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1. Edwin S. Porter Edwin S. Porter Director, The Whole Dam Family and the Dam Dog In the late 1890s Porter worked as both a projectionist and mechanic, eventually becoming director and cameraman for the Edison Manufacturing Company. Influenced by both the "Brighton school" and the story films of Georges Méliès, Porter went on to make important shorts such as Life of an American Fireman and The Great Train Robbery...
2. Richard Bennett Richard Bennett Actor, The Magnificent Ambersons
3. V.I. Lenin V.I. Lenin Writer, The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty
4. Lon Poff Lon Poff Actor, Isn't Life Terrible?
5. Eva Moore Eva Moore Actress, The Old Dark House
6. Felipa Gómez Felipa Gómez Actress, Key Largo
7. Charles Sellon Charles Sellon Actor, Bright Eyes
8. Norman McKinnel Norman McKinnel Actor, When Boys Leave Home
9. Dhundiraj Govind Phalke Dhundiraj Govind Phalke Director, Raja Harishchandra Dadasaaheb Phalke was born in 1870 in Trymbakeshwar in Nasik. He was born to a Sanskrit scholar, he studied at J.J. college of Art in Bombay and at Kala Bhavan, Baroda. He then studied architecture and became landscape painter of academic nature studies. He worked in a photographic studio and at Ratlam learned three-colour block making and ceramics...
10. Lawrence Grant Lawrence Grant Actor, Shanghai Express As a young boy in England, Lawrence Grant became a great admirer of the Native American peoples. He devoured every book or article he could get his hands on relating to their culture and history. Years later Grant got the opportunity to spend some months living with several Native American tribes in Wyoming and Montana...
11. Edward LeSaint Edward LeSaint Actor, Modern Times LeSaint started his stage career while still a child in Philadelphia. He moved to Hollywood in 1912 to work in the movies. Edward often played judges or college professors in films.
12. Edward Ellis Edward Ellis Actor, Fury Character actor in films, often portraying strident types, he is best remembered cast as "The Thin Man" (actually, "Wynant") of the hit 1934 MGM film. He Ellis was active on Broadway as an actor, producer and playwright from 1905-32 (see "Other Works"). He died in Beverly Hills, CA at age 81 in 1952.
13. Lewis J. Selznick Lewis J. Selznick Miscellaneous Crew, A Pair of Silk Stockings Lewis J. Selznick, one of the pioneers of studio film production and the father of Oscar-winning Gone with the Wind producer David O. Selznick, was born Lewis Zeleznik in Kiev, Ukraine, Russian Empire, into a poor Jewish family with 18 children. Selznick migrated to London at the age of 12, and then to the US, eventually winding up as a small-time jeweler in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...
14. Claude Gillingwater Claude Gillingwater Actor, The Prisoner of Shark Island Tall, balding character actor in US films from 1921 until the year he died, usually portraying obstinate or irascible types.
15. Frank Terry Frank Terry Writer, Movie Crazy Frank Terry toured Europe and Asia on the legitimate stage professionally known as "Nat Clifford". He came back to America and became a comedy gag man for silent film comedies. He became somewhat notorious for an unfortunate incident that occured on August 24th, 1919 in a movie studio in Downtown Los Angeles...
16. Ivan Bunin Ivan Bunin Writer, Meshcherskie Ivan Bunin was the first Russian writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature (1933). He was born Ivan Alekseevich Bunin on October 22, 1870 on his ancestral estate near Voronezh, Russia. His father, Aleksei Bunin, and his mother, were descendants of several lines of old nobility that included Russian landed gentry and Luthuanian knights...
17. Albert Fish Albert Fish Uncategorised
18. Marie Ault Marie Ault Actress, The Lodger
19. Samuel Adams Samuel Adams Actor, Treasure Blues
20. Marcus Loew Marcus Loew Producer, The Saphead His film resume belies the fact that he was the most important man in motion pictures at the time of his death. Born as Max Loew in New York City to a poverty-stricken Viennese waiter, his life could've easily gone the the way of many boys of the east side slums, except that he was hyper-enterprising...
21. Nelson McDowell Nelson McDowell Actor, The Dawn Rider
22. Enrique Acosta Enrique Acosta Actor, Monerías
23. Franz Lehár Franz Lehár Soundtrack, U-571
24. D'Arcy Corrigan D'Arcy Corrigan Actor, The Informer
25. O.B. Clarence O.B. Clarence Actor, Great Expectations Stocky, bespectacled English character actor, whose career began in the music halls. Educated at Dover College, Oliver Burchett Clarence acted in repertory theatre from 1890. He then worked as a member of actor-manager Frank Benson's troupe for a number of years. During the First World War, he served as a special constable...
26. Jack Richardson Jack Richardson Actor, Trial Marriage
27. Emma Tansey Emma Tansey Actress, Young Oldfield
28. Arnold Korff Arnold Korff Actor, The Haunted Castle
29. Alexandre Benois Alexandre Benois Costume Designer, Nureyev and the Joffrey Ballet/In Tribute to Nijinsky Alexandr Nikolaevich Benois was born May 4, 1870 in St. Petersburg, Russia into the family of Italian, Russian and French ancestry. His father, named Nikolai Leontievich Benois was the famous architect of the Imperial Mariinsky Opera House in St. Petersburg and also built many other historic landmarks...
30. Harry Lauder Harry Lauder Soundtrack, Random Harvest
31. Pierre Louÿs Pierre Louÿs Writer, That Obscure Object of Desire Louÿs' refined evocations, not to say re-inventions, of the society of Hellenistic Greece proved extremely popular in both France and the English speaking world, especially due to the somewhat risque nature of such works as Aphrodite (1896) and Les Chansons de Bilitis (1894). He lived his entire life in Paris...
32. Charles Hill Mailes Charles Hill Mailes Actor, The New York Hat
33. Anders Randolf Anders Randolf Actor, The Black Pirate Anders Randolf was born Anders Randrup in Denmark 1870. His parents were Matthius Randrup and Kristine Jensen. He had a number of siblings - two of which were sisters Kirstine Randrup born in 1884 and Jensine Marie Randrup born 1880. He grew up on Old Rybjergaard farm, living with an Aunt rather than his parents. Her name was Marie (Randrup) and she was married to Anders Kristian Jensen...
34. William Welsh William Welsh Actor, The Shock
35. Glen MacDonough Glen MacDonough Writer, Babes in Toyland
36. Wright Kramer Wright Kramer Actor, Before I Hang
37. Arturo Ambrosio Arturo Ambrosio Producer, The Last Days of Pompeii
38. George Ovey George Ovey Actor, Fireman, Save My Gal!
39. Hector Hugh Munro Hector Hugh Munro Writer, Sredni Vashtar
40. David Wall David Wall Actor, Captain Swift
41. Queenie Vassar Queenie Vassar Actress, Primrose Path Coming to the U.S. in 1884, Vassar performed as a musical/comic star during the 1890s. She played in "The Lady of the Slipper; Or, A Modern Cinderella" which opened at the Globe Theatre in New York in 1912 and ran for 232 performances.
42. Thomas Braidon Thomas Braidon Actor, The Great Adventure
43. Joe Harris Joe Harris Actor, The Face Most Fair American Western actor of silent pictures. Born of Irish stock in Lewiston, Maine, USA, Harris became friends with Western star Harry Carey, for whom he worked as a hired hand and with whom he appeared in approximately twenty silent Westerns. Harris lived with Carey and his family for decades. He died in 1953, aged 82.
44. Robert Horton Robert Horton Actor, Murder at the Baskervilles
45. Oscar Straus Oscar Straus Composer, The Earrings of Madame de...
46. Frederick Truesdell Frederick Truesdell Actor, No Show for the Chauffeur
47. Pomeroy Cannon Pomeroy Cannon Actor, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
48. Ernest Lawford Ernest Lawford Actor, The Fighter
49. Frank Dawson Frank Dawson Actor, The Woman in the Window
50. William McCall William McCall Actor, His Marriage Wow
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