6 names.

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1. Evelina Blyodans Evelina Blyodans Actress, Gitler kaput!
2. Anna Kuchma Anna Kuchma Actress, Howl
3. Anthony Fedorov Anthony Fedorov Self, American Idol
4. Elena Kolpachikova Elena Kolpachikova Actress, The Bannen Way Elena Kolpachikova graduated from the Lee Strasberg institute and NYU film school, started her acting career and moved to Los Angeles. Eastern European fashion model, talented up-and-coming film and television star, Elena Kolpachikova, completed her work in independent feature films. Her charisma...
5. Nika Turbina Nika Turbina Actress, Eto bylo u morya
6. Sergey Machilskiy Sergey Machilskiy Cinematographer, Svoi
6 names.