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1. Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp Actor, The Half-Breed Wyatt Earp was a lawman, gambler, businessman, saloon owner and gunfighter of great repute in the American West. He had been a police officer in Wichita, KS, and later in Dodge City, KS, during the mid-1870s, after which he became a shotgun rider with Wells Fargo. In Tombstone, AZ, in the wake of a stagecoach robbery...
2. Jennie Lee Jennie Lee Actress, The Birth of a Nation
3. Raja Ravi Varma Raja Ravi Varma He was born into the feudal royal family of Travancore (now part of the state of Kerala in South India). Varma's contribution to iconography and lithographs in Indian painting is significant. He apprenticed under the court painter Ramaswamy Naicker and even studied under the tutelage of the Dutch painter Theodore Jensen...
4. William Courtright William Courtright Actor, Charley My Boy!
5. Gertrude Norman Gertrude Norman Actress, Fidelity
6. Paul Gauguin Paul Gauguin Writer, Gauguin Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin was born on June 7, 1848, in Paris, France. His father, Clovis Gaughin, was a Republican editor who died on his way to Peru while escaping from Louis Napoleon. His widowed mother was a Peruvian Creole daughter of writer Flora Tristan. Young Gauguin spent early childhood in Lima...
7. Sam Lucas Sam Lucas Actor, Uncle Tom's Cabin Sam Lucas was an African-American actor, comedian, singer and songwriter born to free black parents in 1848. A former barber, he was once described as the "Grand Old Man of the Negro Stage". As a youngster he showed talent for guitar and singing. He started as a black-face minstrelsy on riverboats around 1858...
8. Brandon Thomas Brandon Thomas Writer, Zdravstvuyte, ya vasha tyotya!
9. Clara T. Bracy Clara T. Bracy Actress, The Musketeers of Pig Alley Bracy started her career on the London stage in 1891. Married to concert tenor Henry Bracy, she produced operettas in Australia before going to the U.S. in 1910 to work under Charles Frohman. Bracy is known as one of the earliest film actresses and worked with Biograph and Kinemacolor Pictures.
10. Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry Soundtrack, Atonement
11. Joris-Karl Huysmans Joris-Karl Huysmans Writer, Ventriloquio
12. Joel Chandler Harris Joel Chandler Harris Writer, Song of the South
13. Georges Ohnet Georges Ohnet Writer, Her Sister's Rival Georges Ohnet (Paris, April 3, 1848 - May 5, 1918) was a French novelist of great success in the second half of the nineteenth century, the best-selling of his time, even over Emile Zola and Daudet. One of the most prolific playwrights and French novelists of the nineteenth century, he was born into a wealthy bourgeois family...
14. Alexandre Bisson Alexandre Bisson Writer, Madame X
15. Theo. A. Metz Theo. A. Metz Soundtrack, Batman Composer of the rousing ragtime classic "A Hot Time in the Old Town", which became the theme song of the Spanish-American War in 1898. (Theodore Roosevelt once conducted the tune and commented that he was "proud to shake the hand of the man who wrote the song that stirred a nation.") Metz maintained a desk at the Marks Music Corporation offices in New York and...
16. William J. Gaynor William J. Gaynor Self, One of the Honor Squad
17. Aleksandre Kazbegi Aleksandre Kazbegi Writer, Caucasian Love
18. Clara Morris Clara Morris Actress, Paul's Peril
19. Frazer Coulter Frazer Coulter Actor, The Prisoner of Zenda
20. Otto Lilienthal Otto Lilienthal
21. Eben E. Rexford Eben E. Rexford Soundtrack, Testament of Youth
22. Pierre Degeyter Pierre Degeyter Soundtrack, Air Force One
23. Arthur J. Balfour Arthur J. Balfour Self, Chamberlain and Balfour
24. Miguel Echegaray Miguel Echegaray Writer, El dúo de la africana
25. Edwin Harley Edwin Harley Actor, The Fatal Hour
26. Tony Schumacher Tony Schumacher Writer, Reserl am Hofe Youngest of 7 children of General Fidel von Baur-Breitenfeld, who at the time of her birth was Governor of the city Ludwigsburg in the Kingdom of Württemberg and later became deputy Minister of War of Württemberg from 1870 to 1871. Her mother Karoline Friederike, born Freiin von Kerner was a niece of the author Justinus Kerner...
27. Robert V. Ferguson Robert V. Ferguson Actor, Venus and Adonis
28. Rodrigues Alves Rodrigues Alves Self, Os Três Dias do Carnavel Paulista Rodrigues Alves was born in 1867, in Guaratinguetá, São Paulo. Lawyer; councilman of D. Pedro II during the empire's regency; governor of São Paulo in several occasions; senator and later the fifth president of Brazil. During his term the Vaccine Revolt broke out, turning into the most memorable moments in politics in Brazil...
29. Fritz Witte-Wild Fritz Witte-Wild Actor, Die Augen der Welt
30. Carl Unthan Carl Unthan
31. Gustaf von Numers Gustaf von Numers Writer, Pastori Jussilainen
32. Joseph R. Grismer Joseph R. Grismer Writer, Way Down East
33. Fred Weatherley Fred Weatherley Writer, The Surgeon's Child
34. Grant Allen Grant Allen Writer, What's Bred... Comes Out in the Flesh
35. Robert Planquette Robert Planquette Soundtrack, Maytime
36. Karl Emil Franzos Karl Emil Franzos Writer, Præsidenten
37. Vladimir Sukhomlinov Vladimir Sukhomlinov
38. Sol Smith Russell Sol Smith Russell Writer, A Poor Relation Sol Smith Russell was the son of a Missouri preacher and the nephew of renowned actor, Sol Smith (1801-1869). Shortly before the outbreak of the American Civil War his family moved to Cairo, Illinois, where at the age of 14 Russell found work at a local theater as a bit actor, singer and drummer. Russell...
39. Sydney Grundy Sydney Grundy Writer, Sowing the Wind
40. Samuel A. Ward Samuel A. Ward Soundtrack, Live Free or Die Hard
41. James Otis Kaler James Otis Kaler Writer, Toby Tyler, or Ten Weeks with a Circus
42. W.G. Grace W.G. Grace Self, Dr. W.G. Grace: Batting
43. Alfred Bishop Alfred Bishop Actor, The Brass Bottle
44. Félicien Trewey Félicien Trewey Self, The Lumière Brothers' First Films
45. King William II of Württemberg King William II of Württemberg Self, Der König von Württemberg im Schloß zu Stuttgart
46. Ioan Slavici Ioan Slavici Writer, La 'Moara cu noroc' Ion (or Ioan) Slavici was born in the year of European liberal revolution of 1848. Learns in Arad and Timisoara and in 1868 starts studying at the University of Budapest, Hungary, (Then Transylvania was part of the Austro - Hungarian Imperium). In 1869 moves to study Law at the University of Wien, Austria...
47. David Jenkins David Jenkins Composer, Distant Trumpet
48. Laura Fitinghoff Laura Fitinghoff Writer, Barnen från Frostmofjället
49. Robert Kiljander Robert Kiljander Writer, Skandaali tyttökoulussa
50. Adolf Krössing Adolf Krössing Actor, Písen zivota
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