50 names.

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1. Eugene Silvain Eugene Silvain Actor, The Passion of Joan of Arc
2. Siegmund Lubin Siegmund Lubin Producer, The Great Train Robbery
3. Dore Davidson Dore Davidson Actor, Welcome Stranger
4. Emilia Pardo Bazán Emilia Pardo Bazán Writer, The Reprieve The Countess of Pardo Bazan was the first female university professor in Spanish history. At the Madrid University, she gave courses in modern literature. She also introduced French naturalism in Spain with the creation of her major novel _Los Pazos de Ulloa_. With over 20 novels and numerous short stories, Emilia Pardo Bazan is considered one of Spain's greatest 'cuentitas'.
5. Frederick Warde Frederick Warde Actor, The Life and Death of King Richard III Frederick Warde was born in England in 1851, and became a popular Shakespearean actor in the 1870s in New York. By the 1910s his general popularity was in decline, though he was still considered a leading authority on Shakespearean acting. He appeared in The Life and Death of King Richard III at age 61 and often performed live in the theater where the film was being shown...
6. Emilie Melville Emilie Melville Actress, The White Sister
7. Jules Mary Jules Mary Writer, Roger la Honte
8. Ermete Novelli Ermete Novelli Actor, Re Lear
9. Ferdinand Foch Ferdinand Foch Self, Délivrance
10. Charles A. Stevenson Charles A. Stevenson Actor, Shore Acres
11. Carolina Invernizio Carolina Invernizio Writer, The Kiss of Death
12. Henry Arthur Jones Henry Arthur Jones Writer, The Call of Youth
13. Guido Herzfeld Guido Herzfeld Actor, Theophrastus Paracelsus
14. Queen Olga Queen Olga Uncategorised
15. Rose Coghlan Rose Coghlan Actress, The Sporting Duchess
16. Louis K. Webb Louis K. Webb Actor, Foolish Wives
17. William Haggar William Haggar Director, The Poachers
18. Alexandros Papadiamantis Alexandros Papadiamantis Writer, The Murderess
19. Daniel Frohman Daniel Frohman Miscellaneous Crew, Cinderella
20. Emilio De Marchi Emilio De Marchi Writer, Episode #1.5
21. Ivan Tavcar Ivan Tavcar Writer, Blossoms in Autumn
22. Eduardo Gutiérrez Eduardo Gutiérrez Writer, Juan Moreira
23. Ah Wing Ah Wing Actor, The She Wolf
24. Jan Buderman Jan Buderman Actor, 999 + 1
25. Jan Blockx Jan Blockx Composer, Waar het groeide
26. Laza Lazarevic Laza Lazarevic Writer, Prvi put s ocem na jutrenje
27. Carl Lorens Carl Lorens Writer, The Fairy Dolly
28. Arne Garborg Arne Garborg Writer, Til deg - du hei
29. Frans Lundberg Frans Lundberg Producer, Göteborgarens marstrandsresa
30. Domingos Olimpio Domingos Olimpio Writer, Luzia Homem
31. Max Kalbeck Max Kalbeck Writer, Die verkaufte Braut
32. Rafael Obligado Rafael Obligado Writer, Nobleza gaucha
33. Luis Coloma Luis Coloma Writer, Jeromín
34. Mrs. Humphrey Ward Mrs. Humphrey Ward Writer, The Marriage of William Ashe
35. Adolf Link Adolf Link Actor, Sunday
36. Richard Voß Richard Voß Writer, Zwei Menschen
37. Alois Jirásek Alois Jirásek Writer, Dog's Heads
38. Marie Schmidt Marie Schmidt Actress, Landliggeridyl - Vandgang
39. Thomas C. McRae Thomas C. McRae Self, President McKinley Taking the Oath
40. Maurice Leloir Maurice Leloir Costume and Wardrobe Department, The Iron Mask
41. Manuel Curros Enríquez Manuel Curros Enríquez Writer, La virgen de cristal
42. Queen Margherita Queen Margherita Self, Queen Margherita of Italy in Oberammergau
43. Ruperto Chapí Ruperto Chapí Soundtrack, Margarita la tornera
44. Benjamin Young Benjamin Young Self, Pitcairn Island Today
45. Rufin Morozowicz Rufin Morozowicz Actor, Tajemnica przystanku tramwajowego
46. Felix Philippi Felix Philippi Writer, Die Sieger
47. Dronning Louise Dronning Louise Self, Kong Frederik VIII gæster Jylland
48. George Newnes George Newnes Self, Antarctic Expedition: Sir George Newnes' Farewell to Officers and Crew
49. Aristide Bruant Aristide Bruant Writer, Les bas-fonds de Paris
50. Mór Ditrói Mór Ditrói Actor, Judgment of Lake Balaton
50 names.