28 names.

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1. Eadweard Muybridge Eadweard Muybridge Director, Sallie Gardner at a Gallop Eadweard Muybridge's great breakthrough came in 1872 when he was hired by wealthy American businessman Leland Stanford, for whom Stanford University is named. Stanford was interested in whether horses lifted all legs off the ground at once during trotting and Muybridge was engaged to take photographs to settle the point...
2. Emily Dickinson Emily Dickinson Writer, Beauty Crowds Me Emily Dickinson, a shy, unassuming, educated woman, was a poet of extraordinary talent. During her lifetime, only seven of her poems were published, although upon her death, she had written an amazing 2,000 poems. Many of these were not finished. Her grandfather, Samuel Fowler Dickinson, was one of the founders of Amherst College...
3. Emperor Franz Josef Emperor Franz Josef Self, Kaiser Wilhelm, of Germany, and Emperor Franz Josef, of Austria
4. Hector Malot Hector Malot Writer, Nobody's Boy Remi
5. Étienne-Jules Marey Étienne-Jules Marey Director, Falling Cat
6. Porfirio Díaz Porfirio Díaz Self, Fiestas presidenciales en Mérida Porfirio Diaz, known for his long and autocratic rule of Mexico and his disdain for the poorer classes, was actually born into a lower-middle-class Spanish / Mixtec Indian family in Oaxaca. His father was a blacksmith and an innkeeper and died when Porfirio was only three years old. He was educated by the Catholic church in what was to be his preparation for entering the priesthood...
7. Sky Eagle Sky Eagle Actor, A White Indian
8. Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Writer, Krambambuli
9. Charles Manley Charles Manley Actor, Uncle Josh at the Moving Picture Show
10. Paul Heyse Paul Heyse Writer, Kolberg
11. Robert Gascoyne-Cecil Robert Gascoyne-Cecil
12. Frédéric Mistral Frédéric Mistral Writer, Mireille's Sincere Love
13. Daniel Chonqadze Daniel Chonqadze Writer, The Legend of Suram Fortress
14. O.O. Howard O.O. Howard Self, Major-General O. Howard, U.S.A., and Staff
15. Henri Charles Chivot Henri Charles Chivot Writer, La mascotte
16. Adèle Hugo Adèle Hugo Writer, The Story of Adele H
17. Christina Rossetti Christina Rossetti Soundtrack, Pete's Christmas
18. Alberto Blest Gana Alberto Blest Gana Writer, Martín Rivas
19. Claribel Claribel Soundtrack, Miller's Crossing
20. Helen Hunt Jackson Helen Hunt Jackson Writer, Ramona
21. Olivier Métra Olivier Métra Soundtrack, Chez Maupassant
22. Karolina Svetlá Karolina Svetlá Writer, Román lásky a cti
23. Robert Hamerling Robert Hamerling Writer, An die Nationen
24. Christina Georgina Rossetti Christina Georgina Rossetti Soundtrack, Joy
25. Jules de Goncourt Jules de Goncourt Writer, Époque et apparences ou Le temps des Goncourt
26. George L. Aiken George L. Aiken Writer, Uncle Tom's Cabin
27. John Rogers Thomas John Rogers Thomas Soundtrack, Reap the Wild Wind
28. Guido Gezelle Guido Gezelle Writer, Poëzie in 625 lijnen
28 names.