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1. O. Henry O. Henry Writer, The Cisco Kid O. Henry was an American writer whose short stories are known for wit, wordplay and clever twist endings. He wrote nearly 600 stories about life in America. He was born William Sidney Porter on September 11, 1862, in Greensboro, North Carolina. His father, Algernon Sidney Porter, was a medical doctor...
2. Claude Debussy Claude Debussy Soundtrack, The Usual Suspects Claude Debussy was born in St. Germain-en-Laye, near Paris, France. His father was a salesman and kept a china shop. His mother was a seamstress. Some traumatizing events in his childhood caused him a depression and he never spoke about his early years. Later he could not compose without having his favorite porcelain frog...
3. William Holden William Holden Actor, Weary River Character actor in late silent and early sound films. Not to be confused with the leading man 'William Holden'.
4. Arthur Schnitzler Arthur Schnitzler Writer, Eyes Wide Shut
5. Edith Wharton Edith Wharton Writer, The Age of Innocence
6. Auguste Lumière Auguste Lumière Producer, Bataille de neige Although it is his brother Louis Lumière who is generally acclaimed as the "father of the cinema", Auguste Lumiere also made a major contribution towards the development of the medium, first by helping with the invention and construction of the cinematographe (the world's first camera and projection mechanism)...
7. Adeline De Walt Reynolds Adeline De Walt Reynolds Actress, Son of Dracula She survived the death of her husband in 1905, the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 and raising four children with no money. In 1926, when she was 64 she became one of the most mature freshman ever to enter the University of California. She graduated 6 years later with her B.A. degree. In 1940 she went to Hollywood...
8. M.R. James M.R. James Writer, Curse of the Demon Born in 1862, Montague Rhodes James developed a reading habit at an early age, preferring to stay in the library than with friends. He took this with him when he went to study at Eton and then at the King's College, Cambridge, where he became assistant in classical archaeology at the Fitzwilliam museum...
9. Albert Gran Albert Gran Actor, 7th Heaven
10. Harry Holman Harry Holman Actor, Meet John Doe
11. Luke Cosgrave Luke Cosgrave Actor, Welcome Home
12. Rudolph Schildkraut Rudolph Schildkraut Actor, A Ship Comes In
13. Carl Goetz Carl Goetz Actor, Pandora's Box
14. Emilio Salgari Emilio Salgari Writer, Cabiria
15. Maurice Maeterlinck Maurice Maeterlinck Writer, The Blue Bird Maeterlinck was a revolutionary symbolist playwright from Belgium. His influence on modern drama is vast and he was one of the best known figures in Europe in the early twentieth century, both for his plays and his philosophical writings. Best known today for his fantasy play "The Blue Bird", which has been adapted into a number of films...
16. Justus D. Barnes Justus D. Barnes Actor, The Harvest of Regrets
17. Otis Turner Otis Turner Director, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
18. Fred Huntley Fred Huntley Actor, Johanna Enlists
19. May Irwin May Irwin Actress, Mrs. Black Is Back Born in Whitby, Ontario, May Irwin started her performing career at a young age, when she began a singing act with her younger sister Flora in 1874. The act was popular, and Irwin began working as an actress when she was 21 years old. She found success and was appearing in a Broadway show called "The Widow Jones" when Thomas A. Edison saw her and co-star John C. Rice exchanging a kiss on-stage...
20. Lule Warrenton Lule Warrenton Actress, The Great Fear
21. Helen Gilmore Helen Gilmore Actress, Bumping Into Broadway
22. Edward Stratemeyer Edward Stratemeyer Writer, The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries
23. Georges Feydeau Georges Feydeau Writer, La dame de chez Maxim
24. Marie Tempest Marie Tempest Actress, Yellow Sands
25. Hal Reid Hal Reid Writer, At Cripple Creek
26. Connie Mack Connie Mack Self, Athletics vs. Giants in the World's Championship Baseball Series of 1911
27. Madge Lessing Madge Lessing Actress, The Blue Mouse
28. Florence L. Barclay Florence L. Barclay Writer, Le rosaire
29. Robert A. King Robert A. King Soundtrack, The Year of Living Dangerously Songwriter ("Beautiful Ohio", "I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream") and composer, educated in public schools. He was a staff composer for Leo Feist and then for Shapiro and Bernstein between 1908 and 1932, and also appeared in vaudeville. Joining ASCAP in 1920, his chief musical collaborators were Ballard Macdonald...
30. Edward Elkas Edward Elkas Actor, The Lesson of the Narrow Street
31. Mrs. Leslie Carter Mrs. Leslie Carter Actress, Rocky Mountain Mystery
32. Edward O'Connor Edward O'Connor Actor, McGinty and the Count
33. Carrie Clark Ward Carrie Clark Ward Actress, The Eagle
34. Charles Brandt Charles Brandt Actor, The Heart of a 'Boss' Charles Brandt born in Philadelphia in 1862. well-known stage performer from the 1880s. cheerful, white-haired gentleman who starred and supported in more than 60 movies for the Lubin Film Company from 1911, often seen as professionals or fathers in dramas and comedies, first appeared in 'His Chorus Girl Wife' directed by Harry Solter and starring Florence Lawrence in 1911...
35. H. Cooper Cliffe H. Cooper Cliffe Actor, A Parisian Romance
36. Franz Servaes Franz Servaes Writer, Wildes Blut
37. Eva Thatcher Eva Thatcher Actress, Dumb -- And How
38. Gustav Klimt Gustav Klimt
39. Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset Director, Zigomar contre Nick Carter
40. Gus Elen Gus Elen Actor, A Little of What You Fancy
41. Burr McIntosh Burr McIntosh Actor, Way Down East Burr McIntosh born William Burr McIntosh in Ohio in 1862. Son of the President of public utility and Cleveland Gas Coal Company William Ambrose. Burr was educated at Lafayette College in Princeton where he became a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity in 1884. became a star on Broadway stage, perhaps his best known stage role was in 'Trilby' in 1905...
42. Ogai Mori Ogai Mori Writer, Sansho the Bailiff
43. Eric Hudson Eric Hudson Actor, Romeo and Juliet
44. Riley Hatch Riley Hatch Actor, At Shiloh
45. Amelia Summerville Amelia Summerville Actress, Getting Mary Married
46. F.F. Guenste F.F. Guenste Actor, Beau Brummel
47. Wilhelm Meyer-Förster Wilhelm Meyer-Förster Writer, Alt Heidelberg
48. Adeline Hayden Coffin Adeline Hayden Coffin Actress, The Holiday Husband
49. Loie Fuller Loie Fuller Self, Loie Fuller
50. Walter Damrosch Walter Damrosch Actor, Carnegie Hall Legendary conductor, composer, author, producer, pianist and educator who arrived in the USA in 1871. He was educated in New York public schools and studied music with his father Leopold Damrosch, Rischbeiter, Urspruch, and Von Bulow. He was awarded honorary degrees from New York University, Princeton University...
1-50 of 174 names.