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1. Mark Consuelos Mark Consuelos Actor, My Super Ex-Girlfriend Mark Consuelos was born in Zaragoza, Spain, and grew up in Lebanon, Illinois and Tampa, Florida. He attended Bloomingdale High School in Valrico, Florida and Notre Dame University. While living in Illinois, Mark appeared in "Hello, Dolly" at the Looking Glass Playhouse. Before joining All My Children in February 1995...
2. Alexandra Jiménez Alexandra Jiménez Actress, Spanish Movie
3. Paco Martínez Soria Paco Martínez Soria Actor, La ciudad no es para mí
4. Armando del Río Armando del Río Actor, Jamón, Jamón
5. Luisa Gavasa Luisa Gavasa Actress, De tu ventana a la mía
6. Fernando Esteso Fernando Esteso Self, Especial Nochevieja 1979 He debuted in the art scene with only two years, participating in sketch comedy with his parents, jack dancers, in Zaragoza. At 4, she starts working as a clown with his father and the 19 years he settled in Madrid. Involved in several plays and shows. The popularity will come in the 70s for his humorous speeches on television...
7. Itziar Miranda Itziar Miranda Actress, Bestiary
8. Jimmy Navarro Jimmy Navarro Actor, Héroes de otra patria
9. José Luis Gil José Luis Gil Actor, Donkey Xote
10. Fernando Sancho Fernando Sancho Actor, Return of the Evil Dead
11. Mateo Rufino Mateo Rufino Actor, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
12. Nacho G. Velilla Nacho G. Velilla Producer, Chef's Special
13. Joel Bosqued Joel Bosqued Actor, Perdona si te llamo amor
14. Roberto Camardiel Roberto Camardiel Actor, For a Few Dollars More
15. Elena Rivera Elena Rivera Actress, Perdiendo el norte
16. Gerald B. Fillmore Gerald B. Fillmore Actor, Jim Doesn't Know What to Say Gerald Barry Fillmore García is a Spanish-British actor, screenwriter and filmmaker. He was born on May 17, 1986 in Zaragoza, Spain to an English-American father and a Spanish mother. As an actor he has worked in Movies (Esto No Es Una Cita, Vigilo el Camino), in the American Disney TV Series "The Avatars"...
17. Miguel Ángel Lamata Miguel Ángel Lamata Writer, Una de zombis
18. Javier Dotú Javier Dotú Actor, Comanche Territory
19. José María Forqué José María Forqué Director, In the Eye of the Hurricane
20. José Luis Borau José Luis Borau Writer, Poachers Born in Zaragoza (Spain). 1949. He began to study law in Zaragoza. 1952. He began to publish articles about cinema in the newspaper "El Heraldo de Aragon". April 1954-January 1956. Critic of cinema in the same newspaper. 1957. Enters the spanish Instituto de Investigaciones y Experiencias Cinematograficas in Madrid (Official Cinema School) where he later become a teacher...
21. Johnny Royal Johnny Royal Director, The Royal Art of Freemasonry Johnny Royal is an American musician, commercial and film director, and entrepreneur. Royal is best known for being the founder and lead guitarist of industrial band, Black Lodge, and his work with Jeordie White aka Twiggy Ramirez, Sean Beavan, and Johnny K, along with his extensive commercial directing career and his debut film The Royal Art of Freemasonry...
22. Carlos Ezquerra Carlos Ezquerra Writer, Dredd
23. Fernando Conde Fernando Conde Actor, The Dog in the Manger
24. Enrique Bunbury Enrique Bunbury Self, Freak Show
25. Miguel Nadal Miguel Nadal Actor, I've Got Something to Tell You
26. Pilar Bayona Pilar Bayona Actress, Scandal in the Family
27. Salomé Jiménez Salomé Jiménez Actress, 11-11-11
28. Andrea Dueso Andrea Dueso Actress, Marina
29. Jorge Pobes Jorge Pobes Actor, I'm Dating You Not
30. Raquel Meller Raquel Meller Actress, Carmen Raquel Meller was born in Tarazona,Zaragoza, Aragón (Spain) from a very poor family. Since her parents could not afford her education she was sent to live with an aunt who was a nun at a convent. At age 12 she came back to her parents who were then residing in Barcelona and shortly after began working as a seamstress in a shop that catered to show business personalities...
31. Marisa Porcel Marisa Porcel Actress, Who Can Kill a Child?
32. Carmen de Lirio Carmen de Lirio Actress, Amanece, que no es poco
33. Alicia Altabella Alicia Altabella Actress, Dark Habits
34. Raúl Sender Raúl Sender Self, Christmas 76
35. Cristina de Inza Cristina de Inza Actress, Thieves
36. Carmen Gutiérrez Carmen Gutiérrez Actress, Solitary Fragments
37. Ana Labordeta Ana Labordeta Actress, Plans for Tomorrow
38. Diego Dominguez Llort Diego Dominguez Llort Self, Eurojunior
39. Rafa Casette Rafa Casette Actor, Last Transmission Rafa Casette is a Spanish actor based in Madrid. He was born on August 20, 1965 in Zaragoza, Aragón. The oldest of 8 siblings (2 of them are also actors), he moved to Madrid due to his father's work where he grew up and studied. After finishing high school he decided to become a lawyer and started his studies at 'Universidad Autónoma de Madrid'...
40. Florián Rey Florián Rey Writer, Orosia Spanish director Florian Rey began his career in the film industry in the 1920s as an actor, but he soon switched careers and directed his first film in 1924. His 1927 film Sister San Sulpicio starred Spanish actress Imperio Argentina, whom he later married. His best-known film is The Cursed Village, considered by many film historians to be a masterpiece of early Spanish cinema...
41. Antonio Garisa Antonio Garisa Actor, Este cura
42. Natalia Moreno Natalia Moreno Actress, Somos
43. Carlos Ballesteros Carlos Ballesteros Actor, Tatuaje
44. Gabriel Latorre Gabriel Latorre Actor, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
45. Stephen W. Stone Stephen W. Stone Actor, Get Your Hair Back Writer, producer, director, and actor Stephen Stonehas been performing since his childhood. He has grown into an aspiring writer and director with a unique vision on the future of film. Steve was born in Zaragoza, Spain. Before he was enlightened that film would be his future his mother, father and many friends knew what direction he would end up taking...
46. Lola Lemos Lola Lemos Actress, Tío Vania
47. Pepa Sarsa Pepa Sarsa Actress, Monster Dog
48. Ángel Blasco Ángel Blasco Producer, Cásate conmigo, Maribel
49. Emilia Bayona Emilia Bayona Actress, Scandal in the Family
50. Raúl Artigot Raúl Artigot Cinematographer, The Cannibal Man
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