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1. Edmund Gwenn Edmund Gwenn Actor, The Trouble with Harry There are very few character actors from the 1930s, '40s or '50s who rose to the rank of stardom. Only a rare man or woman reached the level of renown and admiration, and had enough audience appeal, to be the first name in a cast's billing, a name that got marquee posting. Charles Coburn comes to mind, but there aren't many others. However, one who made it was Edmund Gwenn...
2. Charles Coburn Charles Coburn Actor, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes A cigar-smoking, monocled, swag-bellied character actor known for his Old South manners and charm. In 1918 he and his first wife formed the Coburn Players and appeared on Broadway in many plays. With her death in 1937, he accepted a Hollywood contract and began making films at the age of sixty.
3. O.P. Heggie O.P. Heggie Actor, Bride of Frankenstein
4. Russell Simpson Russell Simpson Actor, The Grapes of Wrath His grim, beady-eyed, sharp-nosed, weatherbeaten face was always familiar despite the small roles he appeared in. Every once in a while character actor Russell Simpson would stand out in a small scene, but his main purpose seemed to be adding rustic authenticity to his westerns or small-town dramas...
5. Claire McDowell Claire McDowell Actress, The Big Parade
6. Josephine Hull Josephine Hull Actress, Arsenic and Old Lace Josephine Sherwood changed her name after marrying stage actor Shelly Hull in 1910. She studied drama at Radcliffe College -- much to the dismay of her parents -- and first worked on the stage in a stock company in Boston. Her husband died in 1919, aged 35, of Spanish influenza. Josephine left the...
7. Chief John Big Tree Chief John Big Tree Actor, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
8. Robert Homans Robert Homans Actor, The Grapes of Wrath Homans was born 8 November 1877 in Malden, Essex, Massachusetts. His father was Walter Homans who was born 1850 in Massachusetts and his mother was Laura Lampsen born 1853 in Massachusetts. He married Agnes Mary Josephine Mellon who was born in Kingston, Canada. They had a daughter Roberta Eleanor Homans born 20 February 1910 in New York City...
9. Sam Harris Sam Harris Actor, The Spirit of Gallipoli
10. Halliwell Hobbes Halliwell Hobbes Actor, Gaslight Born at Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford-on-Avon, Halliwell Hobbes could perhaps not aspire to anything else but to be an actor. He made his stage debut in 1898 playing Shakespearean repertory with the famous acting company of Sir Frank Benson throughout England. Among others he played opposite Mrs...
11. Isadora Duncan Isadora Duncan Writer, Isadora Isadora Duncan was an American dancer and innovative educator known for interdisciplinary and cross-cultural projects, and a hectic marriage to the famous Russian poet Sergei Esenin. She was born Isador 'Dora' Angela Duncan on May 26, 1877, in San Francisco, California. Her father, Joseph Duncan...
12. Gibson Gowland Gibson Gowland Actor, The Phantom of the Opera
13. Nigel De Brulier Nigel De Brulier Actor, The Hunchback of Notre Dame British-born Nigel De Brulier's long career began in silent films, but unlike many performers of that era, he managed to successfully transition into sound films. His authoritarian and somewhat regal bearing was perfect for the many bishops, cardinals, knights and other authority figures he often played (he portrayed Cardinal Richelieu four times: in The Three Musketeers...
14. Hermann Hesse Hermann Hesse Writer, Siddhartha
15. Sidney Bracey Sidney Bracey Actor, The Cameraman
16. Maurice Costello Maurice Costello Actor, Fellow Voyagers
17. George Melford George Melford Director, Drácula
18. J. Searle Dawley J. Searle Dawley Director, Frankenstein J. Searle Dawley, the man who considered himself "the first motion picture director", was born James Searle Dawley on May 13, 1877, in Del Norte, Colorado. He was educated in Denver, and after graduating in 1895, became an actor with Louis Morrison's stock theatrical company. The tour he was hired for was canceled...
19. Olga Roderick Olga Roderick Actress, Freaks Olga Roderick, Madame Olga, was born Jane Barnell in Wilmington, NC on January 3, 1871 (or February 28, 1877, depending on the source). Her father was a Russian Jew and her mother Catawba Indian. According to historians, she was growing hair by the age of two and was bearded at four. Her deformity caused her mother to believe that Jane was bewitched...
20. Bruno Eichgrün Bruno Eichgrün Actor, Erzgauner
21. John Larkin John Larkin Actor, Hearts Divided
22. David Burton David Burton Director, Fighting Caravans
23. Paul Irving Paul Irving Actor, The Great Ziegfeld
24. George Atkinson George Atkinson Actor, The Conquering Power
25. Barlowe Borland Barlowe Borland Actor, The Hound of the Baskervilles
26. Landers Stevens Landers Stevens Actor, Shadows of Conscience
27. Frank Austin Frank Austin Actor, Almost Human
28. Myra Keaton Myra Keaton Actress, Love Nest on Wheels
29. Norman Macowan Norman Macowan Actor, The City of the Dead
30. May Wallace May Wallace Actress, County Hospital
31. Rose Dione Rose Dione Actress, Freaks Rose Dione was born October 22, 1875 in Paris, France. Also known as Rosa Dione, Madame Dione and Madamoiselle Dion, there is very little information about her life, but her first appearance in films was in the 1910 French short subject Fleur des Maquis (Flower of the Maquis). She appeared in 68 films from 1910 until 1932...
32. Rex Beach Rex Beach Writer, The Spoilers Michigan-born Rex Beach was on his way to becoming a lawyer before the Alaska Gold Rush caught his attention and he headed there to make his fortune. Unfortunately, five years later he was still looking for it and, realizing that he wasn't going to find it in gold prospecting, he turned to writing. His first and probably best-known novel...
33. Fanny Schreck Fanny Schreck Actress, Der Herr im Haus
34. Lloyd C. Douglas Lloyd C. Douglas Writer, The Robe
35. Sydney Booth Sydney Booth Actor, The Three Musketeers: Part 1
36. William Clifford William Clifford Actor, The Kiss of Mary Jane
37. Vladimir Gardin Vladimir Gardin Actor, Slesar i kantsler
38. James Montgomery Flagg James Montgomery Flagg Writer, The Good Sport James Montgomery Flagg created the original Uncle Sam "I WANT YOU". Although most researches will refer to JMF as the model of the original Uncle Sam, nothing could be farther from the truth. In 1916, JMF reluctantly accepted a 4th of July project by Leslie Magazine, and eventually found his Uncle Sam one rainy night on a train bound for Parris Island...
39. Raymond Roussel Raymond Roussel Writer, Impressions d'Afrique
40. Lionel Pape Lionel Pape Actor, The Philadelphia Story
41. Eduardo Arozamena Eduardo Arozamena Actor, Drácula
42. Karl Platen Karl Platen Actor, M
43. Fletcher Norton Fletcher Norton Actor, The Big House
44. Charles R. Bowers Charles R. Bowers Director, Now You Tell One Charley Bowers led an extraordinary life even prior to getting involved with motion pictures. Supposedly kidnapped by circus performers at age six, he became an accomplished tightrope walker before returning home two years later. He did all types of work over the years, including circus jobs, theatrical work...
45. Florence Gill Florence Gill Actress, The Reluctant Dragon
46. Helen Ware Helen Ware Actress, Morning Glory
47. Bodil Rosing Bodil Rosing Actress, Sunrise
48. Otto Gebühr Otto Gebühr Actor, The Golem
49. René Navarre René Navarre Actor, Fantômas: In the Shadow of the Guillotine
50. Georg af Klercker Georg af Klercker Director, Nattliga toner
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