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1. Lew Wallace Lew Wallace Writer, Ben-Hur The son of the governor of Indiana, Lew Wallace lived in Indianapolis as a young boy. He served in the Mexican War, and afterwards became a lawyer and was elected to the state Senate. He served again in the Union army during the Civil War, reaching the rank of major general. He was noted for repulsing an attempted raid by Confederate Gen...
2. Johanna Spyri Johanna Spyri Writer, Heidi: A Girl of the Alps
3. Josef Strauß Josef Strauß Soundtrack, Madame Bovary Josef Strauss was born on August 20, 1827, in Vienna, Austria. His father, named Johann Strauss Sr., was the famous composer of waltzes and a leader of his own orchestra. Young Josef Strauss was educated as an engineer and had also accomplished several architectural projects. In 1853 his life and career was changed completely as he started writing music and conducting the Strauss Orchstra...
4. Anna B. Warner Anna B. Warner Soundtrack, Phantoms
5. Teodoro Cottrau Teodoro Cottrau Soundtrack, Nobels testamente
6. Charles de Coster Charles de Coster Writer, Legenda o Tile
7. Arnold Böcklin Arnold Böcklin Writer, De Dødes Ø
8. John Townsend Trowbridge John Townsend Trowbridge Writer, The Vagabonds
9. Septimus Winner Septimus Winner Soundtrack, Trees Lounge
10. Gisela von Arnim Gisela von Arnim Writer, Gritta von Rattenzuhausbeiuns
11. Francisco Gomes de Amorim Francisco Gomes de Amorim Writer, A Proibição
11 names.