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1. Frances Hodgson Burnett Frances Hodgson Burnett Writer, The Secret Garden Born in Manchester, England on November 24 1849, Frances Eliza Hodgson was the eldest daughter in a family of two boys and three girls. After her father's death when she was three years old, the Hodgsdons experienced severe financial difficulties. As a young girl, she would scrawl little stories on sheets of old notebooks...
2. August Strindberg August Strindberg Writer, Miss Julie He started to study at the Uppsala University but dropped out to pursue an economically unstable career as a journalist. In 1872 he published the first of his many masterpieces, 'Mäster Olof'. In 1874 he got a position at the Royal Library in Stockholm, which enabled him to marry 'Siri von Essen'. He published his novel 'Röda rummet' in 1879...
3. Tatzumbia Dupea Tatzumbia Dupea Actress, Buffalo Bill
4. Daniel Gilfether Daniel Gilfether Actor, Zollenstein
5. Digby Bell Digby Bell Actor, The Education of Mr. Pipp Digby Bell, a 5' 5" singing comedian, starred in many Gilbert & Sullivan comic operas. He introduced the song, "The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo", while playing the Charles Dana Gibson character, Mr. Pipp. Bell was a fervent golfer and New York Giant baseball fan, as was his best friend and frequent co-star DeWolf Hopper.
6. James Whitcomb Riley James Whitcomb Riley Writer, Little Orphant Annie
7. Edmund Gosse Edmund Gosse Writer, The Lady of the Camellias
8. Luther Burbank Luther Burbank Self, Industries of the South and West
9. William Ernest Henley William Ernest Henley Writer, The Captain
10. Daniel H. Hastings Daniel H. Hastings Self, Governor Hastings and Mounted Police
11. George Berrell George Berrell Actor, A Change of Heart George Berrell (16 December 1849 - 20 April 1933) was an American actor of both the 19th and early 20th Century stage and of the silent era. He appeared in numerous stage plays as well as 55 films over the course of a career that ran from 1850 to 1927. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and died in Los Angeles, California...
12. James B. Orman James B. Orman Self, Christian Endeavor Greeting
13. Franz von Schoenthan Franz von Schoenthan Writer, Der Raub der Sabinerinnen
14. Wilhelm Voigt Wilhelm Voigt
15. Václav Benes-Trebízský Václav Benes-Trebízský Writer, Bludné duse
16. Comyns Carr Comyns Carr Writer, Called Back
17. Robert A. Van Wyck Robert A. Van Wyck Self, Admiral Dewey and Mayor Van Wyck Going Down Riverside Drive
18. August Cederborg August Cederborg Writer, Göingehövdingen
19. Louis R. Grisel Louis R. Grisel Actor, The Holy City
20. Alfred Fisher Alfred Fisher Actor, The Reward
21. Joseph-Simon Galliéni Joseph-Simon Galliéni
22. August von Mackensen August von Mackensen Writer, Totenkopfreiter
23. Emma Lazarus Emma Lazarus Writer, War Comes to America Poet Emma Lazarus was born into a wealthy family in New York City on July 22, 1849. Her first book of poems, "Poems and Translations", was published in 1867, when she was just 18. Renowned author Ralph Waldo Emerson was impressed with her work and praised it, and her next book, "Admetus and Other Poems" in 1871...
24. Henry Belmar Henry Belmar Actor, The Runner
25. Jean Richepin Jean Richepin Writer, Mères françaises
26. George Hale George Hale Actor, When a Man Loves
27. Hubert von Herkomer Hubert von Herkomer Director, The Old Wood Carver Herkomer was a painter who founded an art school in Bushey, Hertfordshire, in the 1880s. His film company produced only a handful of films, of which not a single can appears to have survived. He was widely credited with pushing cinema to new artistic heights, with bringing down the pace of the action...
28. Samuel H. Ashbridge Samuel H. Ashbridge Self, President McKinley and Mayor Ashbridge of Philadelphia
29. Elizabeth Baker Bohan Elizabeth Baker Bohan Writer, The Argonauts of California - 1849
30. Rosalie Ida Straus Rosalie Ida Straus
31. Sarah Orne Jewett Sarah Orne Jewett Self, Out of the Past
32. Thomas Russell Sullivan Thomas Russell Sullivan Writer, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
33. Alfred von Tirpitz Alfred von Tirpitz
34. Carlotta Addison Carlotta Addison Actress, The Blue Bird
35. F.M. Paget F.M. Paget
36. Emanuel Reicher Emanuel Reicher Actor, Heimat und Fremde
37. William R. Day William R. Day
38. Mrs. O.F. Walton Mrs. O.F. Walton Writer, A Peep Behind the Scenes
39. Jyotirindranath Tagore Jyotirindranath Tagore Music Department, Charulata
40. Rui Barbosa Rui Barbosa Actor, Parafernália o Dia de Caça
41. Anne Charlotte Leffler Anne Charlotte Leffler Writer, Sanna kvinnor
42. Alexander Kielland Alexander Kielland Writer, Jacobs stege
43. Józef Kotarbinski Józef Kotarbinski Actor, Milosc za zycie. Symfonia ludzkosci
44. Pál Gozsdu Pál Gozsdu Writer, Köd
45. Vladimir Davydov Vladimir Davydov Actor, Svadba Krechinskogo
46. Aleksander Swietochowski Aleksander Swietochowski Writer, Klub szachistów
47. Robert M. Thompson Robert M. Thompson Actor, Nice and Friendly
48. Olaf Poulsen Olaf Poulsen Self, Kgl. skuespiller Olaf Poulsen i sit paaklædningsværelse paa det kgl. teater
49. Józef Mikulski Józef Mikulski Actor, Tredowata
49 names.