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1. Marie Dressler Marie Dressler Actress, Dinner at Eight Once you saw her, you would not forget her. Despite her age and weight, she became one of the top box office draws of the sound era. She was 14 when she joined a theater group and she went on to work on stage and in light opera. By 1892, she was on Broadway and she later became a star comedienne on the vaudeville circuit...
2. George Arliss George Arliss Actor, Disraeli One of the oldest actors on the screen in the 1920s and 1930s, George Arliss starred on the London stage from an early age. He came to the United States and starred in several films, but it was his role as British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli in Disraeli that brought him his greatest success.
3. Scott Joplin Scott Joplin Soundtrack, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Scott Joplin was a black American composer and pianist known as the "King of Ragtime" at the turn of the 20th century. Studying piano with teachers near his childhood home, Joplin traveled through the Midwest from the mid-1880s, performing at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. Settling in Sedalia...
4. Gaston Leroux Gaston Leroux Writer, The Phantom of the Opera A native of Paris, France, a poet, journalist and novelist, Gaston Leroux is known for his many creative horror stories, including "Rouilable", "The Haunted Chair" and "The Wax Mask", but is probably best known for his work "The Phantom of the Opera", which became Leroux's prize possession. He wrote...
5. Hedwig Bleibtreu Hedwig Bleibtreu Actress, The Third Man
6. Tsar Nicholas II Tsar Nicholas II Self, Scene from the Coronation of the Czar of Russia Born Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov, Czar Nicholas II of Russia was crowned in 1894 and was the last Emperor of Russia. He was the eldest son of Czar Alexander III and the grandson of Czar Alexander II and was related to the Danish, British and German royal families. As a child Nicholas wasn't quite as bright as his younger brothers...
7. Maxim Gorky Maxim Gorky Writer, The Lower Depths Maksim Gorky is a pseudonym of Aleksei Maksimovich Peshkov, who was born into a poor Russian family in Nizhnii Novgorod on Volga river. Gorky lost his father at an early age, he was beaten by his stepfather and became an orphan at age 9, when his mother died. He was brought up by his grandmother, who helped his development as a storyteller...
8. Henry Bergman Henry Bergman Actor, Modern Times Comic actor from silents who later assisted Chaplin in directing some of the latter's films.
9. Patty S. Hill Patty S. Hill Soundtrack, Batman Begins
10. Duchess Sophie von Hohenberg Duchess Sophie von Hohenberg Uncategorised
11. Snitz Edwards Snitz Edwards Actor, The Thief of Bagdad Snitz Edwards was born Edward Neumann in Hungary. Married first wife in 1889 and was divorced some time later. Although he was almost 20 years older than his wife, Edwards married Eleanor Taylor, an actress from Boston, in 1906. They had three children, Cricket (b. 1906), Evelyn (b. 1914) and Marian (b...
12. Eugenie Besserer Eugenie Besserer Actress, The Jazz Singer Eugenie Besserer was born in Watertown, New York on Christmas Day of 1868. She was largely a silent film actress who made her debut in 1910's silent version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. She was 42 at the time. For the most part Eugenie was a character actress, much in demand for filling in roles. Because of her willingness to take just about any role...
13. Edgar Norton Edgar Norton Actor, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
14. Joseph Cawthorn Joseph Cawthorn Actor, White Zombie Cawthorn made his stage debut in 1872 at the age of four. At nine, he went to England and played in music halls for four years. In 1898, Cawthorn made his debut on Broadway and carried on a successful career for some twenty-five years. Moving to Hollywood in 1927, he began a career as a character actor...
15. Edward S. Curtis Edward S. Curtis Director, In the Land of the Head Hunters
16. Edmond Rostand Edmond Rostand Writer, Cyrano de Bergerac Edmund Rostand was a prominent French playwright and poet. Rostand, who was born in Marseille on 1 April, 1868, the son of the distinguished economist Eugene Rostand (1843-1915), first achieved success in Paris at the age of twenty with his vaudeville sketch 'Le Gant Rouge". A collection of poems in 1890 entitled "Les Musardises"...
17. C.V. France C.V. France Actor, The Skin Game
18. Margaret Mann Margaret Mann Actress, Four Sons
19. Flora Disney Flora Disney Uncategorised
20. Marie Belloc Lowndes Marie Belloc Lowndes Writer, The Lodger
21. Loyola O'Connor Loyola O'Connor Actress, True Heart Susie
22. Robert Edeson Robert Edeson Actor, The Call of the North A noted stage actor at the turn of the 20th century, Robert Edeson began his film career working with Cecil B. DeMille on The Call of the North, then moved on to Vitagraph where he remained for the rest of the teens. In the 1920s he returned to work for De Mille, playing the man-of-the-world type roles. Married to actress Mary Newcomb, Edeson died of heart failure.
23. Al Shean Al Shean Actor, San Francisco Half of the legendary vaudeville team of Gallagher & Shean, he played character parts in a few Hollywood films from 1935 through the 1940s.
24. Maude Turner Gordon Maude Turner Gordon Actress, Sally Maude appeared in a number of Broadway productions from 1908 1925 including: "Glorious Betsy," "The American Maid," "A Full House" with Hugh Cameron and Ralph Morgan, "Elsie" and "Big Boy" with Al Jolson, Minnie Dupree and Colin Campbell. She also appeared on the stage with Marilyn Miller in her smash hit...
25. Claude Anet Claude Anet Writer, Love in the Afternoon
26. Eleanor H. Porter Eleanor H. Porter Writer, Pollyanna
27. Paul Everton Paul Everton Actor, The Life of Emile Zola
28. Harishchandra Sakharam Bhatavdekar Harishchandra Sakharam Bhatavdekar Director, Delhi Durbar
29. Sheldon Lewis Sheldon Lewis Actor, Orphans of the Storm
30. Juventino Rosas Juventino Rosas Soundtrack, Pitch Perfect
31. Charles Tait Charles Tait Director, The Story of the Kelly Gang
32. George D. Baker George D. Baker Director, Heliotrope A former newspaper writer and cartoonist, George D. Baker joined Vitagraph in 1913 as a director, and was the main director for the films of the studio's popular comedian John Bunny--of Bunny's 43 comedies at Vitagraph, Baker made 39 of them. Bunny left Vitagraph to return to the stage, and Vitagraph put Baker to work with comedian Jay Dwiggins...
33. Anna Müller-Lincke Anna Müller-Lincke Actress, Was eine Frau im Frühling träumt
34. J.C. Nugent J.C. Nugent Actor, Wise Girls
35. Edwin Mordant Edwin Mordant Actor, The Cost
36. Romaine Fielding Romaine Fielding Actor, The Rattlesnake
37. Henrietta Swan Leavitt Henrietta Swan Leavitt Uncategorised
38. Julia Arthur Julia Arthur Actress, Barbara Fritchie: The Story of a Patriotic American Woman
39. Olga Knipper-Chekhova Olga Knipper-Chekhova Actress, Mastera stseny Olga Leonardovna Knipper-Chekhova (nee Knipper) was born on September 9, 1868, in Glasov, Russian Empire, into the family of a German origin. She received an excellent private education and was bilingual, being fluent in Russian and German. She was one of the original 39 founding members of the Moscow Art Theatre in 1898...
40. William Faversham William Faversham Actor, Arizona Days
41. Gustav Meyrink Gustav Meyrink Writer, Golem
42. Bernard Siegel Bernard Siegel Actor, Laugh, Clown, Laugh
43. Max Fassbender Max Fassbender Cinematographer, Different from the Others
44. Fred Hoose Fred Hoose Actor, The Driftin' Kid
45. Paul Claudel Paul Claudel Writer, Camille Claudel 1915
46. Haidee Wright Haidee Wright Actress, Tomorrow We Live
47. Hardee Kirkland Hardee Kirkland Director, The Post-Impressionists
48. Alexandre Promio Alexandre Promio Director, Leaving Jerusalem by Railway
49. Boris Thomashefsky Boris Thomashefsky Actor, Bar-Mitzvah
50. Martha Franklin Martha Franklin Actress, Racing Luck
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