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1. Kara Hayward Kara Hayward Actress, Moonrise Kingdom Kara Hayward was born to John and Karen Hayward on November 17, 1998 in Massachusetts. She is the oldest out of two children. When she was young she acted in her first play during summer camp, and it was there that she discovered a passion for acting. Later she was subsequently discovered at an open call...
2. Susan Garibotto Susan Garibotto Actress, The Suitcase Susan has been a model in various publications, articles, and advertisements in magazines and television since the age of 23 with a wide portfolio. A background in dance as well has given her experience in community theatre and musicals. Most recently in films and television in the capacity of an actress she has begun to expand her career to include more interesting and noticeable work...
3. Cassidy Johnson Cassidy Johnson Actress, Boyhood
4. Katherine McGrath Katherine McGrath Actress, You Can't Tell a Crook by His Cover
5. Todd Rotondi Todd Rotondi Actor, Howl
6. Brad Whitford Brad Whitford Self, Aerosmith: Big Ones You Can Look at
7. Michael McIntyre Michael McIntyre Actor, Cannibal Clown Killer
8. Ryan Doherty Ryan Doherty Producer, ThanksKilling 3
9. Marc Powers Marc Powers Actor, Green Raised in a suburb of Boston, Marc was a young filmmaker in his formative years, making short films on his 8mm film camera. After high school he turned his attention toward acting and began to pursue his dream by first attending The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York City. An extended stint in Los Angeles soon followed and that is when...
10. Dudley Murphy Dudley Murphy Director, St. Louis Blues
11. Stephen R. Peluso Stephen R. Peluso Actor, Blade After graduating from Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School in 1981, Stephen attended Northeastern University's College of Criminal Justice with the idea of pursuing a career in law enforcement, experiencing everything the field had to offer, with the notable exception of prisons. Stephen's career...
12. D.R. Farquharson D.R. Farquharson Miscellaneous Crew, The Avengers
13. Garo Nigoghossian Garo Nigoghossian Writer, Dangerous People
14. Slim Barnard Slim Barnard Director, The Happy Wanderers Lawrence Carter "Slim" Barnard was born in Babylon, New York and raised and educated in Winchester, Massachusetts. Almost from the beginning, it was evident that he had that special something that would somehow distinguish him from other men. A six-foot, three-inch New Englander of boundless energy...
15. Vic Firth Vic Firth Music Department, Vietnam: Parts I & II - Roots of War/America's Mandarin
16. Rob Saunders Rob Saunders Miscellaneous Crew, Spider-Man 2
17. Ethel Tobin Ethel Tobin Actress, The Clock
18. Dave Hamilton Dave Hamilton Producer, Insomniac with Dave Attell
19. Peter Dee Peter Dee Miscellaneous Crew, Voices from the High School Peter Dee was born in Winchester, Massachusetts. He attended Winchester High School and graduated from Boston College with a BA Degree in English. He served in the United States Navy. He graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He lived in New York City until his death in 1999. Peter Dee's...
20. Mia Feltz Mia Feltz Actress, My Dear King Mia Dianne Feltz is an American actress. Her parents are Mary (Bowmann), a plastic surgeon and George Feltz, a professional baseball player. She has a little sister : Hailey Feltz. She is German descent. She began her acting career in 2016 at the age of 6 in the movie My Dear King (2016) as Françoise-Marie De Bourbon.
21. Joseph LaRocca Joseph LaRocca Director, Portions of February
22. Kenneth Robert Howard Kenneth Robert Howard Actor, Whit's End
23. Daniel Sarno Daniel Sarno Cinematographer, Sticks and Stones
24. J.J. Long J.J. Long Actor, Meat. Prey. Love. James Creighton Long Jr. (J.J.) was born on March 19, 1981 in Winchester Hospital, Winchester, MA. He was born to the parents of James Creighton Long Sr. and Ingrid Patricia Long. J.J. is the oldest of three siblings with his younger sister Tiffany Crosby being second born and his younger brother Jeffrey Long being the youngest...
25. Mark Indigaro Mark Indigaro Producer, Jimmy Kimmel Live!
26. Julian Michael Philips Julian Michael Philips Uncategorised
27. Danielle L. DiDio Danielle L. DiDio Actress, Minute Movie Danielle L. DiDio was born and raised in Winchester, MA. Her first performance was in The Wizard of Oz when she was only four years old. Towards the end of high school she made the decision to pursue acting and has ever since. She studied at UCLA and graduated from NYU with a BFA in Acting. She survived a grueling year as an acting apprentice at Actors Theatre of Louisville...
28. Jack Falla Jack Falla Self, Pond Hockey
29. Don Bartlett Don Bartlett Writer, The Beautiful City
30. Herb Britt Herb Britt Actor, Wishful Thinking
31. Stephen J. Burke Stephen J. Burke Actor, Green
32. Matt Merullo Matt Merullo Self, Oakland Athletics vs. Chicago White Sox
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