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1. Lee Majors Lee Majors Actor, The Six Million Dollar Man
2. Mark Waters Mark Waters Producer, (500) Days of Summer
3. Connie Kreski Connie Kreski Actress, Captains and the Kings
4. Thomas McGuane Thomas McGuane Writer, 92 in the Shade
5. Douglas A. Raine Douglas A. Raine Producer, Lucky U Ranch
6. Lisa Cole Lisa Cole Actress, Shadows of the Dead
7. Earl Robie Earl Robie Actor, The 20th Century-Fox Hour
8. Amy Hayes Amy Hayes Actress, Mountain Mafia Lovely, slim, and sexy blonde looker Amy Faye Hayes was born on November 24, 1973 in Wyandotte, Michigan. Her father is a broadcaster. A self-described "guy's girl," Amy was both an all-star basketball and softball player in her teenage years. She began modeling at age 18 and has done modeling gigs for such clients as K-Mart and Saks Fifth Avenue...
9. Thomas C. Chapman Thomas C. Chapman Writer, Hangar 18
10. Zachary Welch Zachary Welch Actor, The Russian Sleep Experiment
11. Sam Randazzo Sam Randazzo Animation Department, The Desk Sam Randazzo was incubated and hatched somewhere in the thumb of Michigan. He has since traveled cross-country with nothing more than a hobo bindle and his trusty dog sidekick, Professor Pawsworth. During his travels he won a fine art and animation degree by besting Clementine the wrestling grizzly bear in a heated match of no-holds-barred Pictionary...
12. Timothy Shay Timothy Shay Producer, The Bungled and the Botched
13. Dave Preston Dave Preston Art Department, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
14. Craig Titus Craig Titus Self, 48 Hours
15. Denn Pietro Denn Pietro Director, Static Denn Pietro uses Whatantics Entertainment as his giant playground of toys where he has made several documentaries and short films. Denn Pietro was also one of the directors and robotic camera operators for the world record and media feed of the Saddam Hussein War Crimes Trial in Baghdad, Iraq from 2006-2007 working for the U.S...
16. Charles Hendrix Charles Hendrix Actor, Thunder Road
17. Valerie Meachum Valerie Meachum Actress, The Deadersons Born in the Downriver suburbs of Detroit, Valerie Meachum grew up an Air Force brat, logging fifteen addresses by age twelve. Now based in the Chicago suburbs, she's equally at home in new plays on storefront stages, musicals and classics in the burbs, and the vibrant independent film scene of "Hollywood...
18. Christopher J. Buchko Christopher J. Buchko Actor, The Mediator Christopher James Buchko was born in Wyandotte, Michigan; a small, blue-collar town nestled South of the city on the Detroit River. His mother, Therese Renée Buchko, was a single parent still living at home, supporting her family with an office job in the financial district of Detroit that required a near two-hour bus ride for her to reach...
19. Thomas Tipton Thomas Tipton Actor, Schtonk
20. Katherine Annette Roullier Katherine Annette Roullier Actress, I Remember Yesterday Katherine Annette Roullier was born to Julie Langer and Donald William Roullier 3, a Systems Administrator in Wyandotte, Michigan. At 3 months old she moved with her family to Belleville, Michigan where she grew up. At the local schools from the 6th grade until she graduated, she performed in numerous productions...
21. Eric Tuchelske Eric Tuchelske Actor, Goodbye Walt
22. Joe Carollo Joe Carollo Self, The NFL on CBS
23. Emily Richett Emily Richett Actress, An Apology to the Dead
24. Robert de Hilster Robert de Hilster Self, Einstein Wrong: The Miracle Year Robert "Bob" de Hilster worked as an electrical engineer in research for over 40 years, specializing in the area of telecommunications in which he holds several patents. He worked on one of the first large commercial computers, the Remington-Rand Univac. He worked over twenty years for North Electric in Ohio developing digital switching systems...
25. Patricia de Hilster Patricia de Hilster Self, Einstein Wrong: The Miracle Year
26. Garrett Shatzer Garrett Shatzer Composer, Broken Toy
27. Bob Kuzava Bob Kuzava Self, 1953 World Series
28. Michelle Belaskie Michelle Belaskie Actress, Violet
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