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1. Tom Tykwer Tom Tykwer Soundtrack, Run Lola Run Director, writer, producer and composer Tom Tykwer was born in 1965 in Wuppertal, Germany. He showed an interest in film-making from childhood, making super 8 films from the age of 11. Among his first jobs was working at a local art-house cinema. Tykwer eventually relocated to Berlin, first working as a film projectionist and then becoming head of programming at the Moviemento Theater...
2. Ursula Reit Ursula Reit Actress, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
3. Christoph Maria Herbst Christoph Maria Herbst Actor, Stromberg - Der Film
4. Horst Tappert Horst Tappert Actor, And Jimmy Went to the Rainbow's Foot Born on 26 May 1923 in Wuppertal, he served with the Nazi German Waffen-SS in World War II. After attending acting lessons at the theater in Stendal, where he also made his stage debut, he performed on several important stages in Germany, but became widely popular as cinema and television actor in the late 1950s and 1960s...
5. Axel Stein Axel Stein Actor, Knallharte Jungs
6. Gyles Brandreth Gyles Brandreth Self, When Louis Met... The Hamiltons
7. Annika Kuhl Annika Kuhl Actress, Herr Lehmann
8. Ann-Kathrin Kramer Ann-Kathrin Kramer Actress, Die Mörderin
9. Marie Gruber Marie Gruber Actress, The Lives of Others
10. Aljoscha Stadelmann Aljoscha Stadelmann Actor, Clouds of Sils Maria
11. Edith Clever Edith Clever Actress, The Marquise of O
12. Harald Leipnitz Harald Leipnitz Actor, Creature with the Blue Hand
13. Bernd Römer Bernd Römer Self, Für immer jung und schön?
14. Ute Mora Ute Mora Actress, Sex
15. Benjamin Quabeck Benjamin Quabeck Director, No Regrets
16. George Dreyfus George Dreyfus Composer, Tender Mercies
17. Marion Van de Kamp Marion Van de Kamp Actress, Nur ein Schluck
18. Sandy Mölling Sandy Mölling Self, Episode #1.4
19. Josh Broecker Josh Broecker Director, Die Freundin der Tochter
20. Hanno Friedrich Hanno Friedrich Actor, Otomo
21. Thomas Bohn Thomas Bohn Director, Straight Shooter
22. Jochen Schmidt-Hambrock Jochen Schmidt-Hambrock Composer, Pettson & Findus - Katten och gubbens år
23. Ewald Balser Ewald Balser Actor, Der Prozeß
24. Thomas Schücke Thomas Schücke Actor, Das zweite Gesicht
25. Wolfgang Ziffer Wolfgang Ziffer Actor, Stowaways on the Ark
26. Xenia Pörtner Xenia Pörtner Actress, Ein dankbares Opfer
27. Hannelore Lübeck Hannelore Lübeck Actress, Fools
28. Harald Wolff Harald Wolff Actor, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
29. Bettina Tietjen Bettina Tietjen Self, Episode dated 16 January 2013
30. Jonny Buchardt Jonny Buchardt Actor, Der Leihvater/Was kostet das Hündchen?/Bargeflüster/Der Aussteiger/Der Champion
31. Rosel Schäfer Rosel Schäfer Actress, Onkelchens Traum
32. Bernd Euscher Bernd Euscher Editor, Train Birds As Bernd Euscher was growing up in the city of Wuppertal near Cologne, Germany, he was largely unaware of his talent for film editing. The first influence in his family was classical music. With the age of 6 he got in contact with films of Charles Chaplin, later he saw the early films of Roman Polanski (age of 16) and Kristof Kieslowski (age of 26)...
33. Ignaz Kirchner Ignaz Kirchner Actor, Sun Alley
34. Charles Wirths Charles Wirths Actor, Jeanne oder Die Lerche
35. Ulrich Erfurth Ulrich Erfurth Director, Mein Mann, das Wirtschaftswunder
36. Rolf Weih Rolf Weih Actor, The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse
37. Thomas Schmuckert Thomas Schmuckert Actor, Die Bernadotte-Dynastie - Das Geheimnis der schwedischen Monarchie
38. Alice Schwarzer Alice Schwarzer Self, Show #850
39. Karl Striebeck Karl Striebeck Actor, Bernhard Lichtenberg
40. Till von Reumont Till von Reumont Sound Department, Black Starlets: How to Survive a Broken Dream
41. Hans Knappertsbusch Hans Knappertsbusch Soundtrack, Scream of Stone
42. Henni Nachtsheim Henni Nachtsheim Actor, Abbuzze! Der Badesalz Film
43. Siegfried Palm Siegfried Palm Actor, Doktor Faustus
44. David Kötter David Kötter Actor, The Tenth Summer
45. Uwe Busse Uwe Busse Soundtrack, Bad Teacher
46. Cherry Duyns Cherry Duyns Director, De droom van de beer
47. Aljoscha Sebald Aljoscha Sebald Actor, Woyzeck
48. Wolfgang Sauer Wolfgang Sauer Self, Episode #2.1
49. Vijak Bayani Vijak Bayani Actress, Mord hinterm Deich
50. Gertrud Höhler Gertrud Höhler Self, Machtfrau Merkel - Wie tickt die Kanzlerin?
1-50 of 96 names.