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1. Jack Hawkins Jack Hawkins Actor, Ben-Hur In Britain, special Christmas plays called pantomimes are produced for children. Jack Hawkins made his London theatrical debut at age 12, playing the elf king in "Where The Rainbow Ends". At 17, he got the lead role of St. George in the same play. At 18, he made his debut on Broadway in "Journey's End"...
2. Martin Stephens Martin Stephens Actor, The Innocents Martin Stephens was the most popular child actor in Britain during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Having lost interest in acting as he became an adult, he moved to Belfast in 1968, where he studied architecture at Queen's University, Belfast. He later returned to England, where he pursued his new career in architecture and as a teacher of Meditation.
3. Pat Ashton Pat Ashton Actress, The Gaffer
4. Mathilda Thorpe Mathilda Thorpe Actress, Desmond's
5. Alban Blakelock Alban Blakelock Actor, A Hundred Years Old
6. Felicity Gower Felicity Gower Actress, The Ugly Duckling
6 names.