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1. Harry Davenport Harry Davenport Actor, Gone with the Wind Character fame on film came quite late for long-time stage actor Harry Davenport at age 70, but he made up for lost time in very quick fashion with well over a hundred film roles registered from the advent of sound to the time of his death in 1949. Beloved for his twinkle-eyed avuncular and/or grandfatherly types in both comedy and drama...
2. H.G. Wells H.G. Wells Writer, War of the Worlds Writer, born in Bromley, Kent. He was apprenticed to a draper, tried teaching, studied biology in London, then made his mark in journalism and literature. He played a vital part in disseminating the progressive ideas which characterized the first part of the 20th-c. He achieved fame with scientific fantasies such as The Time Machine (1895) and War of the Worlds (1898)...
3. James J. Corbett James J. Corbett Self, James J. Corbett; or, How Championships Are Won and Lost Considered the originator of modern boxing, Corbett became world heavyweight champ in one of the biggest upsets ever when he embarrassed the 30 pound heavier legend John L. Sullivan (1892). The handsome San Francisco bank clerk immediately had a play written for him ("Gentleman Jack"), and crossed the U.S...
4. Erik Satie Erik Satie Soundtrack, Hugo
5. George Reed George Reed Actor, The Green Pastures
6. Lydia Knott Lydia Knott Actress, A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate
7. Brandon Hurst Brandon Hurst Actor, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Supporting player in US silents and talkies for three decades from 1915.
8. Chief Thunderbird Chief Thunderbird Actor, Annie Oakley
9. Beatrix Potter Beatrix Potter Writer, Tales of Beatrix Potter
10. Frank McGlynn Sr. Frank McGlynn Sr. Actor, Captain Blood Gaunt-looking US character actor, best remembered for his many portrayals in 30's and 40's historical films of US President (1861-65) Abraham Lincoln.
11. Fred Karno Fred Karno Writer, Early Birds
12. Josef Swickard Josef Swickard Actor, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse A veteran stage and screen actor, Swickard was the brother of actor Charles Swickard. He entered films in 1912 and was playing supporting roles for Mack Sennett by 1914. He remained with Sennett until 1917 when he started numerous aristocratic roles in films. His career in sound films was somewhat limited and he played in low-budget and action serial type films...
13. Wassily Kandinsky Wassily Kandinsky Art Department, Aale Tynni tarinain lähteellä Wassily Kandinsky, a lawyer turned artist, belongs in the Pantheon of the 20th century artists alongside Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. He was born Wassily (Vasili Vasilevich) Kandinsky on December 16, 1866, in Moscow, Russia. His father, Vasili Silvesterovich Kandinsky, was a successful Russian businessman...
14. John R. Cumpson John R. Cumpson Actor, The Joneses Have Amateur Theatricals John R Cumpson was born in Buffalo, New York, one of the youngest in a large family. His father was a blacksmith. In 1887, John R Cumpson was listed in a Buffalo City Directory as a bank clerk, and in the 1890 census as a bookkeeper. He apparently soon set aside ledgers and took up a career in acting...
15. Helen Lowell Helen Lowell Actress, Party Wire
16. Rosa Gore Rosa Gore Actress, The Cook's Revenge
17. Walter Lynch Walter Lynch Actor, The Border Raiders
18. Butch Cassidy Butch Cassidy Uncategorised Born Robert Leroy Parker in Beaver, Utah, in 1866, the outlaw later to become famous as Butch Cassidy (he took the name Butch because he was once a butcher and the name Cassidy in honor of a local rancher who had befriended him as a youth) started his criminal career at an early age, stealing livestock when he was just a teenager...
19. Reginald Barlow Reginald Barlow Actor, The Bride of Frankenstein
20. Anne Sullivan Anne Sullivan Self, Deliverance
21. Jacinto Benavente Jacinto Benavente Writer, Los intereses creados
22. Edith Ellis Edith Ellis Writer, The Easiest Way Edith Ellis was born in Coldwater, Michigan, to Edward C Ellis, playwright and actor, and Ruth McCarty Ellis, an actress. She claimed she was born to the stage, her first part was at age 6, and by 10 she was a star. Two plays were written for her before she was 12 years old. Several times she was head of her own stock companies...
23. Mark Fenton Mark Fenton Actor, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
24. Maurice Schutz Maurice Schutz Actor, The Passion of Joan of Arc
25. Henry Krauss Henry Krauss Actor, Poil de carotte
26. George Barr McCutcheon George Barr McCutcheon Writer, Brewster's Millions
27. George Bellamy George Bellamy Actor, Houp-La!
28. George Ade George Ade Writer, Marse Covington American writer, newspaper columnist, and playwright George Ade was first and foremost a self described Hoosier. Ade was born in Kentland, Indiana, one of seven children raised by John and Adaline Ade. While attending Purdue University, he met and started a lifelong friendship with cartoonist and Sigma Chi brother John T...
29. William H. Brown William H. Brown Actor, Hoodoo Ann
30. E. Phillips Oppenheim E. Phillips Oppenheim Writer, The Amazing Adventure
31. Robert Leffler Robert Leffler Actor, Im Schatten des Glücks
32. Oskar Messter Oskar Messter Producer, Edelmut unter Feinden
33. Jerrold Robertshaw Jerrold Robertshaw Actor, When Boys Leave Home A great classical and modern drama stage Performer from 1890, best remembered for playing the role of 'Don Quixote' on stage and screen, first appearing on film in 'The Girl Who Didn't Care' for the Barker Film Company in 1916 from then on often seen in supporting roles and few starring roles through...
34. William Carr William Carr Actor, The Taking of Rattlesnake Bill
35. Rudolf Biebrach Rudolf Biebrach Actor, Falsche Scham - Vier Episoden aus dem Leben eines Arztes
36. William E. Shay William E. Shay Actor, The Lighthouse Keeper
37. Elizabeth von Arnim Elizabeth von Arnim Writer, Enchanted April
38. Alfred Allen Alfred Allen Actor, The Grub Stake
39. Adelina Abranches Adelina Abranches Actress, Maria do Mar A great name of the Portuguese theatre, Adelina Abranches was paid a national homage at the Teatro São Luiz as of 1928, and in the presence of General Carmona, the President of the Republic himself. And yet there had been nothing to suggest that Margarida Adelina, born into very poor Lisbon family in 1866...
40. Yat-sen Sun Yat-sen Sun Uncategorised
41. Tom Reynolds Tom Reynolds Actor, Bindle at the Party
42. E.W. Hornung E.W. Hornung Writer, Raffles
43. Macklyn Arbuckle Macklyn Arbuckle Actor, Janice Meredith
44. Julius Steger Julius Steger Director, Her Mistake
45. Janet Sully Janet Sully Actress, The Treasure Box
46. Charles Rock Charles Rock Actor, A Christmas Carol
47. Walter P. Lewis Walter P. Lewis Actor, Tol'able David
48. Ed Lawrence Ed Lawrence Actor, An Expensive Visit
49. Zenaide Williams Zenaide Williams Actress, Help! Help!
50. Henry Carvill Henry Carvill Actor, Guilty of Love
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