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1. J.M. Barrie J.M. Barrie Writer, Hook
2. Anton Chekhov Anton Chekhov Writer, Kis Uykusu Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was born in 1860, the third of six children to a family of a grocer, in Taganrog, Russia, a southern seaport and resort on the Azov Sea. His father, a 3rd-rank Member of the Merchant's Guild, was a religious fanatic and a tyrant who used his children as slaves. Young Chekhov was a part-time assistant in his father's business and also a singer in a church choir...
3. Gustav Mahler Gustav Mahler Soundtrack, Shutter Island Gustav Mahler is largely considered one of the most talented symphonic composers of the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. His musical output comprised mainly of symphonic and song cycles requiring mammoth orchestras and often choruses. Sadly, Mahler never experienced popularity as a composer during his lifetime...
4. H.H. Holmes H.H. Holmes Considered to be the first American serial-killer and possibly the most prolific, he was also a con-man and a bigamist. Holmes was a doctor who studied medicine at Ann Arbor. He then moved to New York where he practised briefly. His first brush with the law occurred there when some corpses where found in his possession...
5. Emily Fitzroy Emily Fitzroy Actress, The Bat British born actress in American films. She made her film debut in 1915 with Dustin Farnum. She appeared in scores of silent films as a character actress, but reached her greatest prominence with the coming of sound. Fitzroy specialized in motherly and society women characters.
6. Morton Selten Morton Selten Actor, The Thief of Bagdad
7. William K.L. Dickson William K.L. Dickson Cinematographer, Newark Athlete Born in France to British parents, William Kennedy-Laurie Dickson stayed in that country until age 19, when he, his mother and sisters (their father had died sometime before) returned to Great Britain. Once there, Dickson--in an early indication of his lifelong fascination with science and mechanics--began a correspondence with Thomas A. Edison in the US...
8. Kate Blancke Kate Blancke Actress, The Whirl of Life
9. George Fawcett George Fawcett Actor, The Son of the Sheik A grand, stoic presence of the silent screen, George Fawcett was an immensely popular stage thespian both here and in London at the turn of the century. During his heyday his eloquence rivaled that of both Lionel Barrymore and John Barrymore. A graduate of Virginia University, he was a formidable fixture under the Broadway lights...
10. Charles K. French Charles K. French Actor, A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate
11. Lillian Russell Lillian Russell Self, How to Live 100 Years
12. Annie Oakley Annie Oakley Self, Actors' Fund Field Day
13. George F. Marion George F. Marion Actor, Anna Christie
14. Fred Rains Fred Rains Actor, Duped by Determination
15. Margaret Talmadge Margaret Talmadge Actress, A Girl of the Timber Claims
16. James Neill James Neill Actor, The Cheat
17. Owen Wister Owen Wister Writer, The Virginian
18. Charlotte Granville Charlotte Granville Actress, Werewolf of London
19. Isaac Albéniz Isaac Albéniz Soundtrack, Vicky Cristina Barcelona
20. Kate Bruce Kate Bruce Actress, The Fugitive
21. Edward Jobson Edward Jobson Actor, The Saphead
22. Ignacy Jan Paderewski Ignacy Jan Paderewski Actor, Moonlight Sonata
23. Lizzie Andrew Borden Lizzie Andrew Borden Writer, Dance Theatre of Harlem: Fall River Legend Lizzie Borden has mystified and fascinated crime buffs for over a century. Few cases in American history have attracted as much attention as the hatchet murders and the unlikely defendant: a church-going, respectable "spinster" daughter charged with parricide, a crime worthy of Classical Greek tragedy...
24. Leo Connard Leo Connard Actor, Anders als die Andern
25. John J. Pershing John J. Pershing Self, Following the Flag in Mexico
26. Walter Sickert Walter Sickert Self, Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution English artist. Sickert was born in Munich, the eldest son of the Danish painter Oswald Adalbert Sickert. The family moved to London in 1868. After a short period as an actor, Sickert studied art at the Slade School and then under James Whistler in Chelsea when, like Whistler, he took to etching. In 1883 he met Degas in Paris...
27. Dan Leno Dan Leno Self, An Obstinate Cork
28. Lillian Langdon Lillian Langdon Actress, Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages
29. Charlotte Perkins Gilman Charlotte Perkins Gilman Writer, The Yellow Wallpaper
30. Jane Addams Jane Addams Writer, Shoes
31. Major Gordon W. 'Pawnee Bill' Lillie Major Gordon W. 'Pawnee Bill' Lillie Self, Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Pawnee Bill's Far East
32. William H. West William H. West Actor, The Suffragette Sheriff
33. Kálmán Porzsolt Kálmán Porzsolt Writer, A színésznö
34. Ellen Hartman-Cederström Ellen Hartman-Cederström Actress, The Saga of Gösta Berling
35. Chauncey Olcott Chauncey Olcott Soundtrack, Crimson Peak
36. William Jennings Bryan William Jennings Bryan Self, Animated Weekly, No. 135
37. Percy Williams Percy Williams Actor, London After Midnight
38. Edward MacDowell Edward MacDowell Soundtrack, Jekyll & Canada Born in New York City in 1861, pianist/composer Edward MacDowell formally studied music at an early age. He went to Paris, France, at age 15 and attended the world-famous Conservatoire. Two years later he left France and traveled to Germany, where he studied at the Frankfurt Conservatory. He found his niche there...
39. Florence Kling Harding Florence Kling Harding Self, Redskins Pay Tribute to Big Chief Harding
40. Eleanor Talbot Kinkead Eleanor Talbot Kinkead Writer, The Wood Nymph
41. Louis Stern Louis Stern Actor, Where East Is East
42. Anna Norrie Anna Norrie Actress, A Ruined Life
43. William Ingersoll William Ingersoll Actor, The Cheat
44. John East John East Actor, The Yule Log John M. East born John Marlborough East in London in 1860. John began on comedy and drama theatre from the 1880's. Popular gentleman character and support actor, appeared in more than 30 British silent drama and adventure movies, making his film debut as Tom Cribb in Harold M. Shaw's 'The House of Temperley' starring Ben Webster for the London Film Co in 1913...
45. Lucien Guitry Lucien Guitry Actor, Those of Our Land
46. Mrs. E.M. Kimball Mrs. E.M. Kimball Actress, The Feast of Life
47. Harry B. Smith Harry B. Smith Soundtrack, Analyze This Harry B. Smith was a composer, writer and lyricist. He holds the distinction of being the most prolific of all American playwrights (see "Other Works"), and is said to have written over 300 librettos and more than 6000 lyrics. Some of his best-known works were librettos for the composer Victor Herbert...
48. Lewis Waller Lewis Waller Actor, Fencing Contest from 'The Three Musketeers'
49. Jennette Lee Jennette Lee Writer, Ruler of the Road
50. Charles Curtis Charles Curtis Charles Curtis was born near Topeka, Kansas, in 1860. Of Native American ancestry (possibly as much as half), he lived on a Kaw Indian reservation for several years early in his life. In 1881 he was admitted to the state bar in Kansas, and was the Shawnee County District Attorney from 1885 to 1889. He ran for Congress on the Republican ticket in 1893 and won...
1-50 of 166 names.