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1. Joseph Conrad Joseph Conrad Writer, The Duellists Joseph Conrad was born in Berdichev, Kiev Province, now the Ukraine, to Polish parents Apollo Korzeniowski and Ewa Bobrowska. His father was a political activist and he and his family were exiled after he was suspected of involvement with revolutionary activities. Conrad had no friends as a child and rarely associated with boys or girls...
2. Frank Currier Frank Currier Actor, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ Frank Currier was born in Norwich, Connecticut on 4 September 1857 and died on 22 April 1928 in Hollywood, California (blood poisoning).He was once anointed "the dean of cinema actors" by Photoplay magazine. He was an American actor and director of the silent era. He appeared in 133 films between 1912 and 1928...
3. Edward Elgar Edward Elgar Soundtrack, Forrest Gump Edward Elgar was born on June 2, 1857, in Broadheath, near Worcester, where his father named William Elgar, was a music shop owner and a piano technician. Elgar was the fourth of six children. He was self-taught in all musical instruments, that were at his disposal in his father's shop, and he studied all the sheet music available in the shop...
4. Émile Cohl Émile Cohl Director, Fantasmagorie Pioneering animator Emile Cohl was born Emile Eugène Jean Louis Courtet in Paris, France, in 1857. He began his career as a caricaturist, cartoonist and writer in his 20s, and in 1908 he was hired by the Gaumont film company as a writer. He soon also became a director, turning out comedies and fantasies...
5. Clarence Darrow Clarence Darrow Self, The Mystery of Life Generally considered to be the most brilliant legal mind in the history of American jurisprudence, Clarence Seward Darrow was born in Kinsma, OH, in 1857, the son of a failed minister who became a furniture-store owner and an intellectual but religiously puritanical mother. In 1873 he attended Allegheny College in Meadville...
6. William Howard Taft William Howard Taft Self, Taft and His Cabinet
7. Frank Clark Frank Clark Actor, An Old Actor
8. Kate Lester Kate Lester Actress, The Hunchback of Notre Dame
9. William V. Ranous William V. Ranous Actor, King Lear
10. Paul Dresser Paul Dresser Soundtrack, The Myth of Fingerprints Composer, songwriter ("My Gal Sal", "On the Banks of the Wabash" [the official Indiana state song]), author, actor, singer, publisher and producer, educated at St. Meinrad's in Switz City, Indiana during training for the priesthood. He joined a medicine show at 16, then toured in vaudeville as a singer and monologist...
11. Ruggero Leoncavallo Ruggero Leoncavallo Soundtrack, The Untouchables
12. Marie von Buelow Marie von Buelow Actress, Sein letzter Seitensprung
13. Olive West Olive West Actress, Madame Butterfly
14. Herman Bang Herman Bang Writer, Michael
15. Edgar Smith Edgar Smith Soundtrack, Song of the Roses
16. Lawrence Marston Lawrence Marston Director, The Evidence of the Film
17. Augustus E. Thomas Augustus E. Thomas Writer, The Capitol
18. James Bradbury Sr. James Bradbury Sr. Actor, Badgered
19. Harry L. Rattenberry Harry L. Rattenberry Actor, The Delicious Little Devil
20. Ermete Zacconi Ermete Zacconi Actor, Don Buonaparte
21. Robert Baden-Powell Robert Baden-Powell Self, Boys of the Otter Patrol
22. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Writer, Kosmicheskiy reys: Fantasticheskaya novella
23. Frederick Opper Frederick Opper Writer, Hooligan Assists the Magician
24. John C. Rice John C. Rice Actor, The Kiss
25. Emerson Hough Emerson Hough Writer, The Covered Wagon
26. Willie Warde Willie Warde Actor, Tons of Money
27. Hermann Sudermann Hermann Sudermann Writer, Sunrise
28. Herbert Waring Herbert Waring Actor, Sleeping Partners
29. Jamshedji Framji Madan Jamshedji Framji Madan Producer, Vasant Prabha
30. Frederick Vroom Frederick Vroom Actor, The General
31. Gertrude Atherton Gertrude Atherton Writer, The Woman Accused
32. Henrik Pontoppidan Henrik Pontoppidan Writer, Das Totenreich
33. George Backus George Backus Actor, The Warrens of Virginia
34. Cecil Morton York Cecil Morton York Actor, In His Grip
35. Eugène Lauste Eugène Lauste Director, Drill of the Engineer Corps
36. Charles Lamy Charles Lamy Actor, La chute de la maison Usher
37. László Gyenes László Gyenes Actor, A fogadalom
38. Ben Greet Ben Greet Actor, Victory and Peace
39. Mrs. William Vaughn Moody Mrs. William Vaughn Moody Writer, The Faith Healer Harriet Converse Tilden was an American English teacher, writer and business woman. As a young girl her family relocated to Chicago where her father became successful operating a business that transported live stock. She graduated from Cornell University in 1876 with a degree in English Literature after completing the four year course in less than three...
40. Frank L. Stanton Frank L. Stanton Soundtrack, Smile
41. Pol de Mont Pol de Mont Writer, De verrijzenis van Ons Heer
42. Armand Numès Armand Numès Actor, The Six-Legged Sheep
43. Pope Pius XI Pope Pius XI Self, Cavalcade of Faith
44. Jeffreys Lewis Jeffreys Lewis Actress, A Regular Girl
45. Marie Van Westerhoven Marie Van Westerhoven Actress, De Jantjes
46. Al W. Filson Al W. Filson Actor, The Reformation of Dad
47. Alberto de Oliveira Alberto de Oliveira Actor, Caídos do Céu
48. Luigi Illica Luigi Illica Soundtrack, Quantum of Solace
49. Maurice Desvallières Maurice Desvallières Writer, Hotel Paradiso
50. Ivo Vojnovic Ivo Vojnovic Writer, Nevjera
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