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1. Tristan Erwin Tristan Erwin Actor, Hollidaysburg Born and raised in the Southern United States. He first entered the world of the performing arts in 2010 and has since starred in over a dozen underground films with a penchant for the art film genre. Several of which have won or been nominated at film festivals across the globe.
2. Valeisha Butterfield Valeisha Butterfield Actress, Remember the Titans
3. Julius Peppers Julius Peppers Self, Super Bowl XXXVIII
4. Mustard Mustard Actor, West of Dodge City
5. Gravy Gravy Actor, West of Dodge City
6. Ike Lassiter Ike Lassiter Self, 1967 AFL Championship Game
7. Teisha Speight Teisha Speight Actress, Crowning Glory: A Psycho Thriller Teisha is a native of a small southern town, Wilson, NC. Her best friend is her poodle pup, Polo, and other than acting, dancing is her next favorite past time. She discovered her desire to act at an early age, but was afraid to pursue it professionally. After conquering her fear, she took acting classes...
8. Isaac Lassiter Isaac Lassiter Self, AFL-NFL World Championship Game
9. Shane Brewer Shane Brewer Stunts, Inception Born and raised in Wilson, North Carolina, Shane developed his passion for acting in high school...After being barred from the music program for talking back to the Music Director. Later Shane attended East Carolina University to study acting, but did not pursue a professional career at that time. Several...
10. Warren Bunn Warren Bunn Self, Best Practices in Fine Arts Storage
10 names.