named after governor Huey P. Long. Newton's family moved to Oakland, California early in his childhood. He attended Merritt College, earning an Associate of Arts degree. He also studied law at Oakland City College and at San Francisco Law School...
695. Jorge Ben Jor Jorge Ben Jor Soundtrack, É Proibido Fumar
696. Luca Magnani Luca Magnani Self, Children of Rome Open City
697. Stephenie McMillan Stephenie McMillan Set Decorator, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
698. Randy Kirby Randy Kirby Actor, Pink Cadillac
699. Ronnie Haran Ronnie Haran Actress, Come September
700. Carlos Bonavides Carlos Bonavides Actor, Noche de buitres
651-700 of 3,522 names.