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1. Bram Stoker Bram Stoker Writer, Dracula Bram Stoker was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1847, and gained fame for his novel "Dracula" about an aristocratic vampire in Transylvania. The sequel, "Dracula's Guest," was not published for 17 years after the publication of "Dracula," two years after Stoker's death. Stoker also wrote "The Mystery of...
2. Thomas A. Edison Thomas A. Edison Producer, Frankenstein Invented the phonograph, the incandescent electric lightbulb, the alkaline storage battery among other things. He held more than 900 patents and laid the foundation for the modern electric age.
3. James O'Neill James O'Neill Actor, The Count of Monte Cristo
4. Ellen Terry Ellen Terry Actress, Potter's Clay Legendary British stage actress who made a few silent film appearances. The daughter of strolling players, she was born in Coventry into an almost exclusively theatrical family. Her grandparents were actors, as were all six of her siblings. But only her son, Edward Gordon Craig, would in any way approach her fame in the theatre...
5. Jesse James Jesse James Self, Biography
6. Paul Mounet Paul Mounet Actor, The Return of Ulysses
7. Annie Besant Annie Besant Self, Congress Session in Bombay Annie Besant, English writer, socialist and feminist activist, was born in 1847, the only daughter of William B. P. Wood, a non-practicing physician, and the former Emily Morris. Both were Anglo-Irish Protestants. Annie was raised a devout Anglican, and religion remained an important factor throughout her life...
8. Paul von Hindenburg Paul von Hindenburg Self, Hindenburg Coming from an aristocratic Prussian family, Paul von Hindenburg joined the Prussian army as a young man, retiring as a general in 1913 at age 66. Recalled to duty during World War I, he was placed in command of the German forces at the battle of Tannenberg in 1914 against the Russians which, due to...
9. Àngel Guimerà Àngel Guimerà Writer, El padre Juanico
10. Alexander Graham Bell Alexander Graham Bell Self, Animated Weekly, No. 12
11. Oscar Hammerstein Oscar Hammerstein Self, Barend en Van Dorp
12. George W. Anson George W. Anson Actor, The President's Special
13. Mike Donovan Mike Donovan Self, Train vs. Donovan
14. E. Vining E. Vining Writer, Hamlet
15. David Christie Murray David Christie Murray Writer, The Penniless Millionaire David Christie Murray was not only a successful journalist, author and playwright, he was also considered by many as one of the greatest lecturers of his day. The son of a printer, Murray began his writing career at the Wednesbury Advertiser and later the Birmingham Morning News. After relocating to London in 1873 he wrote for the Daily News...
16. Boleslaw Prus Boleslaw Prus Writer, Faraon Boleslaw Prus (real name Aleksander Glowacki), 1847-1912, writer and journalist; played critical role in modernizing the Polish novel; co-creator of Polish Realism; humoresques, novellas, short stories: Klopoty babuni (Grandmother's Troubles, 1874), Powracajaca fala (The Returning Wave, 1880), Antek (1881)...
17. Adolf Klein Adolf Klein Actor, Phantom
18. John I. Beggs John I. Beggs
19. Franklin Bartlett Franklin Bartlett Self, Twenty-Second Regiment, N.G.S.N.Y.
20. Frederik Henriksen Frederik Henriksen Actor, Fodsporet
21. Ida McKinley Ida McKinley Self, President and Mrs. McKinley
22. George Grossmith George Grossmith Writer, The Diary of a Nobody
23. Jack Crawford Jack Crawford Writer, The Corporal's Daughter
24. Frederik Christensen Frederik Christensen Actor, Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages
25. Ignacio Cervantes Ignacio Cervantes Soundtrack, Original Sin
26. Edward E. Rice Edward E. Rice Writer, Lone Fisherman
27. George R. Sims George R. Sims Writer, Lady Letmere's Jewellery
28. Hugh Conway Hugh Conway Writer, Called Back
29. Czarina Maria Fyodorovna Czarina Maria Fyodorovna Self, Enkekejserinde Dagmars Ankomst
30. Fanny Petersen Fanny Petersen Actress, Præsidenten
31. Anna Howard Shaw Anna Howard Shaw Self, Your Girl and Mine: A Woman Suffrage Play
32. Roger Wolcott Roger Wolcott Self, Admiral Dewey at State House, Boston
33. Milovan Glisic Milovan Glisic Writer, Leptirica
34. Castro Alves Castro Alves Writer, The Age of the Earth
35. Giuseppe Giacosa Giuseppe Giacosa Writer, Quantum of Solace
36. Wordsworth Donisthorpe Wordsworth Donisthorpe Director, London's Trafalgar Square
37. Archibald Clavering Gunter Archibald Clavering Gunter Writer, A Florida Enchantment
38. Kálmán Mikszáth Kálmán Mikszáth Writer, Boy, the Noszty
39. Tan Xinpei Tan Xinpei Actor, Dingjunshan
40. Chiquinha Gonzaga Chiquinha Gonzaga Soundtrack, Proibido Proibir
41. Andrew Waldron Andrew Waldron Actor, Fighter's Paradise
42. Maria Fyodorova Maria Fyodorova Art Department, Shakespeare: The Animated Tales
42 names.